Empaths Need Other Empaths

There’s an old saying that I remember from when I was a child.  “Men need women, and women need other women.”  I very much believe this is true, but more than that, to change the phrase a little, “inutitives need empaths, and empaths need other empaths.”And I know for certain this is true.

As far as the woman thing is concerned, yes, more women happen to be empaths.  It’s the female energy thing.  We are all born male or female energies; even if we are born as male, we may have female energy.  That doesn’t mean we are gay, straight, transgender; it just means that at the core of our soul we are nurturers. This doesn’t mean that male engy isn’t a nurturer; it’s just the way our essesnces exist.  For me, I feelas though I’m a male energy, even though I’m a mother, grandmother, wife, etc.(But this is a whole other blog page coming later.)

What I’m trying to get at is the empath thing.  You know what I’m talking about anf if not, look back at my other blog pages or take a quick test, lana-psychicmedium/fb.com.   We, as fellow empaths, need to support each other.  We already have the gift of knowing or sensing when someone is struggling.  So why not supposrt our friends?  We all know we already do this, but what about in a support-group type setting?

For me personally, I have a small, intimate group of people who I’ve let into my life that are empaths.  I need them; they need me.  I feel supported, loved, and heard.  They know how I feel, and I know how they feel.  They cleanse and support my soul.  Be careful and look; use your empathic ability to ‘size’ up who you can trust.

Find your circle and stick to them.  You are human and can’t live in a bubble. Even if your circle is small.  As empaths we have an extra hard mission, and need that little bit of support.  Sometimes, they may be hard to find.  I found that my circle are all psychic mediums, like myself, and sometimes we even do readings for each other. Ask your angels for support and help finding your ‘tribe.’ You can’t be a empath on your own. We have a hard job and lots of love to bring to the world.





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