Are twin Flames for Real?

20180209_173236Good day, all!  I hope your last few weeks have been happy and healthy.  I have been very busy, and apologize for my lack of blogging.  I will be blogging soon with two or more blogs per week for a awhile.

i am wondering from all of you if anyone can tell me;  have you met your twin flame?  Do you even know who or what that is? If you don’t, let me explain.  This person is literally your second half of your soul.  I used to think that there was no such thing;  I used to be skeptical with everything that was esoteric in my life.  Wrong again!  This person is the other part of you., literally.

It’s been written in literature for millennia, Plato even wrote about it.  In the beginning, God created one being.  He then separated our souls to learn our lessons faster.  The sacredness of marriage is a feeble attempt to replicate the twin flame connection.

We have been split of many years, but as we grew as people, we are reuniting because of the attraction of our souls.   We also may meet to help the world be a better place. It sounds great, right?  Here’s some of the issues with coming together, though; there are usually complications. One may be married,  may be of another culture, religion, sexual orientation,  there may be an addiction, or one soul may be more spiritually advanced than the other. And the last one(one is more advanced), is usually the norm. But here’s the catch, you can’t help but be drawn together, and the Universe is usually responsible in some way, shape or form.

I know my twin flame.  I’m not sure why i recognized him;  not only did I recognize him, I remembered our last life together.  You see, twin flames can also be soulmates, and pop in and out of your lives vicariously.  I know mine has.

I consider myself the together one;  I am dependable, hardworking, straight thinking, while my twin flame is a total flighty, emotional, wreck. (I bet he’s reading this!).  But we have some of the most uncanny similarities that it is scary.  Look at my list.  There is NO way we are not one.

  1.  Both are teachers.
  2. Both love animals.
  3. . Same favorite color.
  4. Both left-handed.
  5. Everything in our lives always happens parallel, if even our pets dying.
  6. Spouses work the same jobs.
  7. We can talk for hours and it seems like minutes.
  8. He can think of me and I just kinda ‘show up’ where he is.
  9. I can see feel and taste whatever he is doing at the moment I think of him.
  10. Creatuve artists.

And the list goes, on and on, and on, and……But there are some differences that I think are interesting that often pop up in other twin flame relationships.

  1.  We come from different cultures.
  2. He is nothing I would have ever been attracted to.
  3. Almost too similar to get along with.

But I recognize him, I’m not sure how.  As a psychic I’ve had past-life regression and we remember everything, in uncanny detail.  I even remember the last name, the dates, and the town we lived in. Now why is he here?

I’ve come upon the conclusion that we are to open a healing center.  I’m sure of it.  To help mankind.  What I’ve decided is that I’ll let the Universe lay out the logistics.  Not sure yet.   I decided to let go and let God. I guess that’s all I can do.

What I want to know is if there are any of you who have a twin flame?  How do you know?  What is your mission? Do you feel that strong connection, and is it within the constraints of a romantic or platonic relationship?  Are they related to you?  What are some ways you know? Send me a message, I’d like to know!


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