Sleep Apnea: Could You Have it and Test Negative?

Now you now all know me; I don’t just write about spiritual stuff. I’m also a health advisor, and alternative medicine aficionado. When I’m going through something, I might post it here also. That’s how I’m helping to use my wisdom to help others. It’s kinda my calling. Especially now as I age. The older I get, the more I realize how little I know! But my issues started a few years ago.

I started my dreaded hormonal changes at about 48, but wasn’t done until 51. My whole body changed. No wonder women refer to it as “The Change”. OMG!!!!! The thing I noticed mostly was that I just couldn’t handle stress anymore. This included working out heavily. My body would have an anxiety attack. I would shake and twitch, usually during the night, keeping me from sleeping. My heart also would skip. I’ve learned to just deal with it. I was told that is was menopause symptoms.

Around this time, I started losing my ability to stay asleep. I would only stay asleep for about 2 hours at a time, then awake up, get up for awhile and go to the bathroom.. I know my bloodsugar is a little high, which never was before, but I supposed that was from Menopause.

But then more reality hit. I started developing high blood pressure, something that was inconceivable to me. It was interesting though, I’d go in one day to the doctor, and it was low, then go in another day and it was fine. ANd this was same day, same stress. What was going on.

My doctor suggested sleep apnea. I thought maybe she was right. I know that many women start to suffer from this during Menopause. SO I went in for my tests. I was negative. So what was going on? So we go to six months later, not sleeping, and twitching every night.

This was about the time that I was also having trouble with my jaw. I have TMJ, from having a cross bite my whole life that my parents never corrected. It had gotten sore, from what, I’m not sure, but it affected my neck and made me sore often. So I bought a bite plate that pushed my jaw slightly forward, relieving my neck. I went to sleep that night. You guessed it; my twitching and anxiety stopped. I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. That simple. Matter-of-fact, I got so much oxygen I woke up in the middle of the night, a little dizzy and so full of energy, I couldn’t sleep! I slept 5 hours straight and felt like I slept 12 hours.

But, yet, my doctor told me nothing was wrong. All I can say is LISTEN TO YOURSELF! It is YOUR body. I knew something else was wrong, but didn’t know. It all makes sense now. Whenever I was stressed out, I would quit deep breathing and my oxygen would go down. No wonder meditation helped; it helped me pull in more oxygen. Wow, what a revelation. I think the lack of oxygen might be anxiety for many people.

So now I’m a waiting period, as I watch both my blood sugar and blood pressure go down. (Lack of oxygen affects these, also). I DO feel much better, and mind has cleared. And just think, I was told that these symptoms, like mind fog were part of menopause, when they were based on a lack of oxygen. I’m also on a diet, and starting to lose some weight. Who knew? Are you having some of these problems? Maybe it’s sleep apnea, or just not getting enough oxygen into your blood stream. Something to think about. I truly think this is what is wrong with most people in today’s world, and might be easy to solve.


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