The Difference Between Soulmates, Twin Souls and Twinflames Explained

Hello everyone, been gone due to the extremes in weather….it’s -32 here, and trying to keep my animals alive and warm! I hope everyone is well, and I will say prayers for all of you.

I’ve been asked many times certain things, and honestly, I admit the more I learn the more I realize that I have much more to learn! Many people ask me questions, and I reply with what I know. Because not many people have met their twin-flame, and I have(at least I believe so), they want to know the differences between them, and how to know. SO I am going to explain them in terms that everyone I believe can understand.

The Silver Cord

Firstly, we are all attached to our soulmates, twin souls and twin flmaes by a silver cord. (This is biblical, if you want to look it up).  That’s why we feel so bad when someone finally ‘cuts’ our cords;  I know that when my mom died, I pulled over to the side of the road and threw up, even though I didn’t know she died.  Our cords were cut. You have many many cords with all of these people, and some cords are much thicker than others, especially a twin soul or twin flame connection.  And by-the-way, the cords connect right near your navel, you know, the place that we often get that ‘gut’ feeling?  Yeah that’s right, that is the seat of your soul.

Soul Mates/ Soul Family

I understand and accept that we have lived before.  I was not raised that wya, but throughout my life and exploration, I’ve realized that we have so many lessons to learn, that we live many, many times.  I truly believe that we can’t experience all of our lessons that we need to learn to become God-like as possible, so we come back multiple times to learn what we can.  And if we are doing this, so are thousands and thousands of people who we’ve been with before, experiencing the same things, each with their own mission and lessons.  These people you reincarnate are part of your soul family. These could be your brother, sister, grandparents, moms, dads, friends or spouses.  They could even be your enemies! We all have a group of people that we choose to reincarnate with, over and over.  Many people believe that our as soul family, we were all created by God at the same time, in about 2000 people or so at a time.  We can interact with other soul families, even having friends, and even mates, but these 2000 or so people are the ones that we have mostly lived most of our lives with, and have karma, for good for for bad.   I personally have and recognize people in my soul family, but as a medium and psychic, I interact with other soul families, and begin to have karma with them also, so my family is growing.

Now these people are soul mates.  You may hate them, or love them, but they are there to teach you a lesson, or to balance out your karma. the old adage “What goes around, comes around.” is evident here.  I know I have a few people that have non-stopped bullying me, and I often wonder if it’s not payback from another life.  And if not, I guess, I’ll pay it back next time!

Twin Souls:  Your kindred spirits

Twin souls are another thing.  They are people we’ve shared many, many similar experiences together.  Twin souls have the same resonance.  Someone may find that they have an uncanny similarity to that person.  They may have had the same experiences, likes, dislikes, dreams and aspirations. One often feels like they ‘know’ this person. (And they are right, they do!).  The two have spent so many lifetimes together, they have pretty much the same imprint of their souls.  You do have a ‘kindred spirit’ kind of connection, and you usually like or even love that person.  It can be of either sex, and can even be your parent, or relative, or just best friend.

Twin Flames:  The Greatest Love of ALL

‘In the beginning, God created male and female, and blessed them.’ We all know that story of creation, but many people don’t quite get the whole thing.  God created us as a whole, and then split us into female and male energies.  (I believe that is what marriage is supposed to mimic, the twin flame connection). Some people don’t believe this, but I do, because I have met my twin flame. Most of the time, your twin flame is on the other side, acting as a person’s guide.  It’s quite rare to meet them face-to-face. There’s a reason why the two of you come together in this lifetimes; it’s to make the world a better place, to do something for the betterment of Earth or mankind.But there is a catch; sometimes the energy is so intense, that the two of you cannot get together to complete your task.

Twin flames are the most difficult relationship you will ever experience.  You are supposed to be effortless, but I have found that not to be true because of all of the karma from other lives.  You are supposed to come together for the benefit of mankind, but it seems that one of the tow is more evolved than the other, and constantly tries to help elevate the weaker one with their issues.  The true purpose of twin flames is to eventually entwine and be reabsorbed back to the God-head. Your souls are so connected, you can’t get away or hide from them.  You basically have an agenda with them. But they may have issues to work out to catch up to you.

I know that my twin flame is an alcoholic.  I love him so much, I cannot describe it.  Am I married to him?  No, I am married to a soulmate.  I love my husband, but I am fully  aware of our karma. But I KNOW for a fact, that my twin flame has his own demons to deal with. Matter-of-fact, so twinflames can eventually join, they must be in the same place spiritually. I’ve already experienced addiction in another lifetime. Now it’s his turn. It’s also not uncommon to have one twinflame be much more’together’ than the other. Sometimes we offer support, sometimes we don’t. Right now he is playing the ‘runbrr’, he can’t handle the intensity of our relationship, so he runs away. I ‘m sure he be back eventually.  He can’t stay away. The connection is too tense. I’ll just wait.

