Psychic Abilities at Halloween: Are They Stronger?

So this page has been lost for some reason, so here we go again, reposting this, or at least trying to remember it.

Halloween. It drums up visions of bats, cats, skeletons and witches, but is there more to the story? It makes me wonder, because personally, I’ve found it to be true.

Halloween’s tradition is set back many millennia, from druids and Celts. They not only worshipped the harvest, but also valued to changes of the seasons. But there is much more to this. I know that my abilities are even stronger during this time, and I am positive that our ancestors knew this also.

For me personally, my abilities ‘rev’ up around October 15th to November 15th. It’s very hard to turn it off. I am compelled to walk up to strangers and give them messages from their dead family, angels and spirit guides. I do a lot of readings at this time, and am completely open at this time. I give off so much energy, it gives me anxiety, which leads to depression. It is hard to control at times, and I know I’m not alone with this issue.

I have been told by other psychics that they experience the same thing, and that it is believed that the ‘veil’ between the worlds is thinner, as we change from Fall to Winter. Right now as I write this, my abilities just don’t want to turn off. I have to do many different things and be very vigilant during this time to keep the abilities under wraps and myself grounded. This is not the only time this happens; when it rain or snows my abilities are much more acute. I blame that on electricity and water that is being used as a conductor. But I if you are like me, it can be hard. I’ve found a few ways to keep me from getting too much info and energy, and I will share them with you.

Keeping Your Ability Under Control

  1. Do something relaxing, such as a hobby. It takes your mind off of the energy, ad calms you.
  2. Exercise. I am a big proponent for exercise; it solves most problems. Go for a walk, jog, SOMETHING. It really does help.
  3. Spend some time alone, meditating. For me, i go on a long walk in the woods, by myself. I feel totally clear after that.
  4. Do some volunteer work, not necessarily in the psychic realm. Good energy in, good energy out.
  5. Wear some stones. Find which works for you. Personally I wear a lot of onyx during this time.

So try some of these things if you are having the same problems. It will pass, and your energy will return to normal.


Like Bread and Butter: Reiki and the Empath

Good day all dear empaths, wishing a great day of care and love on our mission to make the world a better place.  For those who are reading this, I hope you are already aware that you are indeed, an empath.  If not, please feel free to take a quick empath quiz on my site You can find one on on of my pages, search empath test.

For the rest of us, gifted empathic beings, most of have heard about Reiki, but some of us  are unaware how important and beneficial it is to our abilities.  Reiki in simple terms is hands on healing. It is the very essence of a tiny piece of our higher being, used to help others heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Now, think how close that relates to our mission:  We can use this to help others, COMBINED with our empathic abilities and knowledge(I have yet to find an empath that DOESN”T have some type of psychic gift.) One accentuates the other, plain and simple.

I will not go into a long story about myself because I want to concentrate of each and every one of you, but I will state that I owe everything to Reiki.  Reiki helped to increase my psychic and mediumship abilities. I didn’t even know I had psychic abilities at the time I received Reiki training.  I was thirty, my mother had passed suddenly, and a friend talked me into a training session.  I always had been a little ‘different’, very sensitive, bullied often, and always wanted to help others even at a cost to myself, and could feel what other people felt. I went through the training and began ‘practicing’ on some ladies in my group.  By the end of the session, I read them, told them about their highest potential, their passed family and messages from their guides. WOW!  I even shocked myself! I think that I probably always had the ability, but Reiki helped me ‘fine tune’ everything and bring it together.

This is why empaths need to PRACTICE SOME FORM OF REIKI.  It aligns with our mission, and feeds our ability, as well as our soul mission. If you aren’t interested in becoming a practitioner or Master, at least get some attuning with another individual.  What can it hurt but make you a better person and help you increase your vibration?

It’s also good to form friendships with those who practice the ‘healing arts’; be it massage, readings, aura and chakra clearings.  These people are usually very aware of Reiki and it’s benefits, and probably are practitioners or Masters themselves.

