The Key to Happiness: It’s Simpler than You Think

20181119_072420-4.jpgSO I recently went and had my aura photographed.  I haven’t had to done on awhile, so I thought I’d like to see what it looked like.  For the people who have never had it done, it is sometimes called Kirilian photography.  For those who are skeptical, this method was actually developed by Thomas Edison, who was a firm believer in ‘catching’ your aura, or the energy pictures around your body.

Anyways, I went in, and had it done.  First of all, I am adamant about the aura being your favorite color.  I KNOW I’m right.  In previous blogs, I wrote about this, and yes, I can tell you your favorite color, by feeling your aura. Anyways, I’ve gone in many times and yes, your aura changes from minute to minute, but there is an overall color and theme that is related to these colors and chakras.

Chakras are the energy centers of your body; there are seven, all different colors and vibrations.  Ever feel queasy in your stomach, or hear people say, ‘gut’ instinct?    That is your solar plexus chakra, it’s the seat of the soul.   Ever feel like a ‘frog; was in your throat, when you wanted to talk, but couldn’t?  That’s your throat chakra, and it’s closed.  It will make you stammer,  and not be able to talk(for various reasons, but I’ll touch on that later).

So let me get back to what I was saying about happiness.  When I had my chakra picture done(you can see this for yourself), all the chakras were pretty round, and all within the 50th percentile.  The photographer asked me, “Wow, you must be a pretty happy person.  Are YOU?”

Well, not always, but now I am.  I have reduced my stress, am on a great hormonal balancing natural medicine called Ashwagandha, and have been spending more time recently doing things that I love(mostly outdoors on my farm, and recovering from an injury).  I am post-menopausal, and my body has settled into a rhythm.  No one has been taking advantage me, and I have been ‘sticking’ to my organic diet and mostly chemical-free household as much as I can.

This was truly my ‘aha’ moment.  Putting two and two together, I have come to this conclusion from all of this; by keeping one’s energy balanced throughout the body, and keeping things pure and simple, this is what happiness truly is.  It seems to simple, doesn’t it?

But, I know for a fact, no one will not be totally happy 100% of the time.  Stress will come up, things will go wrong, we will lose our temper, we are human.  But the OVERALL theme is happiness.  Happiness makes these small setbacks seem just that, small setbacks.

We as people are told that happiness is a state of mind many times. So what I am learning is   by balancing energy with the physical body and using the mind, one can create happiness.  So, by consciously trying to keep those chakras ‘balanced’ throughout the day, this, too will lead to happiness. Yep, Simple.

It’s not always easy  though.  Getting angry puts your heart Chakra out of balance.  Anxiety puts your solar plexus out of balance.  But being conscious of it, helps keep things calm.  I know it does, because after 50 years of being unhappy, I’m finally beginning to get it right.

Try it for a couple days. Concentrate on one of your chakras, and try to keep it moving and controlled. Concentatrate, and see. I bet this will help make you happier, or at least, more content.


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