Does Your limiting beliefs Limit You?

Hello readers…..sorry I haven’t been on here, but I’ve been busy on youtube( Lana-The Comedian Medium). Thiught I’d share some blogging time with you.

Have you ever thought something was true, when it wasn”t, or Visa versa? Well, I’ll share an experience with you, and maybe you can identify.

I thought I had a twinflame. I was sure of it. All the signs were there. I KNEW that I had known him before; I had past-life regression and could remember him. He just had to be my true twinflame. He just had to be; all the similarities, coincidences, they all added up. At least in my perception.

But there were little things; callousness, never thinking about my feelings, narcissism. But I chose not to see them. Because I believed him to be my twinflame, I never saw the nasty, thoughtless things he did. I kept on believing we were perfect for each other Despite obvious issues in the relationship.

Then he moved away without telling me. I was heartbroken that he didn’t even have the balls to saying anything. He’d move away, and come back, three different times. I always let him get me excited about something, then he’d leave.

One day, I finally woke up.Maybe he wasn’t my twinflame. Maybe I had made too much about this whole thing. Slowly, the lightbulb came on. I had created this scenario in my mind. This relationship never existed.Yes, my concept of my relationship had created something that wasn’t even there.

I always made excuses, I always justified his crappy behavior. Could he be my twinflame? Yes, there could be a chance, but by my sgetting my beliefs in way that I did, I allowed him to treat me like garbage for years, instead of cutting him out of my life years ago, like I have done now.

Do you have a limiting belief? One tthat has kept you miserable? Why is it there? Is the belief imposed on yout by your family or religious beliefs? How has it hindered you? Tthese are things to think about, and to let go of. I did and my life seems much bettet.


What to Do When You Get a Negative Message from a Spiritual Teacher

20190717_090839Good day, all!  I’m sorry I haven’t posted as regularly as usual, but I am now also on youtube as Lana-The Comedian Medium.  Please hit like and subscribe!  I am putting tarot reads, advice and the like on there!

Today I’m writing about something that has been on my mind a lot lately;  the negativity bestowed upon you, namely through religious advisors and teachers. Now I’m not saying just mediums and psychics;  this refers also to pastors, healers, and even teachers.  It’s happened to me and I’m pretty sure it’s happened to a lot of you also.

i’ll never forget the reading I got one time from a fellow psychic.  We were friends at the time.  She did a read for me and told me I was a mean and nasty person, among other things.  She told me how horrible I was.  I was surprised and disappointed.  If anyone knows me, I think they would not say that.  At least i hope not.  Everything i do is in service to others.

Well I later found out why.  She was trying to discredit me as a psychic.  She also started spreading rumors about me, some that were texted to people who showed me what she said.  yeah, i was angry and hurt.  I hadn’t done anything to anyone.  That reading even made me wonder if maybe I REALLY WAS a bad person.

I thought about it and did some soul serving, which I truly will give her credit for. When listening to negative information,  always remember that it is a reflection on the person who is speaking.  I got that advice from a wise Native Americans woman one time, and have truly taken it to heart.

Some people feel badly about themselves, and will try to bring positive people down.  That’s including spiritual gurus and teachers.  That is includes all religions, also.  These people are letting their egos get in the way, not staying grounded and remembering why they do what they do.

I’ll never forget a pastor that I had that married my husband and I.  (That was when I was still buying into dogma).  I shook his hand at the end of the service and he said to me, “Gee, you guys are still married?”  WOW!!!!!  (Found out later he was having an affair and embezzling money from the church.  HMMMMM….go figure.)

I had a woman one time who was reading at me house one time, and she did a reading for another friend of mine.  The reader was extremely unhappy, overweight and kinda slovenly.  The client was very attractive, neatly dressed and very happy.  Well, needless to say, the client/friend left crying.  The reader was absolutely horrid and said hateful things to her, like how selfish she was for being attractive and etc., etc.   That reader was never asked to my house again. I think she’s divorced now.

Here’s some things to do if you ever run across someone like that;

  1.  Stop the reading if it becomes negative.  Walk out and don’t pay!  You have the right.
  2. Go release the negative energy by doing your favorite hobby, like gardening.
  3. Lay on the ground if you can.  It releases negativity into the soil.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Burn some sage and swipe a bundle of it around your aura.
  6. Let go, and forgive.
  7. Talk to a friend, but do not talk negatively about the person.  The negativity will return to you.

