Is Your Aura Your Favorite Color?

I’ve been teaching for 27 years as various subjects, but my longest and most ‘aligning with my soul’ subject is Art.  I love the spirituality and self-expression of it. Well anyways, that’s not why I’m writing about favorite colors, but some kind of ‘talent” that I developed while teaching this subject.

I can tell you your favorite color.  It used to be a game that the kids at school thought was really cool.  I could go down a line of students, point at them, and tell them their favorite color. I was not 100% accurate but about 95%.  The reason that I wasn’t always accurate had a lot to do with the colors black and white(which really aren’t colors, and I’ll get to that later).

I never realized what I was actually doing in my classroom.  I didn’t even know I was a psychic medium yet(I learned that this is who I was at about 30), or could even see or feel auras, but that WAS what I was doing.  I could see and feel their auras, and just knew that was their favorite color.

So have you ever given it much thought?  What’s your favorite color?  Is there a reason? Sometimes there may be a reason; but this can be very complicated.  I know for me, I love the sun and being outside. I also adore turquoise, which is the color of my eyes and my birthstone.  But as coincidences have it, my aura is golden yellow, with greenish turquoise in the middle.  I’ve given a lot of thought, and this is my question, do I like yellow because it is my aura color, or is my aura color yellow because I like yellow?

This my conclusion; your aura color affects your color likes. I am a healer and have a a very large heart chakra(from being an empath and trying to bring love to the world). The main color that radiates from love and the heart chakra is yellow/gold. Matter of fact, my aura is so big that you can’t even see me in Kirlian photographs, just my aura. And just around that aura is an a soft turquoise color, followed by a light purple(Purple is one of my favorites also.)

A Little More About Black and White

Ok, folks, black and white really aren’t colors but the absence of light.  Yes, I know that you can get black from really dark, red, blue purple, etc., but for all intensive purposes, it’s a lack of color, a void.

I am not wrong often, but recently met someone I had for a student, who now cuts my hair.  I told her I thought her favorite color was red or purple, and she said no, it was black.  I was stumped at first, but then she said to me, “Well, I do like those colors the most.”  Then I asked her, “Could it be that you love indigo?  It’s dark purplish-blue.”  She agreed.  She did like purple, like I had said.

I had wondered about black many times.  I love to wear black, I like the look of a nice, clean black.  Are people who like black dark entities?  I know immediately when I see a black aura.  I actually mostly feel it.  They are anti-everything.  I feel like they have turned away from the light of God, which is pure white.  So are people who like black negative energies like this?

No, that’s not it.  I’ve come to this conclusion; black is a void color, one devoid of emotion, it means ‘stay away!”  If you like this color as your primary color, then you are trying to protect yourself, much like my student was, who was complaining about being an empath and not being able to turn it off(I’m writing a book on that as we speak!).  But most likely, you like indigo, which is a super dark bluish-purple. That’s most likely what’s going on.  I have seen less than 3 dark entities in my entire life.

Meanings of Auras

So here’s what auras mean, in a nutshell.  If you like the color of your aura, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are this color, but I do feel you probably have these attributes.

red- strength, love, vibrancy, passion, courageous, risk-taker

orange-self-control, thoughtfulness, ambitious, go-getter, well-liked

yellow-loves outside, energetic, optimistic, happy, loves the world, creative

gold-you have divine protection; you are were put here on this plane to complete a            mission

green-healer, psychic, compassionate, spiritually aware, calm, collected

turquoise-you are an extreme healer, and are probably a doctor, nurse, or psychiatrist, or counselor of some type

blue- spiritual, creative, calm, self-aware, sensitive, overly emotional, moody,

indigo-benevolent, intuitive, gifted, perceptive, spiritually aware

violet- highly spiritual, wise, intuition, medium

lavender-the ‘big idea’ person, sensitive, intuitive, discerning

pink- intuitive, spiritual, friendly, compassionate

black- negative energy, “NO!”, dark entities, may have a serious health issue

gray- poor health, needs aura cleaned, developing spirituality

silver- you have abundance and help from the other side to achieve your goals.

white-pure, clean light of God

So after looking at this list, does this make sense to you?  I know it is accurate for me personally.  So what’s YOUR favorite color?











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