Finding Crystals that Work for You,, Without Crossing Out Each Other’s Potency

20190713_153324.jpgHowdy. y’all from the Deep south of Fort Myers, Fla.(Notice that Southern Accent!, lol). I hope y’all are awesome!  I just had all this time on vacation, and thought I’d write A little bit about my life and things that happen as a psychic so that you can attune your life in the same way.

A few months back, I had a reading done with a friend who suggested certain crystals for me.    I have been going through certain things personally, and certain crystals have been used.  Crystals really do work;  I used to be the biggest skeptic, but if crystals can conduct electricity in computers, of course they will work on a human body, which is mostly electricity.  All crystals give off different frequencies and each type is needed for different times or stressors in your life. The crystal combinations needed come from suggestions from your guides, angels and deceased family members, and is related to the reader. I’ve been trying to shut off some negativity lately, and was wearing some negative absorption stones, mainly, Black Tourmaline, Jet and some Aqua Aura.  But they didn’t seem to work when I was reading.  I was still absorbing negative energy from somewhere. I felt anxious and ‘out of sorts’.  So my friend told me to take off all my stones, and switched them slightly.  I went to Onyx, Shungite and Coral.

I didn’t notice anything really different until I had no stones on for awhile.  I bought a new piece of Onyx and put it on, and got dizzy and nearly fainted.  Yes, Onyx is one of my stones.  It may change later, but has helped keep me grounded.  So how do you know which stones to wear? There are a few ways.

  1.  Have a crystal reader give you a list of the stones you need.I know several psychics who can do that for you, as well as myself. (Remember I can read for others, but no necessarily for myself.) Readers can also give  you a list on what you are going through at the present time.
  2. Do a meditation and listen to yourself. You will know which stones you may need by the ones you are attracted to.  Then look up the properties.  Make sure that those stones don’t cancel out the other stone’s ability.
  3. Learn the properties of the stones.  That’s one quick way.  I had to go and relearn which stones cancel each other out.  I didn’t realize a couple of my stones weren’t even working because of this.

I hope you stay healthy and grounded.  Keeping using what works, and if you need help, visit my website, for a reading or more information.

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