Are You Afraid to Use Your Gifts?

Howdy, everybody…I hope you are great. I’ve been busy starting my youtube channel, Tiktok and  podcast, Metaphysical Meanderings. It’s approaching 1 million listeners. Go figure.

I wanna talk to YOU about our gifts. We were given them to us by God, right? I have found many, many people who are terrified of these special talents, like seeing spirits, making predictions and healing others. No joke, most are afraid,even though these gifts of spirit are mentioned the very place that many say are evil abilities. A little contradictory, isn’t it? And this fear is drilled into especially if we are raised in super religious right-wing Christian homes like myself. It took me quite awhile to release my fear, but you too, can release the the fear, find your voice and use YOUR talent. You just need to find a way.

So here’s the deal: you can get rid of the fear in three ways; 1. Letting go of what people think, and 2. Surround yourself with like-minded people, and 3.  Quit set limiting beliefs on yourself and your talent and trust source.

Firstly, your ego gets in the way. We, as humans, have a huge ego that is formed by the way we think. This is formed by people telling us what to think which forms who we are and the roles we play. How freeing is it to not care what people think? That is how we grow. Our ego becomes independent on what people would say or do, and we are able truly glorify our Higher Power, not humans by using our talents. God wouldn’t wouldn’t have given us our talents if he didn’t want us to use them.

Which brings up the other issue: our beliefs. Most of us were raised to believe healing and seeing spirits is evil. Many religions teach that, mainly the mainstream ones.  Well, they need to get over themselves. I personally don’t believe in Satan( yes, there is evil, but those have turned from the light of God). But if you wanna throw a question back at people who practice organized religion, ask them this: God created everything, how can Satan, an angel,create anything? (He’s only an angel and angels can’t create.)

Fear is a mighty thing; it keeps us from our goals, it keeps us under control.( You know, organized religion and the fear of hell).

The truth of the matter is that if we had no fear, we can accomplish anything! That’s our main block; fear of owning our own power and the fear that our gifts are somehow “wrong”. Organized religion wants to control us. If we know our own power, organized religion has lost it’s power.

1. Quit worrying what others think. I let that one go a long time ago! If you only know how many trolls have preached at me about going to Hellon my Social Media, it would be laughable. What this actually reveals is that people who try to force people to believe as they do are unevolved and actually live in fear themselves. Their fear is anyone or anything different than themselves. Say nothing to these people and give them no fuel. Quit thinking, “What is my family going to say? What if these people don’t believe me? Do they think I’m crazy?” These are thoughts I’ve often processed myself. Don’t give these people and thoughts fuel. I know it seems hard, but a little at a time and it gets easier.

2. Surround yourself with like minded people. Now I don’t mean people who actually believe like you do;  that can actually be detrimental to your growth.( alway be an eternal student, learning from others!).The like minded people I mean is those who know they are spiritual beings with much yet to learn and are always trying to grow! These people will ALWAYS be encouraging and accepting who you are. These people may even guide you and help you point out your gifts.

3.  Quit setting your limiting beliefs, i.e., lacking your confidence. This is the biggest fear to overcome; truly trusting yourself.  This is how I’ve done this; I have complete faith in the otherside. Truly knowing that spirit has never let you down is the biggest confidence booster there is. How do you get this? Faith. Remember the old adage, Faith can move Mountains? It can and it will! Try with little things first; ask for assistance, say please and thank you. Pray to angels. Use your gifts minutely and grow them gradually. Do your gifts freely for others without expecting any return. And keep at it even when discoraged( trust me, that will happen!) But here we go again; surround yourself with like-minded people.

You can do this! Just release your fear and to those spiritual beliefs of xours. God meant for you to use them!


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