The 5 Benefits of Reiki on An Empath

There are many, many benefits to an empath who uses Reiki in their everyday life.  These are just a few.

  1.  Reiki clears your negative energy and attachments that you may have absorbed throughout the day.  This often manifests itself as anxiety and depression. We empaths meet some very negative(dark, low vibration) people and situations.  We even deal with negative attachments from ‘balls of energy’ as I call them, that surround you and sap you of your higher frequency.  Reiki helps release these.
  2. Reiki realigns your chakras.  Often, as empaths, our heart chakra is fifteen times bigger than the rest of our chakras.  That is imbalance. It can create havoc if your heart is out of alignment with your other needs. Reiki readjusts your chakras and puts you in balance.
  3. Reiki raises you vibration.  People who are highly evolved, like empaths, have a must faster and brighter vibration .  Empaths are literally a shining beacon in the darkness. This ‘light’ can dim from constant bombardment from negative energy and entities.  reiki helps raise the vibration to where it’s supposed to be.
  4. Reiki can actually heal your physical body, and release pain.  Did you know that as a whole, most empaths are often very physically healthy people?  I know some empaths that have some disorders,  but those that are truly light-working empaths,  are usually very, very strong, spiritually and physically.  Reiki keeps your body physically strong by once again clearing the negative energy, and correcting imbalances.
  5. Reiki brings you back to your ‘Source.”  I am calling this your higher power, whatever you may wish to call it.  We all know instinctively, there is something ‘else’ than this planet.  reiki reminds us of this and our purpose by opening our channels to receive our messages and love.

So as you can see, Reiki is very valuable, to everyone, ESPECIALLY Empaths.  Try it, I bet it will work for you!  Love, peace and Reiki.



The Lonely Empath: Keeping Yourself From Isolation

2013-07-17-11-25-05     Hello dear empaths…..I hope the world is ok with all of you.  I want to talk about a subject that I see many people are not talking about; empaths and how challenging it is to be one!  Not only are we constantly bombarded by other’s negativity, we KNOW things about people, which has a tendency to make us targets.

By the way, have YOU ever experienced this?  People target you because you KNOW the secrets of their hearts. This gives you power over them, and THEY HATE IT!  We empaths also give off a higher frequency and vibrations, and that really BUGS dark people.  My experience with people like this is that my energy is just too much for them.  I could say nothing, just stand in a room, and they HATE me.  I used to spend a lot of time thinking there was something wrong with me.  I thought I was ugly, fat, loud, dumb, etc., etc., etc., and the whole time, they didn’t WANT what I was selling; happiness and spiritual awakening. It took me a whole lot of time to come to this realization.

It has also caused me to isolate myself.  But that’s the problem; I really need to be with other people. ALL empaths need to be with people, animals, or anything social.  That’s why we came.  To help and heal others, even sometimes we put up with abuse, which is often with human beings.

“My mother always warned me about monsters.  Then I realized she taking about human beings.”

Over the last few years, I noticed I had isolated myself more and more.  I was soooooo tired of being made fun of, ridiculed, set-up for bullying at work, and just negativity of humans.  I started hanging around all of my animals.  They have always provided solace and healing, like all empaths.( that’s in the next article.) I would be invited to meet some others after work, or family on weekends, and I would just stay home.  This actually wasn’t like me; I’m a very outgoing person, but I was just tired of the struggle and negativity.  But I solved it, and you can, too.  Yes, force yourself to get out there.  I know it’s hard, but we came with our special gift, and isolating ourselves is the opposite of our mission.

Solving Anti-Socialism in Empaths

Yes, most of we empaths are guilty of this.  We surround ourselves with what heals us; animals or nature, and let the rest go.  While this is good, and we need to do this, we cannot stay in isolation forever.  Our job is make the world a better place, by helping humanity, and boy, does it need it!  Here are some things that I’ve done to help keep myself grounded and social at the same time.

1.  Find a group of other empaths.  I have a group of psychics that I formed and we meet once per week. It’s nice; they know how I feel without me even explaining myself, and I feel Like I belong.  People NEED other people.  If you think this is NOT true, you are lying to yourself.  Yes, I know people can be crappy, but there are GREAT people, too.  FIND THEM!

