Keeping the Faith: Staying with your Beliefs Regardless of Criticism

20181021_162434I started going live recently on social media, to much success, to my surprise. I knew that I’d be ‘putting myself out there”, and it has taken all of my 52 years to learn how to keep my beliefs intact, and keep trudging on with my own truth.
The truth is and I am still mystified why, most people think they are right, and every one else is wrong when it comes to religion and spiritual beliefs. This is something that I know I’ve been working on; not pushing my beliefs on anyone. Yes. I blog and do readings, I give workshops and teach classes, nut here’s there real difference; I don’t PUSH my beliefs on anyone, and if you don’t believe like I do, that’s great. You don’t need to read what I write or watch my broadcasts.

Case in point, I did a live broadcast last week. I saw a nay-sayer get online to watch me. I knew he said nothing, and I knew he had made a few random negative comments to me before. He watched me for about a half an hour. He then sent me this long, drawn out message about me believing in what I do is stupid, and then saying no one has ever proven it, citing people who have offered a million dollars to prove psychic or mediumship ability. He then ranted about how I said that I have the ability to influence people, I have way too much power. In my broadcast, I mentioned that my daughter waited until my granddaughter was five for immunizations. I never said good or bad, but more independent research needs to be done. He ranted about that and how he has an autistic son.

I stayed very calm as I read this. My response:

Thank you SO much for your opinion. I’m glad that I made you feel comfortable enough to contact me. I’m, sorry that you child has autism; I have been teaching for many years and understand the frustration. As far as me proving my ability; you can ask some of my clients for verification to my abilities, however; I have nothing to prove. As far as having power over others, I am aware of the tremendous power I have to help, heal and listen to others. It is a great responsibility that I do not take lightly.
I charge little to nothing, often giving my help for free, so there really is no ulterior motive. This is my life’s purpose; and although you don’t ‘believe’ in what I do, I will not stop life’s my purpose. If you don’t like this, you can not watch or read what I write.

Thank you and God bless,


Well, he defriended me after that, which is ok for me. I could’ve defriended him first, but I did;t. I am here to help others. I try not think my way is right. I do truly believe that there are many pathways to God and i try to keep an open mind and learn something new. But with those who are closed, it’s not worth arguing. They have made up their minds, and nothing will change that. I can’t waste my time on that. I have people to help.

It is hard not being in the mainstream religious beliefs. But this is truth, and I am to willing to change. I feel that my ideals are right and right for me. Everyone is in a different place. I will not say that I am more ‘evolved’ that they are, but I do think about my religion daily, and it is my truth. Everyone believes what is right for them, however, forcing your beliefs on someone else because you believe you are right, is beyond wrong.

If you are reading this, obviously, you are probably open-minded and have broken off from mainstream religions, thoughts and ideals. Either, way, it’s ok, I will not judge, as long as I am able to practice my beliefs(something that seems to becoming a rarity in a free country) for some reason. Stay true to YOU, your soul knows the way. I have to go now. I have people to help.


Are Coincidences Really Coincidences?

So I’ve been doing live broadcasts on social media, and I’ve received a lot of interesting questions that I’m going to address. One question that keeps coming up repeatedly is; “Why is it that I think about someone and then they contact me me, sometimes when we haven’t seen each other in ten years, but that person just calls me?”

There are many things at play here; you are manifesting them by thinking about them, you are connecting across the planes of existence(because we are connected by soul family silver threads), and you are also visiting them on the astral plane.

Manifesting is much easier than we think. Thoughts are things, and we can make things happen. It only makes sense. We are a piece of God, and God creates, so in our own lives we too, can create. God has given us much more power than we think.

Another way we may be connecting with others is through the silver thread. The silver thread or cord, is a very thin, silvery thread that connects our souls together. The connection to our physical body to one another is found near the solar plexus. This is even biblical. We have vords to our bodies, and cords to people. Some cords to people can be cut, but more often than not, they remain. That’s why these people in your life, for good or bad, hang around.Now like I said these CAN BE cut, but it’s diificult and are also cut when we or someone else dies. I remrmber when my mom died: I didn’t know she had a massive heart attack, but I felt severe stomach pains and pulled my car over and threw up the moment the cord was cut.

The third reason you’re probably connecting with the person,is due to you visiting them on the astral plane. We do this often, and we pay visits to people we cannot remember while awake. You may have visited them and you both agreed to talk during the day.

So to make a long story short, you are creating this meeting in some way. There truly no coincidences. Here’s something to try the next time you see a weird coincidence: write down all detailstye_dye_cloverstar-8339d89e-56b9-3dec-9659-88a066aa05db4311479890048947336.jpg about the coincidence or meeting, like time, date, locatoon. I bet it will jog your memory of your astral visit or even a karmic relationship from another life. You will see and remember a pattern. Coincidences just don’t exist.

