Does Your limiting beliefs Limit You?

Hello readers…..sorry I haven’t been on here, but I’ve been busy on youtube( Lana-The Comedian Medium). Thiught I’d share some blogging time with you.

Have you ever thought something was true, when it wasn”t, or Visa versa? Well, I’ll share an experience with you, and maybe you can identify.

I thought I had a twinflame. I was sure of it. All the signs were there. I KNEW that I had known him before; I had past-life regression and could remember him. He just had to be my true twinflame. He just had to be; all the similarities, coincidences, they all added up. At least in my perception.

But there were little things; callousness, never thinking about my feelings, narcissism. But I chose not to see them. Because I believed him to be my twinflame, I never saw the nasty, thoughtless things he did. I kept on believing we were perfect for each other Despite obvious issues in the relationship.

Then he moved away without telling me. I was heartbroken that he didn’t even have the balls to saying anything. He’d move away, and come back, three different times. I always let him get me excited about something, then he’d leave.

One day, I finally woke up.Maybe he wasn’t my twinflame. Maybe I had made too much about this whole thing. Slowly, the lightbulb came on. I had created this scenario in my mind. This relationship never existed.Yes, my concept of my relationship had created something that wasn’t even there.

I always made excuses, I always justified his crappy behavior. Could he be my twinflame? Yes, there could be a chance, but by my sgetting my beliefs in way that I did, I allowed him to treat me like garbage for years, instead of cutting him out of my life years ago, like I have done now.

Do you have a limiting belief? One tthat has kept you miserable? Why is it there? Is the belief imposed on yout by your family or religious beliefs? How has it hindered you? Tthese are things to think about, and to let go of. I did and my life seems much bettet.


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