2.  Donate some time.  Find something to give to, even if it’s only once per month.   Humans were born to help each other, especially empaths.  I donate once per month to tutor students at my school. I also take a good friend of mine suffering from Alzheimer’s out once per week. You never know how much those little things mean to other people.

3. Learn how to block your abilities in a large crowd.( You can read more about this from my other blogs.) I personally imagine a large blue-green shimmering pyramid around me, and nothing can get in.  I personally see 600+ students per week as an art teacher, and have learned how to turn it ‘off’ to a certain point. Yes, this is still a struggle and certain time of the year are worse(yes, there is something to the October 31st thing strengthening your abilities!), but turning it ‘off’ just takes some practice. Yes, empaths CAN do this. Keep working on it.

4.  Try to spend time with family, even of they do drive you crazy! I know, I know, I felt like that with my mom.  But now she’s gone,  I wish I just one more time to say, “You’re driving me crazy!”  Your family, at least most of them, really do love them.  Let them in. I’ve found several friends that act as my family also, and those ARE part of my family. Just let them in. Make small baby steps if you have to, if even for an hour or two.


Don’t isolate yourself, even if it makes you feel better for too long.  Your gifts belong to the humanity and the world.  It is your duty to give them freely!









Yes, we h

Empaths, Psychics and Their Diets

So Dear Readers, I come to you with some knowledge and maybe, hopefully some feedback that I can learn from.  Please remember this is an interactive blog:  I wanna hear from you!  The more I learn, the more I realize how much I DON’T know.  Everyone does everything differently, and while I consider myself a fairly enlightened person, suggestions are always appreciated.

I heard recently about a blog and how to heal your physical and spiritual body through foods and herbs.  While I agree that this hypothesis is right, there are other things that I’d like to touch upon to address some things that I think people are forgetting.

  1.  Psychics and Empaths are different, just as our genetic metabolisms are different.  

Everyone on the planet is evolving differently and at different rates.  You may also have a psychic talent someone else does not have.  I am a medical animal and human intuitive, and while I can give you readings in other areas, I don’t concentrate on love and relationships.(Here we go on beliefs again.  I don’t concentrate on them because I feel you need to work on yourself more!).What helps expand your abilities, might not be right for the next.  For me, when I am doing several readings back-to-back, I don’t eat, consume no alcohol or caffeine or even drugs like aspirin.  It seems to dull my senses.  I drink water, almost like a mini-fast.  Several people I know do this also. But I also know some people who don’t do this and are fine.  Try both and see what works.  It does seem that many Empaths and Psychics do what I do; but I have a friend who says it makes no difference for him.

2.  Different eating styles depends on your awareness, and your beliefs.

Some people are vegans, some omnivorous, eat Mediterranean diets, etc.  It’s more about how you honor life. Vegans are not any more ‘evolved’ than those who consume animal products; it’s just simply their beliefs.  I find it very irritating as a psychic and medium to have someone smuggle make comments about how I eat dead animals.  It’s my belief system.  My feeling is that all things must die for others to eat, including plants.  I simply pay reverence to those that die.  As an animal communicator, I understand that animals know they will die and they also know God.  They are not afraid to die.  Now that’s my belief.  I’ve had other people who tell me that they can feel the animal dying when they eat it.  That is ok, but please don’t judge me for my beliefs.  We are all Empaths and psychics.  I just feel differently, as do you.

3. Unnatural foods, like refined sugar can negatively affect your abilities.

I’ve been trying for months to cut out sugar.  I started treating it like a poison, which honestly it is.  I noticed that my abilities became sharper and quicker.  I also began to only eat organic animal products and saw a positive results. I also watch using plastics and try hard to rid myself of natural and synthetic hormones.

