Empath: Keeping Your Spiritual Integrity Intact When No one Else Around You Does

You know what I mean, right?  No one seems to have morals anymore, or is is just me?  Or am I being “old fashioned?” No, I guess morals won’t ever truly go out of style(I hope).

I’m not preaching; I’m just stating facts; morals and beliefs may be different for different people and different religions, but most morals are universal.  What I’m talking about crosses all religious beliefs; kindness, selflessness and doing good deeds without expecting any return.  Period.

These are the ways I’ve found that keep my spirituality intact and strong.  I know it’s getting harder and harder guys! Don’t you just wanna scream sometimes, “What about me!  What’s in in For ME?!  I’m tired of being used! That’s when you need to take a good hard look at yourself and reground your spiritual self.

Yes, I’ve been there; especially when I’ve had people who’ve used me over and over and over. (Us empaths have a habit of doing this because we want to help so badly.)  Here’s some things that I’ve done that have helped me when people have done some bad things.

  1. Yes, people can be nasty; they are selfish, cruel, uncaring, boastful, greedy and abusive.  But yet, they can be kind, caring, loving and generous.  Find that inn EVERY SINGLE PERSON.  Every person on the planet has some good qualities, somewhere.  Find those and appreciate them.  Sometimes it may take some REAL searching to find those good qualities.  Just dig a little deeper. It will give you a renewed faith in people.


2.  Forgive.  This is a basic in any religion.  Forgiveness frees you.  These people no longer have the power over you. And resentment and inner anger only festers in your   soul. I know it’s hard.  Especially when they’ve done it over and over, but try.  It may take many years to finally let go, but try to.  You’ll feel free.

3.  Mind your own business.  I’ve found this to be especially true for me.  I pass no     judgement on anyone and their lifestyle.  As long as it doesn’t take away from my freedom and affect my peaceful life, they can live anyway they want.  (If they are doing things to innocent people that’s another story, and another article.) People create their own karma, and I let things go, even as hard as it might be. I try to concentrate on myself. Remeber what goes around, comes around.

4. Do something kind for someone else, and expect nothing in return.  I know when my soul is wearing thin, and I am burned out, I try to remember why I came(to help others), and refocus on my mission.  I will often do something kind, and not tell anyone; I sent some flowers to a co-worker recently who lost her husband, and didn’t put any name on the card. She’ll know someone cares; those little things mean a lot, folks.  Remeber that.


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