Spirituality of your Favorite Color:Why does your Favorite Color Somtimes Change?

I’m writing a little more on aura color form my last blog post, Is Your Aura Your Favorite Color?(WordPress.com, Feb 3, 2018).  I have a few new thoughts and would also like to hear from my growing number of readers.

In my last blog post, I stated that I thought our favorite color was our true aura color.  I can consistently tell you your favorite color by looking at your aura and there has to be a connection. (I tried to do it online without seeing someone, and couldn’t.  I guess I need a photo or to be in your presence.)

I also noticed something true about a lot of people, including me. that my favorite color has  changed throughout my life.  While I have almost always loved yellow, I really have spent the last twenty years or so loving turquoise, and now lately, believe it or not, fuchsia(I’m pretty much NOT girly, so it’s kind of strange to me).

I have to think back to the circumstances in my life and where the changes would have occurred.  And yes, I really think there is a definite correlation with spiritual growth and my likes in color.

And don’t get me wrong; our auras can change color from day to day; I’m talking about the MAIN  color your aura has a tendency to be throughout the day, the predominant color. I know mine change from even minute to minute, but I know my main colors; turquoise and purple (see above),  and it used to always be golden yellow when I was younger. This color was when I was develpping awakening into my abilities.

I’ve been a practicing psychic and medium for about twenty years.  My mom died suddenly when I was thirty, leaving me open to all things psychic(sudden trauma can open up psychic gifts).  I always liked turquoise and green, but I really started liking it around then and consider it now a primary color that I use when I read.  I guess my soul knew the truth;  I am an emotional healer with lots of people out there to help.  (Turquoise is the color of a healer).  I used just love yellow, which I still really like.  In my kirlian photos, it has been so yellow/gold at times, you can’t see me.   That is also a sign of a very large heart chakra, and a psychic who is awakening.(I just didn’t know it at the time!)

As for the fuschia color, I know that artists and higher level thinkers have a tendency to have purple or fuschia colors.  People who are part of LGBT community also have a tendency for purple hues. (I find most of the people in this community to be highly evolved and extremely creative!) I am definately an artist, have have been doing much more artistic things recently, not just writing(I’m a children’s writer and illustrator also.) My aura is becoming more creative the more I create, in writing and in art.

The point is, is that just like everything else, we change and evolve throughout our lives.  This is a good thing, right?  Who’d want to stay the same their whole life.  We are here to learn, help others, and return home.

I’d like to hear from you………how has your favorite color changed over the years?  Is there some event that has caused this change?



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