4.  Certain Vitamins may help.

This may be very true if you have a deficiency, but for me, B12 has made a HUGE difference in my abilities.  It has given me a clear mind and energy to do lots of readings, which can drain any psychic. You can do a trial an error, but I recommend B12 and vitamin D.  I do liquids.  I sometimes also include liquid vitamin C.  I also ingest Turmeric and occasionally Ashwaghanda before I read.  It makes me clear and happy.

So, what works for you?  I’ve found these things to be beneficial for me.  It’s trial and error.  I wish you good health, and a strong Empathic ability!











The Abused Empath: Being An Empath Doesn’t Mean Being Abused

Hello, dear Empaths, I want to remind you about how wonderful you are.  You and I are the ones sent here to make a difference;  we are the listeners, helpers and actually the strong ones who are kind, and would help anyone.  We just can’t say no.  But we all know we also are often abused.

I don’t know about you, but the abuse often leads me to inner anger, and frustration.  Why did I let that person abuse me?  Why did I let them call me names, treat me so badly?  Why did I let them embarrass me in public?  Why did I not stand up for myself, and tell them off?  Why did I smile and walk away?  Simple:  because like you, I’m an empath, and even when we are angry, frustrated and sick and tired of the bad treatment, we still don’t say anything, because we STILL don’t want to hurt anyone. I can feel their pain and at a deep level, I don’t want them to hurt.  Yeah, I guess it’s ok for me to hurt, but hurting someone else is the worst thing I can feel.  That’s the way our Higher Power made us.

But I am still learning boundaries, too.  Recently, I had a run-in with another empath who went off on me because I called her at an inappropriate time;  I was just trying to return her call, and be supportive about it.  She went on for minutes about how I’m supposed to ‘own it.”  She ranted for minutes about my inappropriateness, and how she was working and I was going to get her fired, even though she called me from that number, and never left any messages about when to call.  I thought I was doing the right thing;  I know she was possibly being evicted from her apartment and she was scared, and I wanted to be supportive.

I calmly listened, and after she calmed down, she did apologize.  I forgave her, BUT do I need this abuse again, (she called at 1AM by-the-way), disturbing my sleep and my family, so she could feel better?  No, I do not need this abuse again,  and neither should anyone, empath or not,  put up with abusive behavior. We as empaths, especially,  need to know when NOT to go back for more.

There comes a time of BALANCE: although we are loving helps of the Universe, we are STILL human, and there comes a time to cut our losses and let go.  For me, it was today with this person.  I just erased her name from my phone and will never pick up her calls ever again.  Is this passive-aggressive?  Yes, I admit it is, but I just can’t put up with negative behavior anymore, and neither should you.

Do you have someone like this in your life?  If you are an empath, I bet you do.  We attract these type of people(many are often empaths, also).  And you should only have to take so much.  We need to learn when the relationship is a lost cause.  We can only help so much, and when it crosses a line into our personal lives, starting to be abusive, we need to cut ties.  I cannot tell you how many people I have had to cut out of my life on the last 7-10 years, as I have become aware of the abusive nature in the relationship.  I sometimes even feel a little lonely, because they are gone, but I am learning that this is for my own good.

Will I ever talk to them again?  Yes, probably to say ‘hi’ or to send a Christmas card.  I wish them well, but they will always be at arms length, while I try to find people who need my help, and can return the favor. After all, that is what friendship is truly about, and these people become my friends over time.  I will always love the people I have distanced, but I need to take care of myself also.

When it all comes down to it, we are empaths, but that doesn’t mean we need to be abused.  We need to set limits to how much we can take, and then let go of those abusing us.  It’s hard for empaths, because we always ‘feel’ bad.  But it’s necessary for our spirituality and to help those and do what we can for others.  Remember empaths are human, too.





Manifestation: It’s easier than you think

“I think, therefore, I am.”  I always remember that from my philosophy class. Actually, that’s the only thing I remmeber, but that’s another story. But what I think he was trying to saywas really, that because we think we exist, and moreover, thoughts are actual things.

Yeah, I know and agree that abstract feelings are things; love, hate, hurt. But if we feel those things, we are creating, and can we create with our thought patterns?  Of course, most of us know it’s true.  We create our life through our thought patterns and reactions to what happens to us throughout our life, both positive and negative.

