The Vicious World of Psychic Egos





Good day, devoted followers! I hope all in well in your life. I’ve had some new things happen recently that I thought I reflect upon.

There are many people that see psychic consultants, including Reiki practioners, angel readers, Tarot readers, mediums, etc.  And there are many who go to multiple readers.  There is something to be said for doing this: No, they aren’t necessarily obsessed or neurotic, nor are these people gullible. Going to a different practioner can be a great way for healing and new information and possibly a gateway to raising your vibration. Let me explain.

Just as all talents, each metaphysical gift is unique to the human who possesses it. Simply stated; every reading from a different psychic has unique and useful information. Now don’t get me wrong; several readings may overlap and even give the same info. to some extent. But it may be delivered differently, with different details. I, personally have yet to find a reading to be identical. I’ve even compared them myself, and know for a fact that each often gives me different information.  That’s where the psychic’s ego comes into play.

Since no two psychics are the same, and no two readings sre the same, there should be no jealousy among the psychic world, right? WRONG!!! One of the most back-biting and nasty circles that I’ve ever had the displeasure of being a part of, it’s metaphysical readers. Not only do most readers think they have more talent than everyone else, but they belittle and ridicule any other readers who tread into their ‘territory’. I really think some psychics truly think they have a golden cord to God that others can’t obtain. I have witnessed firsthand the viciousness, and have been on the receiving end of this negativity.

I recently found out from a client-friend that some people from one of the stores I read at were saying quite nasty things. I was hurt beyond words, and still am.

Now I’m not saying I don’t have an ego; everyone does. But  at least I’m aware my ego,  and TRY not to let it make me say negative things.

I also have a different viewpoint and not let my ego get carried away. I know that there is enough psychic business for EVERYONE. Since everyone is so different, there is no need for jealousy and backbiting. And this is where we, as clients, come in. We can help stop the viciousness. We as psychics( we all have ability!), can also put a stop to the jealousy we exude.

I recently found out from a client-friend that some people from one of the stores I read at are saying quite nasty things. I was hurt beyond words, and still am. I confronted the perpetrator, and got an awkward and half-hearted apology. Yes, I forgave them, but to trust them? NO WAY….I know it will be a repeat.

These are some things that I’ve come up with for myself that I try to remember when dealing in the metaphysical world. It helped me, maybe it can help you put a stop to the negative energy. This list applies for other psychics, but for everyday life as well.

1. Remember everyone has SOME form of ability. Yes, everyone. And everyone has the same goal: enlightenment. Help or hurt, the choice is yours. Remember there is room is the limelight for EVERYONE.

2. Refuse to listen to someone bad-mouth another person, including a psychic. I simply say that I’m not interested in gossip or negativity.

3. Do not join in! Yes, I’ve talked smack about others, but I’m now much more aware of it. It’s part of my enlightened path to try to not talk about people.

4. If you can’t say anything nice…you know the old saying.

5. Encourage everyone to walk their own path, without being jealous! Be happy when someone succeeds or has positive comments said about them. I used to be jealous of successful psychics and now understand that we are all on our own paths.

2 thoughts on “The Vicious World of Psychic Egos

  1. Thank you. I attend AA and hear a ton of gossip and character assasinations. I have 2 years sober now and have decided to stop going partly because of the back biting. I wish I’d had the courage to say I’m not willing to take part in gossip or negativity. Maybe I’ll write it down in a little card. I’ve always had a hard time standing up for myself and I guess for others also. Thank you. On another note I hope I have some psychic ability. I sometimes know when I’m going to win a contest. It’s a knowing feeling I get.


    1. Everyone has some psychic ability. I’m glad you have been sober; I’m proud for you. It’s hard to stand your ground with negative people. It’s easier to just walk away. And that is ok. Whatever it takes to take care of YOU. Blessings…


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