So as you can see, these three relationships are different and get confused easily. How do you know which is which? That’s a whole other blog page…..







Can Too Much Caffeine Really Kill You?


So, I am a coffeeaholic. I LOVE frozen mochas, frappes, and frappachinos. They have been my life. Up until my wonderful hormonal change and thyroid debacle.(I’m trying to treat this naturally, but I’m pretty sure I will be put on medicine. Ah,those genetics.) I was only drinking one per day, usually a Venti iced coffee in the morning to wake me up.

Over the last couple of years, I have lost my ability to sleep. I just can’t sleep through the night anymore, be it from having to go to the bathroom, or ‘jerking’ awake. I blamed it on stress. It had to be that, right?

I’ve been lucky to never have high blood pressure. It’s always been very low. But with all this hormonal stuff going on, and the lack of sleep, I started developing high blood pressure, and began getting dizzy. It was high enough that it scared me. I slowly got off my caffeine, figuring it wasn’t helping with my anxiety, either.

These are the things that happened after I quit coffee. I was surprised how small they were. PAY ATTENTION TO YOURSELF! I am convinced that caffeine can cause all types of problems you don’t even realize. It not only raises your blood pressure, but other things as well.

1. Hair grows in better; caffeine gets locked in the hair follicles and causes frizziness and breakage. It’s also thicker, and shinier.

2. Dehydration, which can make one look older, and possibly even a heart attack!

3. Anxiety(of course).

4. May change the medicine requirements that one is taking and their effectiveness.

5. Cause heart palpitations, which can eventually cause a stroke!

6. Causes adrenalin fatigue, which causes a myriad of hormonal problems.( Visit a website for more info.)

7. Can increase cortisol(can also be from adrenalin fatigue also), which can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

8. Better, more sound sleep.

So do you think that caffeine is so harmless? I admit, I still drink iced tea, which of course, has a small amount of caffeine, but never again will I drink large amounts again. Actually, it has approximately 1/4 as much as coffee. (I only drink some tea occasionally with my meals.) And you know what? I DO feel better, and my mind doesn’t need the ‘rush’ in the morning any longer. Try it for a month, I bet you will feel better!

Solving Anxiety with the Simplest Cure ever!!!


So, since going through my hormone changes, my body is definitely not the same. It actually sucks, but getting older usually does. I’ve been taking some supplements from one of my Acupuncturists, and they did help with my anxiety and depression. I know that anxiety is especially the worst at Winter, when I just don’t get enough sunlight. I also supplement myself with B12 and D3 shots every month or two. That does help. But I found something that works every time for me, and the doctors don’t want you to know about it. Its even lowers my blood pressure(It’s not really high, but a little as I’ve gotten older.) The secret is simple as an orange.

Let me reiterate on this. Doctors do NOT want you to know, and to be honest, when they’ve seen my numbers come down so drastically, they can’t believe it either. (That’s because they’ve been bought out by pharmaceuticals, but that’s a different blog). I’m sure you have this simple remedy in your home already; vitamin C.

I’m not sure why people don’t know more about this. There are so many studies done on this, it’s unbelievable. Just eating an orange reduces cortisol and increases dopamine(Psychology Today, June 9th, 2018). And many people THINK they are getting enough by taking a multivitamin, but I will say this to you, you need vitamin C in a LIQUID form. Pills only absorb at about 30% in the stomach and then are passed through. Don’t take it either in orangejuice; there is too much sugar. Just plain, ordinary vitamin C liquid. It can be added to water or tea.

But how much is too much? Even though vitamin C is water soluble, meaning that you pass out the excess, too much has been linked to kidney stones. There needs to be just enough for overall health. I personally drink one teaspoon per day, which is the equivalent to approximately 500mm. And I will tell you folks, IT WORKS!!!!!!

Now think about this logically, from an educated mind. Vitamin C comes from some of the best plants on the planet. It floods your body with anti-oxidants. Some people even say prevents cancer(ScienceDaily, 2009). It also lowers blood pressure, by helping to soften arteries. Wow, something that simple can be a huge benefit?

So just try this for a week or two; buy some liquid Vitamin C, and keep track of your anxiety and blood pressure, I bet you will watch it lower. I kept a log and watched my blood pressure come down 30 points! It’s so much worth it to at least try.

Gardening With Reiki: The Ultimate Way to Use Reiki on Plants and Yourself

downloadfileI’ve always had a grrenthumb. Even as a little girl, as my grandma was teaching me things about planting, I loved being outside and watching things grow. I could take anyone’s sick plant and make it better. Now I’m not perfect; I lose a plant here or there, but overall, everything grows exponentially(except, Bonsai, I have trouble with those!) Even outside, most of my gardening and plants kinda ‘get outta control.” Yes, I have a greenthumb.

