The Super Moon Doesn’t Affect You? Total BS is evetyone? I’ve been having a few health problems myself, so I hope you are good.

As most of you all know, I’m not just a psychic/medium, but also a farm owner, gardener, artist and especially, a Middle School teacher. And that’s why I’m writing. I’ve been teaching for 28 years and I cannot believe people have the blindness to say that the full moon doesn’t affect you. Ask, any teacher, they will BEG to differ. (And it’s not only the phases of the moon, but weather patterns affect your body and chakras also.)

Recent studies have supposedly shown that the moon does not affect us or has little effect, although it DOES create higher tides. Now, here is MY question; if the moon can affect an ENTIRE ocean, and we are 90% water, then why wouldn’t it affect a much smaller entity, like a body? After seeing some of my student’s behavior, I KNOW the full moon and Super Moon affects us. And in more ways than one. This Super moon is a great thing for us spiritually, but be aware of the physical symptoms as well. Just get through the week and be awsre of it’s symptoms.

How the Super Moon Can Affect Us Physically

1. Researchers have proven that a full/ Super moon can affect sleep andcause a decrease in melatonin.

2. Causes increased birthrates, and ovulation cycles.

3. Increased problems with kidneys.

4. Tendency to be accident prone.

How the the Super Moon Can Affect Us Spiritually

1. You may have a deep desire for change.

2. Old wounds that may not have healed have resurfaced.

3. You dreams may be more vivid and those who have passed may come in your dreams.

4. You may experience anxiety and don’t know why.

5. Feel like something big is shifting, but don’t know what.

So if you have experienced any of this, just be awate thst it IS really the moon. Most symptoms will psss. Don’t make hasty decisions, but now is a great time for renewal and letting go.


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