There is a theory that I’m privy to.  Many feel like, since we were created like God, we are God-like(or Goddess-like),and because we are a piece of the divine, like him(her), we need and have the ability to create our own lives and situations.  We concentrate on what we want; good or bad, and it happens.  It’s called manifestation, and I am positive I can do this and so can you!

For instance, I know that whenever I need money, it magically appears.  Short on Cash?  I suddenly get an unknown check in the mail or a call from a client wanting a psychic reading.  Very seldom have I been where I’m in dire straights. And I’m not sure how I do it, but I know I do.  I think most of it is truly believe your Higher Power knows best.  I truly believe that the money will truly be there.  I have FAITH in myself and my higher power.  Now sometimes I’m doubtful, but I would say 99% of the time, what Itruly wants happens for me.  Here are someof the things that I do personally. If you see something you do besides these things, feel feel to message me with your thoughts!

  1.  Trust and believe.  Like I said, I truly believe that money will always be there.  I used to be a little careless with my money, and that didn’t help matters, even though more money would show up.  As I’ve aged, I’mmore careful with my  money, but still really trust some money will show up when I need it.

2.  Pray or meditate.  Think about it; isn’t praying a form of meditation? We block      everything external at that moment and concentrate on the task at hand.  We are more conscious while praying, but we are using the same part of our brain as meditation( I believe it’s alpha waves, but I may stand corrected.)  We are connected to our higher selves; be it through ourselves or our Higher Power. This is where we can concentrate on our needs and desires. It may seem contradictory to trusting, but it’s not, really.  It’s just added energy to the problem at hand.

3.  Act as if.  I heard this on tv(I think Oprah, maybe), and it works.  I act as though I’m a millionaire New York Times Best Seller’s list author, and things start to happen in that direction. Acting as if you are what you want helps you hone the talents that give you what you want.  In this way, it’s almost like a physical way of manifesting your desires through your behavior.

Be Careful What You Wish For:  A Warning

Manifestation is a great thing; just be careful in HOW you do it.   “There’s an old addage , “be careful what you wish for,” but I think it should also have this added, “And how you wish for it.”

I know for myself, I am very good at manifesting things.  But I’m also not always careful in how I do it.  For example, a few years ago, I kept saying I was tired of my car and wanted a new one; well, yes, I got a new one after I totaled my old one and had to buy a new car.  I also recently kept saying I need a new wallet; and you guessed it, it suddenly disappeared from my purse with all of my credit cards and license.

What we need to do with all of this power is be manifest in, in a positive way, and be VERY SPECIFIC.  I should have thought, ‘I need a new car and am going to save up and trade it in,’ instead of just thinking I need a new car.  the Universe will give you want you wish for, remember that. It’s a combination of your behavior, actions and wishes; we are more powerful than we could ever imagine.

So what do you need to manifest?  More money, a new job?  Start manifesting, and good luck!








Empaths Need Other Empaths

There’s an old saying that I remember from when I was a child.  “Men need women, and women need other women.”  I very much believe this is true, but more than that, to change the phrase a little, “inutitives need empaths, and empaths need other empaths.”And I know for certain this is true.

As far as the woman thing is concerned, yes, more women happen to be empaths.  It’s the female energy thing.  We are all born male or female energies; even if we are born as male, we may have female energy.  That doesn’t mean we are gay, straight, transgender; it just means that at the core of our soul we are nurturers. This doesn’t mean that male engy isn’t a nurturer; it’s just the way our essesnces exist.  For me, I feelas though I’m a male energy, even though I’m a mother, grandmother, wife, etc.(But this is a whole other blog page coming later.)

What I’m trying to get at is the empath thing.  You know what I’m talking about anf if not, look back at my other blog pages or take a quick test, lana-psychicmedium/   We, as fellow empaths, need to support each other.  We already have the gift of knowing or sensing when someone is struggling.  So why not supposrt our friends?  We all know we already do this, but what about in a support-group type setting?