Ginger: A Miracle Cure?

So I’ve been having some stomach problems. I was dumb enough to get a lapband put in nine years ago. Sure didn’t help me lose weight, but has torn up my stomach.

I’ve been reading about Ginger. I ‘ve been taking Ashwagandha, and it has been helping a lot with anxiety. I have heard that Ginger is good for your stomach. I know I was given Gingerale when my stomach was upset as a kid, and it worked.

So I bought some in a pill form. Supposedly Ginger is good for inflammation, bloodsugar, and stomach problems. I took two pills and went to bed…….and it worked.

It didn’t work like I was hoping, totally.. The ginger actually upset my stomach, which can be a side effect. But here’s how it worked for me. I woke up with absolutely no pain.

Now I’m healthy, but as I’ve aged, I wake up with a back ache and knee ache almost every morning. I awoke, and had no pain at all. It actually worked that fast. And as we speak, no knee pain at the least.

Ginger is a very interesting herb. It treats inflammation, which means, it treats osteoarthritis, as in my case. It also helps blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol. It’s pretty cool.

Now for me, since it upsets my stomach a little, I’m still trying to find out what to take it with.(Any suggestions out there?)

Anyways. I now know that ginger keeps me out of pain, and has become one of my ‘go to’ herbs. Try it, what can it hurt?

Cooking and Spirituality

Thanksgiving. Ideas of friends and family, cooking for everyone, making sure everything tastes just right.  Yeah, that is soulful, to say the least. It can be spiritual, but I think people forget HOW spiritual.  If they would use their spirit to cook, I think it wouldn’t be so hard for people to cook.  Yeah, some people don’t like to cook. I personally hate house chores, but love to cook.  I think people would love  cooking more and be better cooks if they would view cooking differently.

  1.  Everything that you eat has once been alive, or has come from a living entity.  Think about it; everything has been alive, and must die for you to live.  Even that crap snacks with the thirty letter long ingredients has come (somehow), from the earth. That is very humbling when you think about it. It literally makes us part of the Earth.  By giving credit for those things, it places more importance on the things and foods we cook, in essence, spirituality.
  2. Food feeds you, both in body and spirit. We all know ‘you are what you eat’, but has it occurred that t feeds your mental health and spirit just as much?  Try eating nothing but donuts for a week, and see if you don’t know what I mean.I don’t necessarily mean to eat totally organic, but fresh is best.
  3. Connecting spiritually with your food will allow you to cook better. I know that may sound absurd, but think about it; if we had better respect for our food and where it came from, we would be more selective in how to prepare and cook food. Viewing food as an actual PART of our bodies, would allow great care to go into the preparation. Just ‘food’ for thought(pun intended).
  4. Make cooking part of a ritual.  I know we are way too busy, nowadays, but why not take one afternoon, cook some meals and freeze them or put them in the frog? People are creatures of habit; if one were to create sacred space and time every day or week to cook, is this not the same as meditation?
  5. Learn from others, especially generational if possible. Have an older person teach you anything new.  Set aside some time, maybe a half hour per week.  Ask an older neighbor about recipes, ask a mom, grandma or dad.  Do you see the spirituality connection here?  Connecting your soul with others is vital to both your well-beings.

So these are just some ideas I’ve been thinking of.  Below I will share a good and very simple recipe that I just picked up from somewhere.  My family loved it and how simple and delicious!


1 can creamed corn
1 can kernel corn
1 box corn bread
1 cup chopped green pepper(optional)

Mix green pepper, and cans of corn together. Drop in corn bread. Mix together. 20181020_1347437

The Key to Happiness: It’s Simpler than You Think

20181119_072420-4.jpgSO I recently went and had my aura photographed.  I haven’t had to done on awhile, so I thought I’d like to see what it looked like.  For the people who have never had it done, it is sometimes called Kirilian photography.  For those who are skeptical, this method was actually developed by Thomas Edison, who was a firm believer in ‘catching’ your aura, or the energy pictures around your body.

Anyways, I went in, and had it done.  First of all, I am adamant about the aura being your favorite color.  I KNOW I’m right.  In previous blogs, I wrote about this, and yes, I can tell you your favorite color, by feeling your aura. Anyways, I’ve gone in many times and yes, your aura changes from minute to minute, but there is an overall color and theme that is related to these colors and chakras.

