The Awakening Intuitive: It Shows in Their Auras

I’ve been writing a lot lately about auras and people’s color.  The more I’ve studied this, the more I can  identify someone who has 1) psychic ability, or 2) awakening their psychic ability. Sometimes people don’t even know it, while others, when I’ve mentioned that I think they have ability, they nod and smile.

Firstly, I truly think that everyone has SOME psychic ability; For example, I know each of my daughters have inherited some of my ability, but in different ways.  My eldest daughter has dreams, and recently ‘saw’ someone who had crossed over.  My middle daughter is quite good with cards and runes, and my youngest has an uncanny gift of discernment(and had kept her good ole’ mom out of trouble with certain people who I often attempt to give repeated chances to). But what I’m talking about is a true awakening to their gifts. Almost like realizing their life’s purpose. People can have abilities; what I’m talking about is an acceleration and realization.  Kind of like a ‘coming into their own’ power.

I know an ‘awakening’ individual when I FEEL them, not just see them.   Their aura just feels different; but it looks different also.  It’s usually gold or yellow.  I’ve seen some people with more of an indigo, but I really think that those who have true awakenings have golden(shimmery) auras. These auras usually change as they complete their awakening process.

Now I’ve written several times about your favorite color being your aura.  With some people like those who are awakening, this is not always the case. Their favorite color may be red. or blue, but I am definitely seeing and feeling gold.  Sometimes, this may even become their favorite color for a short time, as each individual comes into their own.  I guess I could call these people ‘enlightened’; they truly have become aware of their abilities and gifts.  This golden color can also represent accelerated spiritual gifts, such as healing and psychic abilities.

Can You Purposely Become “Awakened?”

Many have asked me, “How can I increase my psychic ability? How do I become enlightened?”  My answer to this is simple; the fact that you are searching, questioning and even reading this shows that you are in the act of awakening and increasing your psychic abilities. There are stages  and experiences which one usually goes through.

  1. Some type of trauma:  This quite common and acts as a catalyst to your awakening. A death, a divorce, meeting your twinflame, etc.  It opens you up for your souls growth, which leads to your awakening.  For me, it was my mother’s sudden death.  After she died, she came and sat on the edge of my bed and talked to me.  I was suddenly a medium.  While this is the most common method for awakening, it doesn’t have to always be that way.  Sometimes even an ‘aha’ moment can bring this about.
  2. Increased psychic ability;  the abilities of the awakened one rapidly accelerate, often to the surprise of the individual.  This is the time that I usually see their auras become golden yellow, or orangish-yellow. They also begin giving off so much psychic energy, most intuitives can feel it.  I know when I first began practicing as a healer and psychic, I gave off so much golden aura that you couldn’t see me in my kirlian photos.  As I leanred to handle my gifts, my aura became more green(healer), with gold on the edges.
  3. Need to change their lives:  Awakened people begin to feel that soemthing is missing; they may change jobs, move or do something to align with their true purpose.
  4. Fight or flight.  Some people resist and deny their gifts, while others fight to really open themselves up.  Many go through fear, especially when these gifts don;t align with what they had been taught through their previous religions and teachings.
  5. Comprehension and acceptance:  the final stage is awareness of their true purpose and the acceptance for who they truly are.

So after reading this; where are you? Have you begun the process of awakening?  Or have you already finished the transformation?  I bet I can tell by your aura…….






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