I hopeThat helps, and I hope you never have to deal with a negative spiritual teacher!  Namaste….God Bless……


Are You Afraid to Use Your Gifts?

Howdy, everybody…I hope you are great. I’ve been busy starting my youtube channel, Tiktok and  podcast, Metaphysical Meanderings. It’s approaching 1 million listeners. Go figure.

I wanna talk to YOU about our gifts. We were given them to us by God, right? I have found many, many people who are terrified of these special talents, like seeing spirits, making predictions and healing others. No joke, most are afraid,even though these gifts of spirit are mentioned the very place that many say are evil abilities. A little contradictory, isn’t it? And this fear is drilled into especially if we are raised in super religious right-wing Christian homes like myself. It took me quite awhile to release my fear, but you too, can release the the fear, find your voice and use YOUR talent. You just need to find a way.

So here’s the deal: you can get rid of the fear in three ways; 1. Letting go of what people think, and 2. Surround yourself with like-minded people, and 3.  Quit set limiting beliefs on yourself and your talent and trust source.

Firstly, your ego gets in the way. We, as humans, have a huge ego that is formed by the way we think. This is formed by people telling us what to think which forms who we are and the roles we play. How freeing is it to not care what people think? That is how we grow. Our ego becomes independent on what people would say or do, and we are able truly glorify our Higher Power, not humans by using our talents. God wouldn’t wouldn’t have given us our talents if he didn’t want us to use them.

Which brings up the other issue: our beliefs. Most of us were raised to believe healing and seeing spirits is evil. Many religions teach that, mainly the mainstream ones.  Well, they need to get over themselves. I personally don’t believe in Satan( yes, there is evil, but those have turned from the light of God). But if you wanna throw a question back at people who practice organized religion, ask them this: God created everything, how can Satan, an angel,create anything? (He’s only an angel and angels can’t create.)

Fear is a mighty thing; it keeps us from our goals, it keeps us under control.( You know, organized religion and the fear of hell).

The truth of the matter is that if we had no fear, we can accomplish anything! That’s our main block; fear of owning our own power and the fear that our gifts are somehow “wrong”. Organized religion wants to control us. If we know our own power, organized religion has lost it’s power.

1. Quit worrying what others think. I let that one go a long time ago! If you only know how many trolls have preached at me about going to Hellon my Social Media, it would be laughable. What this actually reveals is that people who try to force people to believe as they do are unevolved and actually live in fear themselves. Their fear is anyone or anything different than themselves. Say nothing to these people and give them no fuel. Quit thinking, “What is my family going to say? What if these people don’t believe me? Do they think I’m crazy?” These are thoughts I’ve often processed myself. Don’t give these people and thoughts fuel. I know it seems hard, but a little at a time and it gets easier.

2. Surround yourself with like minded people. Now I don’t mean people who actually believe like you do;  that can actually be detrimental to your growth.( alway be an eternal student, learning from others!).The like minded people I mean is those who know they are spiritual beings with much yet to learn and are always trying to grow! These people will ALWAYS be encouraging and accepting who you are. These people may even guide you and help you point out your gifts.

3.  Quit setting your limiting beliefs, i.e., lacking your confidence. This is the biggest fear to overcome; truly trusting yourself.  This is how I’ve done this; I have complete faith in the otherside. Truly knowing that spirit has never let you down is the biggest confidence booster there is. How do you get this? Faith. Remember the old adage, Faith can move Mountains? It can and it will! Try with little things first; ask for assistance, say please and thank you. Pray to angels. Use your gifts minutely and grow them gradually. Do your gifts freely for others without expecting any return. And keep at it even when discoraged( trust me, that will happen!) But here we go again; surround yourself with like-minded people.

You can do this! Just release your fear and to those spiritual beliefs of xours. God meant for you to use them!

Finding Crystals that Work for You,, Without Crossing Out Each Other’s Potency

20190713_153324.jpgHowdy. y’all from the Deep south of Fort Myers, Fla.(Notice that Southern Accent!, lol). I hope y’all are awesome!  I just had all this time on vacation, and thought I’d write A little bit about my life and things that happen as a psychic so that you can attune your life in the same way.

