Things an Empath Should Stop Doing NOW!!!!

So I’ve been writing intensely about empaths for the past few weeks.  As an empath, I’ve found life an be harder than many other people;  I(we) have a tendency to be taken advantage of, we’re overly sensitive and people know how to ‘twist the knife’ when dealing with us, and our emotions and care for others often leads to compassion exhaustion and burnout.  When we get to that point, there’s almost no turnng back;  we may do bizarre and unusual things to help us cope.  We may leave steady, good jobs, cut off friends, stop our own self improvement and basically mentally tear ourselves apart.  Can we prevent from having total burnout?  Can we rejunvenate and keep our loving and caring natures intact, along with our energy and self-esteem?  I’ve found 3 things that I’ve stopped doing that have helped me keep from being totally burned out.

1- Stop Trying to Save the World

This may sound rasther strange, but empaths think they have to do EVERYTHING and be everything to EVERYBODY.  If something bad happens, they internalize it,and make it their own.  An empath can’t handle hearing the nightly news on TV; it bothers them so much that they can’t solve all the world’s ills.  An empath’s career choice is also in the helping fields; medicine, mental health, social worker, etc., and this leads to literally taking on others people’s burdens and problems as your own.  We don’t mean to, and even when we say that we don’t care or have let go, we usually haven’t.  We just want to help humanity so badly,(thatis why we came) that our heart chakras are as large as oceans, thinking that we can help everyone.

What I’ve found that has helped me is to step back and realize when to walk away.  Now I know this is no easy task.  I ask myself these questions everyday, and they seem to help me make better decisions:

  1.  Can I make a difference in the outcome of the situation?
  2. Will helping harm or drain me or cause me to pick up and carry negative energy?
  3. Is this deterimental to me in any way if I get involved?

2- Learn to Say No

Saying no, means NO.  And you really need to stand your ground.  Quit letting others take advantage of your kind nature.  It leaves you drained and angry overall.  But empaths can’t help being like this.  A true empath can’t stand hurting another person’s feelings, even if their own needs are not met and are taken advantage in the process. Did you get asked to help at a school function, but are totally overwhelmed and too busy, and said yes anyways?  Back-off and say no.  I know it’s hard to do, but trust me, it gets easier over time.  It just takes practice.  And don’t feel guilty about it, like I know you probably will.  You HAVE to take care of yourself. I know that this seems like it’s the last thing to do and totally selfish.  In the long run, you will still be able to help others without burnout.

3- Do More of What Makes you Happy

We All need this, empaths or not.  We so busy on our modern society to just slow down, and do what we truly enjoy.  As an empath, I enjoy anything outside; my horses, gardening, long walks, painting and creating Art outside. Being outdoors rejuventates me, and gives me renewed energy and perspective.  And whatever you enjoy, do it. Listen to music, create something, socialize, do something ELSE than just help people.  Helping people is the reason you came, but shouldn’t be a way to release stress and negative energy that you have acquired by absorbing it from others.  By doing your hobbies, you CLEANSE your aura and recharge your batteries instead of depleting them.

I know that many of my followers know much of this article, but I posted this and asked the question again; how can you help others and still keep yourself whole and energized to stay on your mission?

Please feel free to message me with thoughts and suggestions, I really appreciate them!













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