Are Coincidences Really Coincidences?

So I’ve been doing live broadcasts on social media, and I’ve received a lot of interesting questions that I’m going to address. One question that keeps coming up repeatedly is; “Why is it that I think about someone and then they contact me me, sometimes when we haven’t seen each other in ten years, but that person just calls me?”

There are many things at play here; you are manifesting them by thinking about them, you are connecting across the planes of existence(because we are connected by soul family silver threads), and you are also visiting them on the astral plane.

Manifesting is much easier than we think. Thoughts are things, and we can make things happen. It only makes sense. We are a piece of God, and God creates, so in our own lives we too, can create. God has given us much more power than we think.

Another way we may be connecting with others is through the silver thread. The silver thread or cord, is a very thin, silvery thread that connects our souls together. The connection to our physical body to one another is found near the solar plexus. This is even biblical. We have vords to our bodies, and cords to people. Some cords to people can be cut, but more often than not, they remain. That’s why these people in your life, for good or bad, hang around.Now like I said these CAN BE cut, but it’s diificult and are also cut when we or someone else dies. I remrmber when my mom died: I didn’t know she had a massive heart attack, but I felt severe stomach pains and pulled my car over and threw up the moment the cord was cut.

The third reason you’re probably connecting with the person,is due to you visiting them on the astral plane. We do this often, and we pay visits to people we cannot remember while awake. You may have visited them and you both agreed to talk during the day.

So to make a long story short, you are creating this meeting in some way. There truly no coincidences. Here’s something to try the next time you see a weird coincidence: write down all detailstye_dye_cloverstar-8339d89e-56b9-3dec-9659-88a066aa05db4311479890048947336.jpg about the coincidence or meeting, like time, date, locatoon. I bet it will jog your memory of your astral visit or even a karmic relationship from another life. You will see and remember a pattern. Coincidences just don’t exist.


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