Can We Truly Heal The World?

So come on, dear empaths, anyone over the age of thirty can see it; the world and it’s people have become nasty, egocentric, abusive, crass and self-centered.  I’m not sure why; I think I know why, but that’s also my political view, which I am not willing to share(and I believe that is one of the reasons why everyone is this way.)

But I ask you a question, because I know I’m guilty, too.  Is this meanness and cruelty also wearing on you, casuing you to react in the same way?  Are we caught up in a chain reaction of negativity?  As empaths, we pick up other people’s energy, good or bad.  As we the problem or the solution?

Well, we all know the answer; we were created differently, with more perception, kindness, love and understanding.  Our higher power has chosen us to have these superpowers and use them for a reason.  I have written repeatedly as how to use protect yourself, but we also need to learn how to use them.  Remember, being an empath is not just a gift, but using it effectively is an acquired skill.  Can we heal the world through our gift and people skills?  I think we can.

I think that most of the problem with everyone nowadays is that we’re purely stressed out.  We’re are merely in survival mode; trying to get through life day by day, and everyone else is wrapped up in survival, they don’t have time to think of others.  And this is not to mention pollutants, which I feel also change our brains, making us even more stressed out.

I admit, I can be a real bitch. People’s negavity can wear off on me in a big way, and yes, I admit, i have a temper.  But like you fellow empaths, I’m human.  We all have our faults.  I’ve recently tried some new approaches to help others heal, and it seems to work.  Actually, when I’ve consciously used some of these techniques, not only are the other people happier, so am I.   As an empath I am peaping what I sow.  What could be better than that? These are just a few things I’ve done to heal anger, stress and resentment in others.  I know that many of you know of some of these techniques, but I’m going to remind you of them anyways.

  1.  Apreicate, appreciate, appreciate!

I find that what makes people the most unhappy is the lack of appreciation.  “I work so hard, and no one cares,” or “I have given up everything for this person, and they don’t care.”  I know I’ve like this many, mnay times. So what if you make someone’s day by saying ‘thank you so much for picking up some milk after work, dear, that made me very happy.”  You see, humans are actual people pleasing; we generally want to make other happy and be accepted.  I always think of showing appreciation as giving that person attention.  We all need attention, and crave approval.  It’s part of our social makeup.

I do this sometimes; I look everyday for someone to say thank you to.  Today it was my barista army coffee shop.  She always knows how to make my coffee just right.  That sure makes my life easier, and it’s very comforting for someone to know me so well.  it means a lot, and I needed to tell her that. Find someone every day; you never know how much better you made their day.

2.  Compliment, compliment, compliment!
Ever notice that some people cannot pay compliments?  it’s like it takes something away from themselves by doing that.  I always say, “There’s enough light in the world for everyone to shine,” and I mean it.  I always notice things people do well and make sure I tell them.  One thing I never ever do, though, is pay a phony compliment.  That comes from years of teaching school; kids always know when you’re not sincere. I wouldn’t do that anyways; I’m too honest.  Anyways, I try to find someone to pay a compilment to.  I often try to tell the lady at the drive thru how pretty her eyes are, or I love her hair.  Watch their faces; they’ll be shocked at first, and then smile.  You just made their day.

3.  Refuse to Argue

Some people love to argue.  Many people are also so narcissistic that they just “know” that their opinion is right.  I see that all the time on Facebook.  And I have to admit, they’ve gotten me sucked in to heated arguments.  This is how I’m curbing it;  watch for a potential argument in any situation.  As soon as they start ranting, cut them off with; “I like your opinion.  I guess we have to agree to disagree.”  Then sign out.  If they still carry on, block notifications, and ignore them.  Mentally wish them well and move on.  I don’t have to remind you that there are people out there who love to argue. Don’t let them suck you in.  It’s nouse arguing with someone because you rarely change their mind.

4.  Stay True to what You know is Right, remind others by action, not preaching

You know right from worng, and in today’s society, many people who are not like us do not.  Don’t let them get you sucked in. If you see you’re going down that path, back up, and just watch. I someitmes will point of a transgression; but I do it in a non-accusatory way.  For example; You know I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d say something mean back to that person who just called me names. I think I wouldn’t let them manipulate me, but that’s just me.”  Do you see? I turned it around to be passive, with being confrontational.  Maybe they listen, maybe they don’t, but at least I tried to help.

I know many of you know these things; we empaths are wise and have lived many times.  Maybe you just needed to be reminded, I’m not sure.  I hope you rmember our mission, and that we are truly here to save the world.








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