A few months back, I had a reading done with a friend who suggested certain crystals for me.    I have been going through certain things personally, and certain crystals have been used.  Crystals really do work;  I used to be the biggest skeptic, but if crystals can conduct electricity in computers, of course they will work on a human body, which is mostly electricity.  All crystals give off different frequencies and each type is needed for different times or stressors in your life. The crystal combinations needed come from suggestions from your guides, angels and deceased family members, and is related to the reader. I’ve been trying to shut off some negativity lately, and was wearing some negative absorption stones, mainly, Black Tourmaline, Jet and some Aqua Aura.  But they didn’t seem to work when I was reading.  I was still absorbing negative energy from somewhere. I felt anxious and ‘out of sorts’.  So my friend told me to take off all my stones, and switched them slightly.  I went to Onyx, Shungite and Coral.

I didn’t notice anything really different until I had no stones on for awhile.  I bought a new piece of Onyx and put it on, and got dizzy and nearly fainted.  Yes, Onyx is one of my stones.  It may change later, but has helped keep me grounded.  So how do you know which stones to wear? There are a few ways.

  1.  Have a crystal reader give you a list of the stones you need.I know several psychics who can do that for you, as well as myself. (Remember I can read for others, but no necessarily for myself.) Readers can also give  you a list on what you are going through at the present time.
  2. Do a meditation and listen to yourself. You will know which stones you may need by the ones you are attracted to.  Then look up the properties.  Make sure that those stones don’t cancel out the other stone’s ability.
  3. Learn the properties of the stones.  That’s one quick way.  I had to go and relearn which stones cancel each other out.  I didn’t realize a couple of my stones weren’t even working because of this.

I hope you stay healthy and grounded.  Keeping using what works, and if you need help, visit my website, for a reading or more information.

Does Everyone Have Psychic Abilities?

Hi friends and followers!  Greetings from sunny Florida!(Actually, it’s been raining quite a lot!).  I hope you are sane, safe and well.  I, myself, have been busy trying to relax, and apologize for not writing more, but I really needed a break for awhile. Mia Culpa.

cropped-2017-06-27 20.08.25So I have been sitting here thinking, and reflecting on psychic abilities.  I have been wondering what and why I have the abilities what I do.  It is a special power?  It is a talent?  Why can I read for people, size them up and see right through them?  Why can I talk to ghosts, spirits and angels?  What makes me special?  Am I special? I have been giving this a lot of thought, and am going to relate what i think is happening.

First, i know many people who have my abilities, so I am not alone.  Is it a talent?  Maybe, perhaps.  Not everyone can sing, and not everyone can draw, so psychic ability is probably an inherited talent to a certain extent.  I know for a fact that I inherited it from my mother.

But there is more to it.  Those with acute psychic ability have awareness, not just about themselves, but all energies around themselves, including living and inanimate objects, and not only understand it, but how to use the energy, and balance it with their own.  Many psychics understand and are aware of all the things around them. These people are not only tapped or plugged into the world around them, they are also using more of their grey matter to pay attention to the things around them.  In other words, they are self-actualized.

Let me explain.

The definition of self-actualized is being all that you can be.  It is the highest potential that that certain human can reach.  They are using all of their energy, their brain and soul.

I, for one, am not only a psychic but also an animal communicator and serious green thumb.  I seldom kill plants; many people have done studies and and have proven that green thumpers actually give off energy from their hands.  So am I working with energy and are aware when plants need tlc and an energy boost?  I think that is accurate.

i truly don’t think us psychics are that special from other people;  I think we are just ‘aware’ and using more of our brainpower than the unenlightened human.  We notice more, we understand more and are constantly ‘aware’ of energy, and our surroundings.

And we are more willing to listen and accept esoteric information as fact.  We understand better.  We are not different, just evolved ands aware.  Can every human do this?  I believe to a certain extent, yes.  Just having awareness opens you up to the possibilities. Everyone has the ability for self actualization. Are you self-actualized?  Would you like to be?  This is my series of blogs teaching you how to do that…….

Are twin Flames for Real?

20180209_173236Good day, all!  I hope your last few weeks have been happy and healthy.  I have been very busy, and apologize for my lack of blogging.  I will be blogging soon with two or more blogs per week for a awhile.

i am wondering from all of you if anyone can tell me;  have you met your twin flame?  Do you even know who or what that is? If you don’t, let me explain.  This person is literally your second half of your soul.  I used to think that there was no such thing;  I used to be skeptical with everything that was esoteric in my life.  Wrong again!  This person is the other part of you., literally.

