Empaths, Psychics and Their Diets

So Dear Readers, I come to you with some knowledge and maybe, hopefully some feedback that I can learn from.  Please remember this is an interactive blog:  I wanna hear from you!  The more I learn, the more I realize how much I DON’T know.  Everyone does everything differently, and while I consider myself a fairly enlightened person, suggestions are always appreciated.

I heard recently about a blog and how to heal your physical and spiritual body through foods and herbs.  While I agree that this hypothesis is right, there are other things that I’d like to touch upon to address some things that I think people are forgetting.

  1.  Psychics and Empaths are different, just as our genetic metabolisms are different.  

Everyone on the planet is evolving differently and at different rates.  You may also have a psychic talent someone else does not have.  I am a medical animal and human intuitive, and while I can give you readings in other areas, I don’t concentrate on love and relationships.(Here we go on beliefs again.  I don’t concentrate on them because I feel you need to work on yourself more!).What helps expand your abilities, might not be right for the next.  For me, when I am doing several readings back-to-back, I don’t eat, consume no alcohol or caffeine or even drugs like aspirin.  It seems to dull my senses.  I drink water, almost like a mini-fast.  Several people I know do this also. But I also know some people who don’t do this and are fine.  Try both and see what works.  It does seem that many Empaths and Psychics do what I do; but I have a friend who says it makes no difference for him.

2.  Different eating styles depends on your awareness, and your beliefs.

Some people are vegans, some omnivorous, eat Mediterranean diets, etc.  It’s more about how you honor life. Vegans are not any more ‘evolved’ than those who consume animal products; it’s just simply their beliefs.  I find it very irritating as a psychic and medium to have someone smuggle make comments about how I eat dead animals.  It’s my belief system.  My feeling is that all things must die for others to eat, including plants.  I simply pay reverence to those that die.  As an animal communicator, I understand that animals know they will die and they also know God.  They are not afraid to die.  Now that’s my belief.  I’ve had other people who tell me that they can feel the animal dying when they eat it.  That is ok, but please don’t judge me for my beliefs.  We are all Empaths and psychics.  I just feel differently, as do you.

3. Unnatural foods, like refined sugar can negatively affect your abilities.

I’ve been trying for months to cut out sugar.  I started treating it like a poison, which honestly it is.  I noticed that my abilities became sharper and quicker.  I also began to only eat organic animal products and saw a positive results. I also watch using plastics and try hard to rid myself of natural and synthetic hormones.

4.  Certain Vitamins may help.

This may be very true if you have a deficiency, but for me, B12 has made a HUGE difference in my abilities.  It has given me a clear mind and energy to do lots of readings, which can drain any psychic. You can do a trial an error, but I recommend B12 and vitamin D.  I do liquids.  I sometimes also include liquid vitamin C.  I also ingest Turmeric and occasionally Ashwaghanda before I read.  It makes me clear and happy.

So, what works for you?  I’ve found these things to be beneficial for me.  It’s trial and error.  I wish you good health, and a strong Empathic ability!











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