For me personally, I have a small, intimate group of people who I’ve let into my life that are empaths.  I need them; they need me.  I feel supported, loved, and heard.  They know how I feel, and I know how they feel.  They cleanse and support my soul.  Be careful and look; use your empathic ability to ‘size’ up who you can trust.

Find your circle and stick to them.  You are human and can’t live in a bubble. Even if your circle is small.  As empaths we have an extra hard mission, and need that little bit of support.  Sometimes, they may be hard to find.  I found that my circle are all psychic mediums, like myself, and sometimes we even do readings for each other. Ask your angels for support and help finding your ‘tribe.’ You can’t be a empath on your own. We have a hard job and lots of love to bring to the world.




Can We Truly Heal The World?

So come on, dear empaths, anyone over the age of thirty can see it; the world and it’s people have become nasty, egocentric, abusive, crass and self-centered.  I’m not sure why; I think I know why, but that’s also my political view, which I am not willing to share(and I believe that is one of the reasons why everyone is this way.)

But I ask you a question, because I know I’m guilty, too.  Is this meanness and cruelty also wearing on you, casuing you to react in the same way?  Are we caught up in a chain reaction of negativity?  As empaths, we pick up other people’s energy, good or bad.  As we the problem or the solution?

Well, we all know the answer; we were created differently, with more perception, kindness, love and understanding.  Our higher power has chosen us to have these superpowers and use them for a reason.  I have written repeatedly as how to use protect yourself, but we also need to learn how to use them.  Remember, being an empath is not just a gift, but using it effectively is an acquired skill.  Can we heal the world through our gift and people skills?  I think we can.

I think that most of the problem with everyone nowadays is that we’re purely stressed out.  We’re are merely in survival mode; trying to get through life day by day, and everyone else is wrapped up in survival, they don’t have time to think of others.  And this is not to mention pollutants, which I feel also change our brains, making us even more stressed out.

I admit, I can be a real bitch. People’s negavity can wear off on me in a big way, and yes, I admit, i have a temper.  But like you fellow empaths, I’m human.  We all have our faults.  I’ve recently tried some new approaches to help others heal, and it seems to work.  Actually, when I’ve consciously used some of these techniques, not only are the other people happier, so am I.   As an empath I am peaping what I sow.  What could be better than that? These are just a few things I’ve done to heal anger, stress and resentment in others.  I know that many of you know of some of these techniques, but I’m going to remind you of them anyways.

  1.  Apreicate, appreciate, appreciate!

I find that what makes people the most unhappy is the lack of appreciation.  “I work so hard, and no one cares,” or “I have given up everything for this person, and they don’t care.”  I know I’ve like this many, mnay times. So what if you make someone’s day by saying ‘thank you so much for picking up some milk after work, dear, that made me very happy.”  You see, humans are actual people pleasing; we generally want to make other happy and be accepted.  I always think of showing appreciation as giving that person attention.  We all need attention, and crave approval.  It’s part of our social makeup.

I do this sometimes; I look everyday for someone to say thank you to.  Today it was my barista army coffee shop.  She always knows how to make my coffee just right.  That sure makes my life easier, and it’s very comforting for someone to know me so well.  it means a lot, and I needed to tell her that. Find someone every day; you never know how much better you made their day.

2.  Compliment, compliment, compliment!
Ever notice that some people cannot pay compliments?  it’s like it takes something away from themselves by doing that.  I always say, “There’s enough light in the world for everyone to shine,” and I mean it.  I always notice things people do well and make sure I tell them.  One thing I never ever do, though, is pay a phony compliment.  That comes from years of teaching school; kids always know when you’re not sincere. I wouldn’t do that anyways; I’m too honest.  Anyways, I try to find someone to pay a compilment to.  I often try to tell the lady at the drive thru how pretty her eyes are, or I love her hair.  Watch their faces; they’ll be shocked at first, and then smile.  You just made their day.