It’s been written in literature for millennia, Plato even wrote about it.  In the beginning, God created one being.  He then separated our souls to learn our lessons faster.  The sacredness of marriage is a feeble attempt to replicate the twin flame connection.

We have been split of many years, but as we grew as people, we are reuniting because of the attraction of our souls.   We also may meet to help the world be a better place. It sounds great, right?  Here’s some of the issues with coming together, though; there are usually complications. One may be married,  may be of another culture, religion, sexual orientation,  there may be an addiction, or one soul may be more spiritually advanced than the other. And the last one(one is more advanced), is usually the norm. But here’s the catch, you can’t help but be drawn together, and the Universe is usually responsible in some way, shape or form.

I know my twin flame.  I’m not sure why i recognized him;  not only did I recognize him, I remembered our last life together.  You see, twin flames can also be soulmates, and pop in and out of your lives vicariously.  I know mine has.

I consider myself the together one;  I am dependable, hardworking, straight thinking, while my twin flame is a total flighty, emotional, wreck. (I bet he’s reading this!).  But we have some of the most uncanny similarities that it is scary.  Look at my list.  There is NO way we are not one.

  1.  Both are teachers.
  2. Both love animals.
  3. . Same favorite color.
  4. Both left-handed.
  5. Everything in our lives always happens parallel, if even our pets dying.
  6. Spouses work the same jobs.
  7. We can talk for hours and it seems like minutes.
  8. He can think of me and I just kinda ‘show up’ where he is.
  9. I can see feel and taste whatever he is doing at the moment I think of him.
  10. Creatuve artists.

And the list goes, on and on, and on, and……But there are some differences that I think are interesting that often pop up in other twin flame relationships.

  1.  We come from different cultures.
  2. He is nothing I would have ever been attracted to.
  3. Almost too similar to get along with.

But I recognize him, I’m not sure how.  As a psychic I’ve had past-life regression and we remember everything, in uncanny detail.  I even remember the last name, the dates, and the town we lived in. Now why is he here?

I’ve come upon the conclusion that we are to open a healing center.  I’m sure of it.  To help mankind.  What I’ve decided is that I’ll let the Universe lay out the logistics.  Not sure yet.   I decided to let go and let God. I guess that’s all I can do.

What I want to know is if there are any of you who have a twin flame?  How do you know?  What is your mission? Do you feel that strong connection, and is it within the constraints of a romantic or platonic relationship?  Are they related to you?  What are some ways you know? Send me a message, I’d like to know!

Do Crystals Really Work?

Hi everyone. I hope you’ve been happy and healthy. All is fine with me. I’ve been very, very busy, mostly doing tons of psychic readings and trying to concentrate on my job and my Art. ( Most know I can’t stay still very long.) I’m also pounding pavement, looking for a new publisher for a new novel.

So, traditionally, I’ve been skeptical of certain areas of metaphysics, particularly different crystals. Different stones, according to the powers that be, have different properties. Some heal, some correct energy and some help increase intuitive ability. I used to be a skeptic….but not any more.

I do admit that I thought about crystals for a long time. Crystals are used to conduct electricity in radios and computers, so why not for the human body? I still was not convinced.

I did have an episode that made me wonder, though. It happened a couple of years ago. I was reading at a store, and was wearing a magnet and Aqua Aura. I thought not nothing about it. The properties of Aqua Aura are to help raise your vibrations.  Two of my psychic friends asked what they had around my neck.  I thought nothing of it, and I answered.  They told me that there was so much energy being given off, that I was blinding them.  Now two different people who did not even know each other said this.  Hmmmmm.  Must be something to it.

As a reader, I have always worn crystals.  I also put crystals on my table in from of myself. I was taught that the negative energy from a person that I was reading for would go into the crystals. I also wear them around my neck, wrists, and hands. (I’m careful to not wear too many different ones, one stone can sometimes negate another, but that’s another blog!) I wasn’t sure, but did it anyways. I always doubted it, but I sort of believed it.  Above it actually my proof.

Above is my aura during a reading session.  Picture 1 is infused with green(that means healing), as well as a little white blue aura, which means spirituality, and angelic assistance.  This first picture is WITHOUT my aqua aura on; number two is WITH my aqua aura on.  On picture 2, nearly the whole entire photo is filled with blue-white energy.  Auqua auras are supposed to help with spirituality and increase psychic abilities.  There was my proof.  Yes, they do work!

