Can Empaths Help Others Be Kind?

So with the recent things happening in the United States, one cannot ignore how mean, self-centered, narcissistic and cruel people have become.  There are many theories as to why, but I’m not going to concentrate on that.  I’m concentrating on how we, as empaths can help make things kinder for everyone.

I know that by doing good things, karmically, we can bring good to the world.  But has anyone ever thought, that if we pick up vibes from people, it’s a two-way street?  Of course it is. Can we also give off positive loving vibes and help people be kinder?  Of course we can. We are at it’s core, soul healers, and that is why we were given our gifts.

Anyone that knows about Reiki will atest to this. We can give loving energy to anyone, anytime.  And as empaths, we are all aware of this energy 100% of the time.  We know when people are down, happy, sad, etc.  We always try to help, and offer our positive energy.

But this takes a LOT of our energy and strength.  Everyone knows how hard it is to stay positive with negative people.  There are some days, I know, I just feel like I can’t take it anymore. But we still have to try.  The world needs empaths(and light workers) more than at any other time.  Here’s some things to help you recharge your batteries to help heal so many people that need it.

  1.  Stay grounded.  Staying grounded can be done in many ways.  For me, it’s digging in the dort, or being in nature.  Also, during the summer, I slepp in a tent on the ground.  Studies have shown that dirt acctually gives off serotonin and dopamine.  It also absorbs negative energy.  For many years I used to walk barefoot in my yard.  That stopped when I bought my farm(I have many animals!).  But I noticed not only had my foot muscles had become weak, and I couldn’t stay grounded. I started walking around my front yeard again barefoot, and noticed a difference immediately.

2.  Pray for others, and wish no one harm, hold your temper.  I know everyone knows this, but just remember;  the next time someone cuts you off, put yourself in their place and try to understand that NO ONE wants an accident.  It reduces your anger and the thought that anyone is trying to target you. Most of the time, we get angry because we feel our rights have been stepped on.

3.  Just let it go.  Yeah, I know, this is an old cliche. But you need to do this to help others.  Is it useful?  Is it helpful?  Is it needed?  Does it make you a better person?  If not, let it go.  I know it’s harder than it sounds.

4.  Meditate.  everyone meditates differently.  Some listen to loud, head-banging music.  Some need alone time.  SomeE need to take a walk, or jog.  Find that meditation.  It’s all about the brainwaves.  You need to get out of the conscious alpha brain waves, that produce stress, anxiety, anger, etc.  Listen to your body and you can FEEL when this is happening.  Everything seems to quiet down, including your blood pressure, heartbeat and your mind.

Giving People Positive ENERGY

Yes, when your batteries have been recharged, you can help give healing energy to others. It doesn’t always work, because some people DON”T want to be healed, but for those who do, these are some things to concentrate on.

  1.  Imagine yourself in a pyramid, giving love to that other person.  In this pyramid, love can go out, and no negative energy can come back in.  Imagine love radiating out only, with only positive enrgy coming back in.

2.   DO what you can do, and walk away.  Don’t keep trying repeatedly to help                   others(which I know is hard for empaths.)

3.  Make the other person feel good about themselves.  It seems like everyone is so mean to each other nowadays.  Give compliments.  It doesn’t make you less of a person.  I personally tell young women who I feel that have esteem issues, “OMG, you’re so cute.  Your have beautiful eyes!”  You’ll never know how much that might’ve meant to someone.  We’re so used to insults nowadays, than compliments, it usually shocks people, and that is what’s so sad!

4. Ask for angels to help the person. .  I’ve summoned angels, and I know personally, that it works.  Call upon an angel to protect and support that perspn.

5.  Set an example. Say or do something selfless, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  People truly are watching.

So there are some things we can do everyday, to help others be kinder.  Physical acts are just a few.  Explore trying to give off energy to help heal, and concentrate on other’s attributes.  There is truth to the phrase, “If you can’t say anything nice, say othing at all.”  Also give off love to the person from your heart.  It help you be kinder, and helps the worlde be kinder also.
















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