3.  Refuse to Argue

Some people love to argue.  Many people are also so narcissistic that they just “know” that their opinion is right.  I see that all the time on Facebook.  And I have to admit, they’ve gotten me sucked in to heated arguments.  This is how I’m curbing it;  watch for a potential argument in any situation.  As soon as they start ranting, cut them off with; “I like your opinion.  I guess we have to agree to disagree.”  Then sign out.  If they still carry on, block notifications, and ignore them.  Mentally wish them well and move on.  I don’t have to remind you that there are people out there who love to argue. Don’t let them suck you in.  It’s nouse arguing with someone because you rarely change their mind.

4.  Stay True to what You know is Right, remind others by action, not preaching

You know right from worng, and in today’s society, many people who are not like us do not.  Don’t let them get you sucked in. If you see you’re going down that path, back up, and just watch. I someitmes will point of a transgression; but I do it in a non-accusatory way.  For example; You know I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d say something mean back to that person who just called me names. I think I wouldn’t let them manipulate me, but that’s just me.”  Do you see? I turned it around to be passive, with being confrontational.  Maybe they listen, maybe they don’t, but at least I tried to help.

I know many of you know these things; we empaths are wise and have lived many times.  Maybe you just needed to be reminded, I’m not sure.  I hope you rmember our mission, and that we are truly here to save the world.







Can Empaths Help Others Be Kind?

So with the recent things happening in the United States, one cannot ignore how mean, self-centered, narcissistic and cruel people have become.  There are many theories as to why, but I’m not going to concentrate on that.  I’m concentrating on how we, as empaths can help make things kinder for everyone.

I know that by doing good things, karmically, we can bring good to the world.  But has anyone ever thought, that if we pick up vibes from people, it’s a two-way street?  Of course it is. Can we also give off positive loving vibes and help people be kinder?  Of course we can. We are at it’s core, soul healers, and that is why we were given our gifts.

Anyone that knows about Reiki will atest to this. We can give loving energy to anyone, anytime.  And as empaths, we are all aware of this energy 100% of the time.  We know when people are down, happy, sad, etc.  We always try to help, and offer our positive energy.

But this takes a LOT of our energy and strength.  Everyone knows how hard it is to stay positive with negative people.  There are some days, I know, I just feel like I can’t take it anymore. But we still have to try.  The world needs empaths(and light workers) more than at any other time.  Here’s some things to help you recharge your batteries to help heal so many people that need it.

  1.  Stay grounded.  Staying grounded can be done in many ways.  For me, it’s digging in the dort, or being in nature.  Also, during the summer, I slepp in a tent on the ground.  Studies have shown that dirt acctually gives off serotonin and dopamine.  It also absorbs negative energy.  For many years I used to walk barefoot in my yard.  That stopped when I bought my farm(I have many animals!).  But I noticed not only had my foot muscles had become weak, and I couldn’t stay grounded. I started walking around my front yeard again barefoot, and noticed a difference immediately.

2.  Pray for others, and wish no one harm, hold your temper.  I know everyone knows this, but just remember;  the next time someone cuts you off, put yourself in their place and try to understand that NO ONE wants an accident.  It reduces your anger and the thought that anyone is trying to target you. Most of the time, we get angry because we feel our rights have been stepped on.

3.  Just let it go.  Yeah, I know, this is an old cliche. But you need to do this to help others.  Is it useful?  Is it helpful?  Is it needed?  Does it make you a better person?  If not, let it go.  I know it’s harder than it sounds.

4.  Meditate.  everyone meditates differently.  Some listen to loud, head-banging music.  Some need alone time.  SomeE need to take a walk, or jog.  Find that meditation.  It’s all about the brainwaves.  You need to get out of the conscious alpha brain waves, that produce stress, anxiety, anger, etc.  Listen to your body and you can FEEL when this is happening.  Everything seems to quiet down, including your blood pressure, heartbeat and your mind.

Giving People Positive ENERGY

Yes, when your batteries have been recharged, you can help give healing energy to others. It doesn’t always work, because some people DON”T want to be healed, but for those who do, these are some things to concentrate on.

