Remember: Spirit Will Give you What you Need, not What you Want

cropped-2017-06-27 20.08.25I know that you are here to learn more about yourself, or you wouldn’t bother reading this. But I have a recent episode in my life that maybe you can relate to.

I injured myself.  Pretty bad, too.  Tore a major muscle that holds my sacroilliac joint and hip in place.  Also herniated a disc.  Every morning is a painfest as I try to ‘pop’ my joints back in place with exercises from a physical therapist.

Now here’s the kicker,  I’m not really complaining.  I just kind of think of it as a ‘bump’ in the road to being a healthier me. I’m grateful to friend who pointed that out to me when I started complaining about this.

Anyone that knows me, I’m a ball of energy.  I work fulltime, blog, do readings, run a farm, have a rental and have my daughter moved back in with me.  I go and go and go and…… I’ve always been like this.  I usually ignore stress and overwork, and just keep plugging away. I know many of my readers are the same, The American Way, right?

But secretly in my mind, I wished to slow my life down.  I was feeling that my life was going so fast, I had no time to literally ‘smell my roses'(I garden and have many rosebushes).  I really felt like I needed a break.  Just a little more time off than my 3 month break from my teaching position.

Well, as you can see, sometimes, the Universe gives you an answer,  but not in the way you’d like.  Some people say that you create your own life and destiny, and yes, I agree with that.  It seems strange, doesn’t it?  I ASKED to be laid up and in pain indefinitely?

Well, I’ve made stupid wishes before, and I guess I’ll do them again.  I kept wishing for time off, and I was not specific, and this is what I got.  I’m off; I’m just injured. I’m scared this may be permanent, but I keep praying and there does seem to be improvement, and most of my day is pretty pain-free.  I still cannot do certain tasks, but that is coming along. This time off has also given time to think;  Do I want to do something else?  Do I really want to keep up this pace?  I’ve had lots of time to think.

My point is; life is how you view it.  I am viewing this as a blessing.  Even though I am frustrated and have pain, it has given me time to truly ‘slow’ down.  I’m relaxing, resting and working on my health.  This has also made me aware of something that I had taken granted for; my health, which has always been excellent up until now.

Glass half-full, or half-empty?  In this case, I view it half full.  Don’t question whys or hows, or if I only had done this, that or the other thing.  View it as a bigger picture.  Here’s some things to think about when things come from Spirit.

  1.  Did I need this?  Did I, in a remote way, wish for this?
  2. Have I been specific with my desires? (ALWAYS BE SPECIFIC!!!)
  3. What am I learning?
  4. Has this episode made me a better person?
  5. Am I trying to make lemonade with the lemons that I’ve been thrown?

I know it’s hard;  as you can see, I’m right along there with you.  But you can chose to be bitter and angry, or view it as a way to become a better you.  It’s your choice. I choose the positive.  I think that this is going to make me more empathetic with my clients who have back issures, and my positive attitude will help me heal faster.

What is YOUR issue?  What challenges do YOU face?  You can overcome it with a positive attitude and a forgiving perspective.  Remember you are a piece of the divine, you can do anything!



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