Is It Ok to Pray at a Place Where You Don’t Practice Their Religion?

I really don’t know what religion I am.  I always call it ‘the religion of Lana”.  A little Christianity, a little Buddhism, a little New Age. I am a practicing medium and psychic, Reiki healer, hypnotist and animal communicator.   I think most of use agree that we don’t agree on all the tenets of many organized religions.  As for me, I refuse to believe in what someone tells me I should.  I have no qualms about people who do; just don’t spout at me about how you’re right and everyone else is wrong, and there will be no problems.

If you aren’t aware, I’ve been injured, and pretty severely.  So severe, my massage therapist and chiropractor have never seen this before.  I tore 2 major muscles in my back,  (yeah my butt!), and my QL(controls your whole upper body!), and ruptured a disc.   Wow, talk about pain!  I would not wish this on anyone. The worst pain is the healing process, because they muscles tug on your pelvis and ball joint. It’s really hard to get up each morning.

Anyways, I do believe in the ability  of my Higher power and miracles.  I have seen them repeatedly, and know that miracles exist.  I think that in our busy world, we just don’t pay attention, or slough it off to medical misdiagnosis, and the like.  Science always tries to explain what it really can’t.

I am from the tundra which we call Wisconsin.  There is a verified place of miracles ordained by the Catholic church in Champion, Wi.  People come from all around the world to visit there. It is called The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help.  I had read about that apparitions of Mother Mary and some of the healing that goes on there.  So I decided to take a day trip with a friend.

I wasn’t sure what to expect;  me a New Age Medium going to a Catholic Shrine.  I thought about it for a long time?  If I got healed or got a huge message would I convert?  What is my belief about all of this?  I knew my belief in who the apparition was varied greatly from many of the people who were praying there.

I got there, and as an energy healer, yes, there was something there. There were people praying and chanting, and although I wanted the quiet, I stayed in the chapel and continued to pray.  I decided that my Higher Power is my Higher Power; he/she/it doesn’t care what they are called.  They love you and don’t want you to be miserable.  So I continued to pray and meditate, without restraints and without judgement for anyone there, including for myself.

And yes, I got my answers.  I had been meditating about a career decision, and got that too. And yes, I have been healing.  In past articles I wrote about how to be specific when you put your wishes and desires out there(prayer), and this was no exception.  Yes, I am healing, but in considerable pain as the muscles pull on four other ligaments and joints. I forgot to ask for as little pain as possible during the healing process. When will I ever learn to be more specific?

My point is this; is it ok for someone who doesn’t share your beliefs to be next to you, praying?  Of course it’s ok.  It’s all about tolerance, and realization that God is God, no matter what. Remember that next time you judge somoene else about theirs beliefs. Mined your own business and heal your own life. Your personal relationship with your own Higher Power is all that matters.



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