Be Careful What you Wish For: Being Exact in Your Desires

So if anyone knows me, I’ve recently suffered an injury. Due to overwork and stress, I simply bent over and tore a muscle, tendon, herniated a disc and slipped two more.  Yeah, all over bending over to feed my bunnies.  Great….now what?

After the initial shock and pain(which was probably an 11 on a scale of 1-10), I hobbled into my house, put on a heating pad, and went to my chiro for the diagnosis.  I was sure I wouldn’t recover, and would be in this much pain forever.  I cried steady for about a week.

It wasn’t until I had a good friend pointed out a my situation.  When I told her she said, “Wow, did YOU get what you wished for.  What a Blassing.”

I was confused, but at the same time, I understood.  I had been complaining for months of my fatigue and overwork. I must’ve stated at least 30 times, “I just wanna slow my life down.”  And boy, I got it, in one way or another. in the long run, I am blessed.  I had to see the rainbow through the clouds.

The universe is an odd thing, we always get what we need or want, in one way or another.  It is not here to deny us, but give us our needs; it just may happen in a way that may not be adventageous at that point.

For me, I needed some time off;  I knew it, and like I said, it was the WAY that I wished for it.  I was not specific.  Another example:  I kept saying I wanted a new car;  within 1 month I got a new car…after I totalled my old one completely.

Here’s some things that I have learned quickly about how the universe works at getting what we want.  Hopefully, you’ll get the things you want by following some of the laws and how they work.

  1.  Make a wish, say it loud and BE specific; ” I wanna publish my novel through a large national publisher. ” Don’t say. I wanna get published.  This could result in getting an offer to publish through some fly-by-night company who screws you.
  2. Set a specific date.  This gives the universe and you something to keep your motivated and at the front of your ‘list’ of things to accomplish.
  3. Be happy, if it happens in any way.  It may not happen like you’d like to.  But it’s a gift anyways.  Enjoy it.
  4. If it doesn’t happen it wasn’t meant for you.  Maybe choose to tweek the desire or go a different direction.

So as I’ve said, here I sit, trying to enjoy my time off, while I heal.  I’m hoping to ride horses again;  I am feeling better every day.  I got what I wanted.  I just need to make lemonade from those lemon wishes that I made.






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