Cooking and Spirituality

Thanksgiving. Ideas of friends and family, cooking for everyone, making sure everything tastes just right.  Yeah, that is soulful, to say the least. It can be spiritual, but I think people forget HOW spiritual.  If they would use their spirit to cook, I think it wouldn’t be so hard for people to cook.  Yeah, some people don’t like to cook. I personally hate house chores, but love to cook.  I think people would love  cooking more and be better cooks if they would view cooking differently.

  1.  Everything that you eat has once been alive, or has come from a living entity.  Think about it; everything has been alive, and must die for you to live.  Even that crap snacks with the thirty letter long ingredients has come (somehow), from the earth. That is very humbling when you think about it. It literally makes us part of the Earth.  By giving credit for those things, it places more importance on the things and foods we cook, in essence, spirituality.
  2. Food feeds you, both in body and spirit. We all know ‘you are what you eat’, but has it occurred that t feeds your mental health and spirit just as much?  Try eating nothing but donuts for a week, and see if you don’t know what I mean.I don’t necessarily mean to eat totally organic, but fresh is best.
  3. Connecting spiritually with your food will allow you to cook better. I know that may sound absurd, but think about it; if we had better respect for our food and where it came from, we would be more selective in how to prepare and cook food. Viewing food as an actual PART of our bodies, would allow great care to go into the preparation. Just ‘food’ for thought(pun intended).
  4. Make cooking part of a ritual.  I know we are way too busy, nowadays, but why not take one afternoon, cook some meals and freeze them or put them in the frog? People are creatures of habit; if one were to create sacred space and time every day or week to cook, is this not the same as meditation?
  5. Learn from others, especially generational if possible. Have an older person teach you anything new.  Set aside some time, maybe a half hour per week.  Ask an older neighbor about recipes, ask a mom, grandma or dad.  Do you see the spirituality connection here?  Connecting your soul with others is vital to both your well-beings.

So these are just some ideas I’ve been thinking of.  Below I will share a good and very simple recipe that I just picked up from somewhere.  My family loved it and how simple and delicious!


1 can creamed corn
1 can kernel corn
1 box corn bread
1 cup chopped green pepper(optional)

Mix green pepper, and cans of corn together. Drop in corn bread. Mix together. 20181020_1347437

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