Chakras are the energy centers of your body; there are seven, all different colors and vibrations.  Ever feel queasy in your stomach, or hear people say, ‘gut’ instinct?    That is your solar plexus chakra, it’s the seat of the soul.   Ever feel like a ‘frog; was in your throat, when you wanted to talk, but couldn’t?  That’s your throat chakra, and it’s closed.  It will make you stammer,  and not be able to talk(for various reasons, but I’ll touch on that later).

So let me get back to what I was saying about happiness.  When I had my chakra picture done(you can see this for yourself), all the chakras were pretty round, and all within the 50th percentile.  The photographer asked me, “Wow, you must be a pretty happy person.  Are YOU?”

Well, not always, but now I am.  I have reduced my stress, am on a great hormonal balancing natural medicine called Ashwagandha, and have been spending more time recently doing things that I love(mostly outdoors on my farm, and recovering from an injury).  I am post-menopausal, and my body has settled into a rhythm.  No one has been taking advantage me, and I have been ‘sticking’ to my organic diet and mostly chemical-free household as much as I can.

This was truly my ‘aha’ moment.  Putting two and two together, I have come to this conclusion from all of this; by keeping one’s energy balanced throughout the body, and keeping things pure and simple, this is what happiness truly is.  It seems to simple, doesn’t it?

But, I know for a fact, no one will not be totally happy 100% of the time.  Stress will come up, things will go wrong, we will lose our temper, we are human.  But the OVERALL theme is happiness.  Happiness makes these small setbacks seem just that, small setbacks.

We as people are told that happiness is a state of mind many times. So what I am learning is   by balancing energy with the physical body and using the mind, one can create happiness.  So, by consciously trying to keep those chakras ‘balanced’ throughout the day, this, too will lead to happiness. Yep, Simple.

It’s not always easy  though.  Getting angry puts your heart Chakra out of balance.  Anxiety puts your solar plexus out of balance.  But being conscious of it, helps keep things calm.  I know it does, because after 50 years of being unhappy, I’m finally beginning to get it right.

Try it for a couple days. Concentrate on one of your chakras, and try to keep it moving and controlled. Concentatrate, and see. I bet this will help make you happier, or at least, more content.

Synesthesia: Is this Actually a Label for Empath and Psychics in Psychology?

20170721_114721Synesthesia: The production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.

Good day fellow empaths, psychics and truth seekers, I’m going to write to you about a ‘disorder’ that we Empaths have, and to be honest, it’s not really a ‘disorder’ at all. Synesthesia, as stated in layman’s terms is basically having an extra sense, or a sense that comes with some ‘fringe’ benefits.

Synesthesia is basically seeing music, or tasting words.  It’s an extra sense that’s ‘added’ to our other five.  I find it interesting, that much of science does identify people with psychic ability as the 6th sense, so here is my question; Are these other abilities thought of as the seventh and eighth? And a better question, are these people who have this, are they also empaths and psychics?  After talking to many empaths and psychics, I believe this to be true.

Let me elaborate.  There are certain characteristics to people who have synesthesia.  One characteristic is that these people are 2x more often are left-handed females. And as we know, right-brained dominant people have a tendency to be more creative and more often psychic. In studies, psychic people were found to have an active right parahippocampal gyrus(NIMHN, 2009). SO, yes, the psychics are actually using an often unused part of the right hemisphere of the brain.  Also, more women happen to have psychic abilities.  Putting that together, I believe without jumping to conclusions, that we empaths and psychics are also synesthetics, and not even aware of it. I know I am.  I thought everyone could see and feel what I feel, and I thought it was no big deal.  I didn’t even know it had a name.

You see, I sometimes see auras, but I feel them and can tell you about yourself, based on this.  So I can ‘feel’ your favorite color, which is usually your aura(although not always.)  I used to  use this ‘gift’ as a party trick, and to impress my art students in my class.  I could go down the row of students, and ‘guess’ their favorite ‘ color.  I still am not sure how I do this.  I just can.  I make a mistake very once in awhile, but I am 90% or more accurate, just like when I do a psychic reading. People find it amazing, and I just laugh.  I just know that those people are ‘pink’, or they are ‘orange’. I can also tell them about their lives, etc., and do a reading for them. I am told, according to a test I took, that I am linking personalities to color, which is a type of this disorder, but I’d like to think I am a psychic with a job to complete by helping others.

What I think that bothers me about giving my ‘gift’ a name, is that they call it a ‘disorder.’  What an insult!!!!!  That makes me angry and frustrated.  People who don’t have these gifts don’t understand that we psychics are here to help, and yes, we don’t think like many others.  What I think is happening is that we are ‘overlapping our senses.  It’s part of our life, and we know no different. I think that this disorder, should include mediumship also, in it’s ‘types’.  Think about it; you mention as past family member, and you can suddenly  ‘see’ them.  Hhhhhmmmmm, food for thought, isn’t it? They have also proven in studies, that people who have synesthesia have better memories and are more intelligent than those who do not have it(UC, 2004). Maybe these people(like me) are using more of their brain, much like a psychic or medium does, and probably have these abilities. So you can see how things overlap.