  1.  Imagine yourself in a pyramid, giving love to that other person.  In this pyramid, love can go out, and no negative energy can come back in.  Imagine love radiating out only, with only positive enrgy coming back in.

2.   DO what you can do, and walk away.  Don’t keep trying repeatedly to help                   others(which I know is hard for empaths.)

3.  Make the other person feel good about themselves.  It seems like everyone is so mean to each other nowadays.  Give compliments.  It doesn’t make you less of a person.  I personally tell young women who I feel that have esteem issues, “OMG, you’re so cute.  Your have beautiful eyes!”  You’ll never know how much that might’ve meant to someone.  We’re so used to insults nowadays, than compliments, it usually shocks people, and that is what’s so sad!

4. Ask for angels to help the person. .  I’ve summoned angels, and I know personally, that it works.  Call upon an angel to protect and support that perspn.

5.  Set an example. Say or do something selfless, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  People truly are watching.

So there are some things we can do everyday, to help others be kinder.  Physical acts are just a few.  Explore trying to give off energy to help heal, and concentrate on other’s attributes.  There is truth to the phrase, “If you can’t say anything nice, say othing at all.”  Also give off love to the person from your heart.  It help you be kinder, and helps the worlde be kinder also.















Is It Ok to Pray at a Place Where You Don’t Practice Their Religion?

I really don’t know what religion I am.  I always call it ‘the religion of Lana”.  A little Christianity, a little Buddhism, a little New Age. I am a practicing medium and psychic, Reiki healer, hypnotist and animal communicator.   I think most of use agree that we don’t agree on all the tenets of many organized religions.  As for me, I refuse to believe in what someone tells me I should.  I have no qualms about people who do; just don’t spout at me about how you’re right and everyone else is wrong, and there will be no problems.

If you aren’t aware, I’ve been injured, and pretty severely.  So severe, my massage therapist and chiropractor have never seen this before.  I tore 2 major muscles in my back,  (yeah my butt!), and my QL(controls your whole upper body!), and ruptured a disc.   Wow, talk about pain!  I would not wish this on anyone. The worst pain is the healing process, because they muscles tug on your pelvis and ball joint. It’s really hard to get up each morning.

Anyways, I do believe in the ability  of my Higher power and miracles.  I have seen them repeatedly, and know that miracles exist.  I think that in our busy world, we just don’t pay attention, or slough it off to medical misdiagnosis, and the like.  Science always tries to explain what it really can’t.

I am from the tundra which we call Wisconsin.  There is a verified place of miracles ordained by the Catholic church in Champion, Wi.  People come from all around the world to visit there. It is called The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help.  I had read about that apparitions of Mother Mary and some of the healing that goes on there.  So I decided to take a day trip with a friend.

I wasn’t sure what to expect;  me a New Age Medium going to a Catholic Shrine.  I thought about it for a long time?  If I got healed or got a huge message would I convert?  What is my belief about all of this?  I knew my belief in who the apparition was varied greatly from many of the people who were praying there.

I got there, and as an energy healer, yes, there was something there. There were people praying and chanting, and although I wanted the quiet, I stayed in the chapel and continued to pray.  I decided that my Higher Power is my Higher Power; he/she/it doesn’t care what they are called.  They love you and don’t want you to be miserable.  So I continued to pray and meditate, without restraints and without judgement for anyone there, including for myself.

And yes, I got my answers.  I had been meditating about a career decision, and got that too. And yes, I have been healing.  In past articles I wrote about how to be specific when you put your wishes and desires out there(prayer), and this was no exception.  Yes, I am healing, but in considerable pain as the muscles pull on four other ligaments and joints. I forgot to ask for as little pain as possible during the healing process. When will I ever learn to be more specific?

My point is this; is it ok for someone who doesn’t share your beliefs to be next to you, praying?  Of course it’s ok.  It’s all about tolerance, and realization that God is God, no matter what. Remember that next time you judge somoene else about theirs beliefs. Mined your own business and heal your own life. Your personal relationship with your own Higher Power is all that matters.