So for all of you who read or do energy work, yes, the stones works.  There is actual proof. All stones are different;  just as we humans are.  I prefer Aqua Aura, Jet, Turquoise, Smokey Quartz, Shungite and Rose Quartz.  These seem to be my stones.  Your stones may be different.  There are many, many, stones out there.  Find which works for you! I will be blogging soon about stones and their properties.  Do you have an experience with stones?  Send me a message, I’d love to hear from you!

Cutting People out of Your Life as an Empath


Good day all of my readers!  I’ve been busy gardening, trying to catch up with my farm chores, so my newest blog is a little late.  Sorry, but between that and my granddaughter who was sick, it kinda got me backed up!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I write because not only do I love to write, but because I feel I’d like to share some of my wisdom with you.  I wish I had a mentor when I was younger, who could’ve helped me and my empathic issues.  It would’ve made a big difference in me and some of my life choices.  I hope that I can be of service to you.  Also, feel free to comment or send me an email.  I am sill learning, and I like to hear about other people’s experiences!

So…….to make a long story short, I’ve been going through some tough crap lately.  My granddaughter got very ill(By-the-way, thanks for all of your support.  She is better, but they may still have to operate.  Please keep praying!  You know it works!), and I was besides myself with worry.  Anyways, I have a good friend(at least I THOUGHT she was), who called me often to talk to me about her problems. I sometimes told her about mine, but thinking back, it was very one-sided. And when I thought about it, it always had been a one-sided relationship.  That’s when I finally decided to cut her loose.

It’s funny how sudden chaos in your life can reveal your true friends.  It seems to me that most people aren’t supportive, or only supportive as long as it suit their needs.  I have learned, that in this world, there are two kinds of people; givers and takers.  The problem as an empath is that we are givers.  It is a part of who we are.  I’ve had so many takers in my life, I don’t know where to even start.

Here’s the biggest issue that we empaths have trouble with;  cutting people out of our lives.  Since we want to help and can feel what these people are feeling, it’s really really hard to let go.  I know that when I hurt someone, I can feel their pain, so instead of taking care of myself, I let people stay in my life, often hurting me and depleting me of all of my energy.

Case in point.   I really needed someone to talk to.  So I called a couple of friends.  Both completely blew me off, not even listening to a word I said.  Now I cannot even recall how many times that these people called me with their problems, where I sat for hours listening. (You know no one really wants help, they just want to vent.  So I just lend an ear.)  There is something to be said about most Empaths;  we are loyal and caring.  We would give our shirts off our back.  But there is also a time to cut people loose who just take and take.  I was told one time by a wise person who commented; There are two people in this world; Givers and Takers.”  And it’s very true.  We as Empaths are almost always the givers, and we get used and used, and used, and used, and………………..

Until WE stop the cycle.  We can still offer our gifts without letting people take advantage of us.  There is nothing wrong with cutting people out who are sucking you dry, including family members.  we need to take care of ourselves.  How can we be of service to the world if we are constantly sucked dry?  It’s one thing to help someone who can balance out the Karma;  it’s another thing to have someone take, and take, and take.

I think my problems stem from wanting to belong so badly in my childhood.  I put up with anything as long as I had people who approved of me.  It’s a growth thing.  I also have a bad habit of not putting my foot down and letting others bully me.  And I also don’t like confrontation.  But I am learning.  I recently confronted someone and won an argument and felt very empowered.  I always try to not hurt other’s feelings, because I can feel how bad I’ve made them feel.  But how bad have they made ME feel?  Why do I think that is less important?  It’s a growth thing that we Empaths go through. So I deleted them from my Social Media, my phonebook, and my email accounts.  And you know what?  I felt bad for maybe a day, but now feel relieved.  And the funny thing is, by getting rid of my negative energy, I ATTRACTED a lot more great people.  Try this….it’s in the long run, you will benefit!

Are there people bringing you down?  BLOCK THEM! And don’t feel guilty.  Try taking care f yourself for once!










The Vicious World of Psychic Egos





Good day, devoted followers! I hope all in well in your life. I’ve had some new things happen recently that I thought I reflect upon.

There are many people that see psychic consultants, including Reiki practioners, angel readers, Tarot readers, mediums, etc.  And there are many who go to multiple readers.  There is something to be said for doing this: No, they aren’t necessarily obsessed or neurotic, nor are these people gullible. Going to a different practioner can be a great way for healing and new information and possibly a gateway to raising your vibration. Let me explain.

