Like Bread and Butter: Reiki and the Empath

Good day all dear empaths, wishing a great day of care and love on our mission to make the world a better place.  For those who are reading this, I hope you are already aware that you are indeed, an empath.  If not, please feel free to take a quick empath quiz on my site You can find one on on of my pages, search empath test.

For the rest of us, gifted empathic beings, most of have heard about Reiki, but some of us  are unaware how important and beneficial it is to our abilities.  Reiki in simple terms is hands on healing. It is the very essence of a tiny piece of our higher being, used to help others heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Now, think how close that relates to our mission:  We can use this to help others, COMBINED with our empathic abilities and knowledge(I have yet to find an empath that DOESN”T have some type of psychic gift.) One accentuates the other, plain and simple.

I will not go into a long story about myself because I want to concentrate of each and every one of you, but I will state that I owe everything to Reiki.  Reiki helped to increase my psychic and mediumship abilities. I didn’t even know I had psychic abilities at the time I received Reiki training.  I was thirty, my mother had passed suddenly, and a friend talked me into a training session.  I always had been a little ‘different’, very sensitive, bullied often, and always wanted to help others even at a cost to myself, and could feel what other people felt. I went through the training and began ‘practicing’ on some ladies in my group.  By the end of the session, I read them, told them about their highest potential, their passed family and messages from their guides. WOW!  I even shocked myself! I think that I probably always had the ability, but Reiki helped me ‘fine tune’ everything and bring it together.

This is why empaths need to PRACTICE SOME FORM OF REIKI.  It aligns with our mission, and feeds our ability, as well as our soul mission. If you aren’t interested in becoming a practitioner or Master, at least get some attuning with another individual.  What can it hurt but make you a better person and help you increase your vibration?

It’s also good to form friendships with those who practice the ‘healing arts’; be it massage, readings, aura and chakra clearings.  These people are usually very aware of Reiki and it’s benefits, and probably are practitioners or Masters themselves.

The 5 Benefits of Reiki on An Empath

There are many, many benefits to an empath who uses Reiki in their everyday life.  These are just a few.

  1.  Reiki clears your negative energy and attachments that you may have absorbed throughout the day.  This often manifests itself as anxiety and depression. We empaths meet some very negative(dark, low vibration) people and situations.  We even deal with negative attachments from ‘balls of energy’ as I call them, that surround you and sap you of your higher frequency.  Reiki helps release these.
  2. Reiki realigns your chakras.  Often, as empaths, our heart chakra is fifteen times bigger than the rest of our chakras.  That is imbalance. It can create havoc if your heart is out of alignment with your other needs. Reiki readjusts your chakras and puts you in balance.
  3. Reiki raises you vibration.  People who are highly evolved, like empaths, have a must faster and brighter vibration .  Empaths are literally a shining beacon in the darkness. This ‘light’ can dim from constant bombardment from negative energy and entities.  reiki helps raise the vibration to where it’s supposed to be.
  4. Reiki can actually heal your physical body, and release pain.  Did you know that as a whole, most empaths are often very physically healthy people?  I know some empaths that have some disorders,  but those that are truly light-working empaths,  are usually very, very strong, spiritually and physically.  Reiki keeps your body physically strong by once again clearing the negative energy, and correcting imbalances.
  5. Reiki brings you back to your ‘Source.”  I am calling this your higher power, whatever you may wish to call it.  We all know instinctively, there is something ‘else’ than this planet.  reiki reminds us of this and our purpose by opening our channels to receive our messages and love.

So as you can see, Reiki is very valuable, to everyone, ESPECIALLY Empaths.  Try it, I bet it will work for you!  Love, peace and Reiki.




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