Ginger: A Miracle Cure?

So I’ve been having some stomach problems. I was dumb enough to get a lapband put in nine years ago. Sure didn’t help me lose weight, but has torn up my stomach.

I’ve been reading about Ginger. I ‘ve been taking Ashwagandha, and it has been helping a lot with anxiety. I have heard that Ginger is good for your stomach. I know I was given Gingerale when my stomach was upset as a kid, and it worked.

So I bought some in a pill form. Supposedly Ginger is good for inflammation, bloodsugar, and stomach problems. I took two pills and went to bed…….and it worked.

It didn’t work like I was hoping, totally.. The ginger actually upset my stomach, which can be a side effect. But here’s how it worked for me. I woke up with absolutely no pain.

Now I’m healthy, but as I’ve aged, I wake up with a back ache and knee ache almost every morning. I awoke, and had no pain at all. It actually worked that fast. And as we speak, no knee pain at the least.

Ginger is a very interesting herb. It treats inflammation, which means, it treats osteoarthritis, as in my case. It also helps blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol. It’s pretty cool.

Now for me, since it upsets my stomach a little, I’m still trying to find out what to take it with.(Any suggestions out there?)

Anyways. I now know that ginger keeps me out of pain, and has become one of my ‘go to’ herbs. Try it, what can it hurt?


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