Manifestation: It’s easier than you think

“I think, therefore, I am.”  I always remember that from my philosophy class. Actually, that’s the only thing I remmeber, but that’s another story. But what I think he was trying to saywas really, that because we think we exist, and moreover, thoughts are actual things.

Yeah, I know and agree that abstract feelings are things; love, hate, hurt. But if we feel those things, we are creating, and can we create with our thought patterns?  Of course, most of us know it’s true.  We create our life through our thought patterns and reactions to what happens to us throughout our life, both positive and negative.

There is a theory that I’m privy to.  Many feel like, since we were created like God, we are God-like(or Goddess-like),and because we are a piece of the divine, like him(her), we need and have the ability to create our own lives and situations.  We concentrate on what we want; good or bad, and it happens.  It’s called manifestation, and I am positive I can do this and so can you!

For instance, I know that whenever I need money, it magically appears.  Short on Cash?  I suddenly get an unknown check in the mail or a call from a client wanting a psychic reading.  Very seldom have I been where I’m in dire straights. And I’m not sure how I do it, but I know I do.  I think most of it is truly believe your Higher Power knows best.  I truly believe that the money will truly be there.  I have FAITH in myself and my higher power.  Now sometimes I’m doubtful, but I would say 99% of the time, what Itruly wants happens for me.  Here are someof the things that I do personally. If you see something you do besides these things, feel feel to message me with your thoughts!

  1.  Trust and believe.  Like I said, I truly believe that money will always be there.  I used to be a little careless with my money, and that didn’t help matters, even though more money would show up.  As I’ve aged, I’mmore careful with my  money, but still really trust some money will show up when I need it.

2.  Pray or meditate.  Think about it; isn’t praying a form of meditation? We block      everything external at that moment and concentrate on the task at hand.  We are more conscious while praying, but we are using the same part of our brain as meditation( I believe it’s alpha waves, but I may stand corrected.)  We are connected to our higher selves; be it through ourselves or our Higher Power. This is where we can concentrate on our needs and desires. It may seem contradictory to trusting, but it’s not, really.  It’s just added energy to the problem at hand.

3.  Act as if.  I heard this on tv(I think Oprah, maybe), and it works.  I act as though I’m a millionaire New York Times Best Seller’s list author, and things start to happen in that direction. Acting as if you are what you want helps you hone the talents that give you what you want.  In this way, it’s almost like a physical way of manifesting your desires through your behavior.

Be Careful What You Wish For:  A Warning

Manifestation is a great thing; just be careful in HOW you do it.   “There’s an old addage , “be careful what you wish for,” but I think it should also have this added, “And how you wish for it.”

I know for myself, I am very good at manifesting things.  But I’m also not always careful in how I do it.  For example, a few years ago, I kept saying I was tired of my car and wanted a new one; well, yes, I got a new one after I totaled my old one and had to buy a new car.  I also recently kept saying I need a new wallet; and you guessed it, it suddenly disappeared from my purse with all of my credit cards and license.

What we need to do with all of this power is be manifest in, in a positive way, and be VERY SPECIFIC.  I should have thought, ‘I need a new car and am going to save up and trade it in,’ instead of just thinking I need a new car.  the Universe will give you want you wish for, remember that. It’s a combination of your behavior, actions and wishes; we are more powerful than we could ever imagine.

So what do you need to manifest?  More money, a new job?  Start manifesting, and good luck!









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