Studies have proven that ‘greenthumbs’ do exist. People who are good with plants actually give off an energy from their hands, that make plants grow. They have even taken Kirilian photographs of ‘greenthumbers’ and verified this.

Now to Reiki. Reiki is simply ‘hands-on healing.’ Reiki practitioners give off energy from their hands, much like green thumbers. So to make a long story short or make a conclusion, like my high school English said, Reiki people are healing people, and possibly are healing pants, and making them grow.Moreover, can this healing energy be used to heal themselves through growing healthy, beautiful vegetables. I know we can, and we should all be concnetrating on it.

My thought here is not all Reiki healers are greenthumbs, and not all greenthumbs are Reiki healers. But I bet there are many, many who are. I’ve been taught that we can do Reiki on oursleves, through touch. How about using Reiki to grow your, nutritious food? How better to heal your body than through that? That is the ultimate way to take care of yourself.

Right now, I’m doing a little experiment. I want to see for myself if this is true. I have two control plants. They are in my house, getting the same about of light and water. One, I am using Reiki, one I am not. Yes, I am seeing a difference. I will write another article when the full experiment os finished.

But all’s I’m saying is to think about it; what better to honor yourself, and others than growing your own food. Think about the love and care for others put into the food. Things hold energy. How about love and kindness in let’s say, a tomato? We know that objects hold positive and negative energy. What about our food? Are we ingesting love or hate? Something to think about.

What do YOU think? Am I onto something? I think so. I’ll post the results of my experiment in about a month or so.

Visit me @, or I’d love to hear from you.

Sleep Apnea: Could You Have it and Test Negative?

Now you now all know me; I don’t just write about spiritual stuff. I’m also a health advisor, and alternative medicine aficionado. When I’m going through something, I might post it here also. That’s how I’m helping to use my wisdom to help others. It’s kinda my calling. Especially now as I age. The older I get, the more I realize how little I know! But my issues started a few years ago.

I started my dreaded hormonal changes at about 48, but wasn’t done until 51. My whole body changed. No wonder women refer to it as “The Change”. OMG!!!!! The thing I noticed mostly was that I just couldn’t handle stress anymore. This included working out heavily. My body would have an anxiety attack. I would shake and twitch, usually during the night, keeping me from sleeping. My heart also would skip. I’ve learned to just deal with it. I was told that is was menopause symptoms.

Around this time, I started losing my ability to stay asleep. I would only stay asleep for about 2 hours at a time, then awake up, get up for awhile and go to the bathroom.. I know my bloodsugar is a little high, which never was before, but I supposed that was from Menopause.

But then more reality hit. I started developing high blood pressure, something that was inconceivable to me. It was interesting though, I’d go in one day to the doctor, and it was low, then go in another day and it was fine. ANd this was same day, same stress. What was going on.

My doctor suggested sleep apnea. I thought maybe she was right. I know that many women start to suffer from this during Menopause. SO I went in for my tests. I was negative. So what was going on? So we go to six months later, not sleeping, and twitching every night.

This was about the time that I was also having trouble with my jaw. I have TMJ, from having a cross bite my whole life that my parents never corrected. It had gotten sore, from what, I’m not sure, but it affected my neck and made me sore often. So I bought a bite plate that pushed my jaw slightly forward, relieving my neck. I went to sleep that night. You guessed it; my twitching and anxiety stopped. I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. That simple. Matter-of-fact, I got so much oxygen I woke up in the middle of the night, a little dizzy and so full of energy, I couldn’t sleep! I slept 5 hours straight and felt like I slept 12 hours.

But, yet, my doctor told me nothing was wrong. All I can say is LISTEN TO YOURSELF! It is YOUR body. I knew something else was wrong, but didn’t know. It all makes sense now. Whenever I was stressed out, I would quit deep breathing and my oxygen would go down. No wonder meditation helped; it helped me pull in more oxygen. Wow, what a revelation. I think the lack of oxygen might be anxiety for many people.

So now I’m a waiting period, as I watch both my blood sugar and blood pressure go down. (Lack of oxygen affects these, also). I DO feel much better, and mind has cleared. And just think, I was told that these symptoms, like mind fog were part of menopause, when they were based on a lack of oxygen. I’m also on a diet, and starting to lose some weight. Who knew? Are you having some of these problems? Maybe it’s sleep apnea, or just not getting enough oxygen into your blood stream. Something to think about. I truly think this is what is wrong with most people in today’s world, and might be easy to solve.

