Can Empaths Be Narcissists?

I’ve met many people recently, and they’ve told me that there is not a lot of information about empaths. So I’ve decided to concentrate on this subject, and give information from my own experience, as well as channeled, from my guides.

Have you ever met someone who was the most charming, sweet caring person?  One person who seems to know the REAL YOU?  And then, all of a sudden, when you’ve let your guard down, it seems like they’ve become selfish monsters, taking advantage of you, abusing you and making you miserable.  You know the type; the person who seems to know just how to get to you.  They seem to know everything about you; your insecurities, your fears, what makes you tick.  You sometimes wonder how they kow it all.  And the bad thing is that they use all this information to get what they want, leaving you drained, depressed and feeling abused.

Let me tell you a little secret;  these people are actually empaths and possibly have psychic ability.  What they are doing is using their abilities, not for the benefit of others, but the benefit for themselves. Yes, there are empaths out there that use their ability to their own benefit for selfish purposes. These people are sometimes referred to in modern terminology as narcissists.

If you don’t know what a narcissist is; to sum it all up, they are manipulators who only think of themselves and what they can gain.  They use people with little regard for others.  Now can you imagine; this personality combined with the ability of an empath? They are the worst kind of person out there;  they have turned their back on their Higher Power’s gifts to do selfish, evil things.  And I am being told that there are many, many narcissists out there that are empaths gone wrong. Approximately half of them to be more exact.

Now some of you might be thinking; how can they hurt others without regard, ESPECIALLY if they are empaths?  Empaths feel what others are feeling.  How can they not care? The answer is simple;  they have learned how to ‘turn off’ the guilt, the pain and have hardened themselves to those feelings, maybe through hardship or just anger.  I truly feel these people are not truly evolved; they have been given a truly exceptional evolved talent, and are using it in the wrong way.

My attitude is that I am of service to others;  I am here to heal.  Empaths are no angels; empaths are here to heal and we all make mistakes.  The difference is the guilty and true caring that empaths have for others. It bothers us to ‘screw up’; we actually lose sleep because we can feel and carry to pain of others. We are the truly’awakened’ people that have come at the age of Aquarius.

Now here’s the situation; what happens when you meet one of these people, a empathic narcissist?  How do we keep from them using their ability against us? These people are charismatic, gregarious , outgoing, and charming.  They are also selfish, egoccentric and manipulative, AND they can feel how you feel, and ‘know’ things about you.  They use this knowledge to their benefit. OUCH!

How to Avoid Narcissistic Empaths

  1.  WATCH!!!!  An empath can usually FEEL another empath.  Due to our loving natures, we want to help and trust EVERYONE.  But still, I’m not sure about you, but I can tell when someone is a fellow empath.  TRUST YOUR GUT.  What was your first impression?  Are they unusually charismatic? Can you feel manipulation? Try not to get involved.  I know it’s hard, but that solar plexis is telling you something!  My personal method is when I first meet someone, I wait 60-90 days before I get close to them.  Usually, you will start to see things that reveals who they really are.  Yes, sometimes I’ve been wrong, but USUALLY, you’ll start to see the real person and their motives.

2.  Protect yourself.  Consciously put a ‘protection’ around yourself.  I personally, put                                  mental green ‘pyramid’ around myself.  This gives me protection from absorbing negative energy, but also keeps others from being able to ‘read’ me.  It does take some practice.  I also pray that I can keep my emotions intact, and keep others from ‘getting’ to         me.  This has worked for me.

3.  Pray for the narcissists.  Yeah, I know this is a hard one.  But pray to your higher power (for me, God), that they can wake up and use their talents for the benefit of mankind. Also by praying for others, you release the negativity from yourself. There is definite power in prayer.  I’ve seen miracles by putting human energy into positivity.

Hopefully, with a watchful eye, and positivity, we can all not only watch and protect ourselves from these worst type of empaths, but maybe help them turn their talents for the good of mankind, where the talents belongs.














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