Do you have one of these ‘extra’ gifts?  I will list a few here for you to identify, according to the studies done;  but you might have one that is not even on here.  I bet you are also an Empath, or Psychic. If so, email me.  I’d like to hear from you. You can also visit, and take a test.

  1. “Taste” words which roll off the tongue like eating.
  2. “See” music in colors and shapes.
  3. “Feel” sensations on their skin when they smell certain scents.
  4. Can ‘see’ abstract concepts. (I think this is psychic ability).
  5. “Hear’ pictures.
  6. ‘See’ personalities of people in color.( I do this.)
  7.  Mirror image of touch on your body when you touch another.

There are many other ‘extra’ types of this.  Maybe you have one and don’t even know what a true gift you have!  Blessings.


Ashwagandha: It Has Saved My Life

20181021_162434Turmeric, Turmeric, Turmeric, that’s all we hear nowadays.  It seems to be a ‘cure all’ for everything ailing you.  Now studies are coming out against it.  But I am going to tell you about the best little secret that has done wonders for me, and everyone is the world needs to be on it.

Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb from India.  It’s sometimes even called “India Ginseng.”  It’s becoming more well known, and what I can’t figure out, is why has it exploded onto the market?  Could it be pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know?

Here’s some of Ashwagandha’s benefits. Look at this List!!!!

  1.  Reduces stress;  lowers cortisol, the stress hormone.
  2. Helps manage blood sugar and insulin; it lowers cortisol, which affects blood sugar.
  3. Strengthens the thyroid by supporting the adrenal glands.
  4. Reduces anxiety; due to decrease in adrenaline in the body.
  5. Reduces depression, and stabilizes mood.
  6. Acts as an adaptogen, helping to stabilize the body during hormonal influxes.
  7. Neutralizes free radicals(may block cancer).
  8. Boosts the immune system.
  9. Reduces inflammation and joint pain.
  10. Boosts testosterone in men, increasing healthy sperm.
  11. Helps correct erectile disfunction.
  12. Increases libido in both males and females.
  13. May cause some weight loss.
  14. Helps you sleep.
  15. Clears muddy thinking.
  16. No known side-effects.
  17. It’s cheap.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I know for a fact, IT DOES WORK!!!!!!  I am post menopausal and my acupuncturist told me to try it, and I have to say it has changed me life so much for the better, I cannot even tell you.

Firstly, I’m not sure if it’s because I am an intuitive or not(I heard that lefties are touchy with meds), but I just can’t take anything. It affects me differently than most people, and I need to be careful how much I take. I tried Holy Basil, (for depression and anxiety), I tried Soy(found out I’m allergic), tried every know thing under the sun,and then I finally tried Ashwaghanda, the miracle herb.  AND IT WORKED!!!! Within hours, my depression and anxiety were gone, something that hung like a dark cloud over me since menopause.   was actually happy, almost giddy, and for NO REASON. I hadn’t experienced this for many years. Mostly what this herb did for me, though, was to help me sleep through the night, something I hadn’t experienced since my mid-thirties.  That is its own right enhanced my mood. It also help my blood sugar.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I know for a fact my blood sugar was rising slowly with age.  I am pre-diabetic, and I am aware of it.  I must pee three to four times per night.  Not only that, if I get upset in any way, now that I’m older, my body will shake and ‘jump’, waking me up every 1.5 to 2 hours.  It was my own kind of hell.  I now take  Ashwagandha before I go to bed, and this is NEARLY GONE.  I can’t say 100%, but 95% is so much better than what I had been going through. I feel happy, and that life is a good thing. And my blood sugar has gone down.  Not a lot but 10 points in my case is a LOT to me. especially when you are right on the edge of a disorder.

I also have been identified with adrenal fatigue, which seems to be under control presently. It’s kinda like my mind is clear, and life has slowed down in a pleasant way.  Who knew a simple herb could do this for me?

This is how I do it, and it may or may not work for you.  I take two 800mg before bed with some magnesium(helps you sleep), and in the morning, I take 2 800 mg in the morning.  I can actually tell when I have forgotten to take them, I start feeling anxious and my body starts the ‘jerking’, which I now know to be anxiety.

So far, with my excising, a leto-type diet and Ashwagandha, I’ve lost 30 lbs.  Maybe this could work for you.  I’d like to hear about your successes!  Blessings to you all.