Keeping the Faith: Staying with your Beliefs Regardless of Criticism

20181021_162434I started going live recently on social media, to much success, to my surprise. I knew that I’d be ‘putting myself out there”, and it has taken all of my 52 years to learn how to keep my beliefs intact, and keep trudging on with my own truth.
The truth is and I am still mystified why, most people think they are right, and every one else is wrong when it comes to religion and spiritual beliefs. This is something that I know I’ve been working on; not pushing my beliefs on anyone. Yes. I blog and do readings, I give workshops and teach classes, nut here’s there real difference; I don’t PUSH my beliefs on anyone, and if you don’t believe like I do, that’s great. You don’t need to read what I write or watch my broadcasts.

Case in point, I did a live broadcast last week. I saw a nay-sayer get online to watch me. I knew he said nothing, and I knew he had made a few random negative comments to me before. He watched me for about a half an hour. He then sent me this long, drawn out message about me believing in what I do is stupid, and then saying no one has ever proven it, citing people who have offered a million dollars to prove psychic or mediumship ability. He then ranted about how I said that I have the ability to influence people, I have way too much power. In my broadcast, I mentioned that my daughter waited until my granddaughter was five for immunizations. I never said good or bad, but more independent research needs to be done. He ranted about that and how he has an autistic son.

I stayed very calm as I read this. My response:

Thank you SO much for your opinion. I’m glad that I made you feel comfortable enough to contact me. I’m, sorry that you child has autism; I have been teaching for many years and understand the frustration. As far as me proving my ability; you can ask some of my clients for verification to my abilities, however; I have nothing to prove. As far as having power over others, I am aware of the tremendous power I have to help, heal and listen to others. It is a great responsibility that I do not take lightly.
I charge little to nothing, often giving my help for free, so there really is no ulterior motive. This is my life’s purpose; and although you don’t ‘believe’ in what I do, I will not stop life’s my purpose. If you don’t like this, you can not watch or read what I write.

Thank you and God bless,


Well, he defriended me after that, which is ok for me. I could’ve defriended him first, but I did;t. I am here to help others. I try not think my way is right. I do truly believe that there are many pathways to God and i try to keep an open mind and learn something new. But with those who are closed, it’s not worth arguing. They have made up their minds, and nothing will change that. I can’t waste my time on that. I have people to help.

It is hard not being in the mainstream religious beliefs. But this is truth, and I am to willing to change. I feel that my ideals are right and right for me. Everyone is in a different place. I will not say that I am more ‘evolved’ that they are, but I do think about my religion daily, and it is my truth. Everyone believes what is right for them, however, forcing your beliefs on someone else because you believe you are right, is beyond wrong.

If you are reading this, obviously, you are probably open-minded and have broken off from mainstream religions, thoughts and ideals. Either, way, it’s ok, I will not judge, as long as I am able to practice my beliefs(something that seems to becoming a rarity in a free country) for some reason. Stay true to YOU, your soul knows the way. I have to go now. I have people to help.

Are Coincidences Really Coincidences?

So I’ve been doing live broadcasts on social media, and I’ve received a lot of interesting questions that I’m going to address. One question that keeps coming up repeatedly is; “Why is it that I think about someone and then they contact me me, sometimes when we haven’t seen each other in ten years, but that person just calls me?”

There are many things at play here; you are manifesting them by thinking about them, you are connecting across the planes of existence(because we are connected by soul family silver threads), and you are also visiting them on the astral plane.

Manifesting is much easier than we think. Thoughts are things, and we can make things happen. It only makes sense. We are a piece of God, and God creates, so in our own lives we too, can create. God has given us much more power than we think.

Another way we may be connecting with others is through the silver thread. The silver thread or cord, is a very thin, silvery thread that connects our souls together. The connection to our physical body to one another is found near the solar plexus. This is even biblical. We have vords to our bodies, and cords to people. Some cords to people can be cut, but more often than not, they remain. That’s why these people in your life, for good or bad, hang around.Now like I said these CAN BE cut, but it’s diificult and are also cut when we or someone else dies. I remrmber when my mom died: I didn’t know she had a massive heart attack, but I felt severe stomach pains and pulled my car over and threw up the moment the cord was cut.

The third reason you’re probably connecting with the person,is due to you visiting them on the astral plane. We do this often, and we pay visits to people we cannot remember while awake. You may have visited them and you both agreed to talk during the day.

So to make a long story short, you are creating this meeting in some way. There truly no coincidences. Here’s something to try the next time you see a weird coincidence: write down all detailstye_dye_cloverstar-8339d89e-56b9-3dec-9659-88a066aa05db4311479890048947336.jpg about the coincidence or meeting, like time, date, locatoon. I bet it will jog your memory of your astral visit or even a karmic relationship from another life. You will see and remember a pattern. Coincidences just don’t exist.