Light workers vs. Empaths: There is a Difference?

I have noticed recently that there are a lot of people who are using the word ’empath’ more and more. It is beginning to take ‘hold’ in pop culture, and be used regularly. That’s a great thing, but I also want to clarify some terms that I am seeing being ‘thrown’ around with little thought, and are incorrect.

First off, empaths are feeling, sensitive and extremely caring peopple who can actually FEEL other people’s emotions.  They often ‘take on’ other people’s emotional baggage and carry it around with them.  They feel everyone’s pain, and always are trying to help others.  I’ve also seen some empaths that are out of balance, who can feel other’s emotions, but don’t try to help.  They feel bad for them, but often ignore trying to help because these empaths are so self-absorbed.  They are out of ‘balance’, as we would say in the metaphysical world.

A lightworker is different;  they were sent here on a specific mission to do good in the world.  They can be anywhere and anything, but rarely are they negative, unless they too, are out of balance with their mission. Their main mission is to bring love to the world, much like an empath, but in a larger setting.

Let’s explain the difference; there are lightworkers that are not empaths, and empaths who are not lightworkers.  Lightworkers are one step above empaths because they have elected a special mission by their higher power to complete, whereas empaths are feeling  and sympathetic people. Now don’t get me wrong; empathy is an important thing and can be healing for people.  It can also be your life’s mission but there is definately a difference between the two.

Ever meet the kindest person in the world with no real ability to read people and their emotions?  They are loving in their heart, but can’t feel how others feel?  I know many of those.  On the flipside, have you ever met someone who can feel the emotions of others, and because of this, they cannot really function, and choose not to interact with the world?  I met many of those also.

Then there are those of us, who know our mission, deal with people and their emotions and heal at the same time.  They are selfless, determined and an inspiration.  They are not perfect, because they are human, like us.  These people are both lightworkers and empaths. Like I said before, they are one step above the normal empath and lightworker; they have the best talents and gifts from both worlds.

Now, here’s my question to all of you;  are you an empath, a lightworker or both?  Is it possible you don’t even realize your true mission and are out of balance or are you living  for the purpose that you came into this life for?

“Listen to your gut.  It knows the way.”


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