Is Your House REALY Haunted?

Good day, my empathic and spiritual seekers.  I’d like today to ask you a question: Do you ever feel like your house has “Something’ in it, i.e., maybe a spirit or guides, or you don’t even know what?  I bet it probably does, you don’t even quite understand it.

If anyone knows me, I’m name is Lana Duncan-Hartgraves, and I’m a psychic medium, hypnotist, Life Coach, Reiki healer, animal communicator and ghost hunter.  The ghost hunting is more of a fun hobby for me;  I do clearings for people if they truly do have entities.  I have yet to find ‘evil’ demons or such, sometimes just ‘lost’ souls who haven’t made it to the other side.  Sometimes also, they are attachments, or spirits that seem to ‘like’ certain people.  They are not evil per se, but they kind of tend to ‘suck’ the life out of you.  I know as a person who can feel and see ‘energies’, when I’m reading, I have to be very vigilant in making sure that these beings don’t attach to me and follow me around.

Some of you might wonder how to keep these energies from doing this, and it is very simple; MAKE THEM LEAVE.  Remember you give off much more energy they a passed spirit.  You ALWAYS have control.  The only time they get ahold of you is when you allow this through fear.  Remember that.  Make them go and they WILL!

Now back to your house……..yeah, these spirits do also sometimes ‘follow’ you around.  I remember that one time, I was ghost hunting and an entity that had committed suicide attached to me.  He had been gone since the late 80’s and he was amazed that I could hear him.  He thought he had someone who would listen. I didn’t realize he followed me home until the next day.  I saw him, with his straight leg jeans, , jean jacket and WHAM-styled haircut when I got up the next day.  I counseled him to move to the next dimension, and he finally did. I then burned some sage, said some prayers of protection to my angels ,and wore a little selenite for a few days.(Selenite protects from any negative energy.)

Yes, energies can follow you around, but you are in control, and it really doesn’t happen that often.  It happens to me a lot because of what and who I am.   But mostly what I find when people call me about a haunted house is that it’s not haunted or there are not any entities, but what I call a ‘ball of energy’ that has taken on a life of it’s own, almost like an entity.

Let me explain.  Thoughts and feelings are things; the exist just like a rock or plant.  It can be good, it can be bad.  It’s the bad emotions and thoughts that I will address here.  As humans, we have a habit of being negative; ever notice that a person can something bad to you, and you let it linger for weeks, but something good is said audit goes in one ear, and out the other?  Some scientists say it’s our way of problem solving and we are hardwired to do this.  I do know one thing; negative energy from fighting, yelling, screaming and general fear or any trauma in your house can form a huge ball of negative energy that takes on entity-type qualities; things like ‘black shadows’, feeling like someone is watching, bad dreams, things seem to disappear, and the like.  Yes, some attachments can also feed off this energy in your house, especially if they are also dark energies who have taken up residence with you.

Clearing Your House the Right Way

First, you need to address the fear and negative emotions coming from with in the house or that have been released in the house.  How did they get there?  Is anyone still experiencing them?  If so, work has to done to let them go.  I know it sounds hard, but through prayer, and meditation, it can be done.  Like I said, I ask Archangel Michael to protect me on my mission, and he ALWAYS comes through.  I truly believe this and maybe because of my faith, my house is clear. (I do have en entity in my house, but she’s harmless.  That’s another story). Once the ball of energy is addressed, if there are any entities(maybe, but probably not), then most of the entities should subside, because they no longer have anything to feed off of.

Second, clear any residual energy, that formed the ball of energy.  Find something you love and do it, or invite people over and laugh.  DO something positive.  That always seems to ‘break’ apart the energy.  Check for any entities that might be using wha’t left of the ball of energy in your house, and tell them to leave.  Ask Michael again for help.

Third, burn some sage, or do something that is ritualistic; I burn candles, light sage, and do something creative, like paint, draw or write.  This helps keep positive energy flowing. And remember, if you’re not confident doing this yet by yourself, you can always get a little help from one of us psychic mediums.

So remember; CHANCES ARE, your house probably is isn’t really haunted.  Yes, there have been entities in some of the house that I’ve helped clear, but most of the time,(about 90% from what I see), it’s just negative energy from emotions produced from you or someone before you.  Clear it through prayer and negative and DON”T BE AFRAID.




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