Just as all talents, each metaphysical gift is unique to the human who possesses it. Simply stated; every reading from a different psychic has unique and useful information. Now don’t get me wrong; several readings may overlap and even give the same info. to some extent. But it may be delivered differently, with different details. I, personally have yet to find a reading to be identical. I’ve even compared them myself, and know for a fact that each often gives me different information.  That’s where the psychic’s ego comes into play.

Since no two psychics are the same, and no two readings sre the same, there should be no jealousy among the psychic world, right? WRONG!!! One of the most back-biting and nasty circles that I’ve ever had the displeasure of being a part of, it’s metaphysical readers. Not only do most readers think they have more talent than everyone else, but they belittle and ridicule any other readers who tread into their ‘territory’. I really think some psychics truly think they have a golden cord to God that others can’t obtain. I have witnessed firsthand the viciousness, and have been on the receiving end of this negativity.

I recently found out from a client-friend that some people from one of the stores I read at were saying quite nasty things. I was hurt beyond words, and still am.

Now I’m not saying I don’t have an ego; everyone does. But  at least I’m aware my ego,  and TRY not to let it make me say negative things.

I also have a different viewpoint and not let my ego get carried away. I know that there is enough psychic business for EVERYONE. Since everyone is so different, there is no need for jealousy and backbiting. And this is where we, as clients, come in. We can help stop the viciousness. We as psychics( we all have ability!), can also put a stop to the jealousy we exude.

I recently found out from a client-friend that some people from one of the stores I read at are saying quite nasty things. I was hurt beyond words, and still am. I confronted the perpetrator, and got an awkward and half-hearted apology. Yes, I forgave them, but to trust them? NO WAY….I know it will be a repeat.

These are some things that I’ve come up with for myself that I try to remember when dealing in the metaphysical world. It helped me, maybe it can help you put a stop to the negative energy. This list applies for other psychics, but for everyday life as well.

1. Remember everyone has SOME form of ability. Yes, everyone. And everyone has the same goal: enlightenment. Help or hurt, the choice is yours. Remember there is room is the limelight for EVERYONE.

2. Refuse to listen to someone bad-mouth another person, including a psychic. I simply say that I’m not interested in gossip or negativity.

3. Do not join in! Yes, I’ve talked smack about others, but I’m now much more aware of it. It’s part of my enlightened path to try to not talk about people.

4. If you can’t say anything nice…you know the old saying.

5. Encourage everyone to walk their own path, without being jealous! Be happy when someone succeeds or has positive comments said about them. I used to be jealous of successful psychics and now understand that we are all on our own paths.

Can Trauma Bring on Psychic Ability?

Hello, all of you readers. I’m sorry that I haven’t written, but I’ve been dealing with some massive family issues and have spent the last several nights pacing a floor! But thank God, with all of your prayers, my granddaughter is healing. For those who have messaged me, bless you and your family.

Now I’m going to talk about something that I’ve noticed, and has been talked about in psychic circles, and I know it’s true. I’m talking about surviving trauma, and it’s helping people evolve.

I remember when my mom died. It was totally sudden. And I was in shock. I actually felt the minute she died. I got sick to my stomach, pulled over to the side of the road and threw up.

Up until this time, I always had an interest in metaphysics: from ghosts to legends to tarot cards. But no real ability. None at least until I experienced this trauma.

My psychic journey started the night she died. That night as I lay crying, my mom came into my room, sat on the edge of my bed, and had a conversation with me. After that, I started seeing angels, knowing things, and reading people. My grief turned on my psychic ability. Or maybe mom brought it. Either way, my grief opened me up.

Many times, people don’t realize that a trauma even helped them. I have a psychic aquaintance who touts herself as a ‘self-taught’ psychic. Little does she remember that she had given birth to a still-born child before she honed her abilities. Trauma seems to promote soul growth.

Now I’m not sure if trauma helps us evolve to become more compsssionate, or just keeps us grounded and modest. Either way, I know, after much experience, there are very few people who have developed ability, until they have experienced trauma.

In my opinion, trauma helps our soul and it’s growth. We are here to learn, to understand and appreciate the human experience and that translates to emotion. Those emotions are intense and raw. It leaves us open to other realms. Actually talking to people, I have found very few psychics who have not experienced this.

I’m sure that there are psychics out there that have not experienced trauma, but I bet they are few and far between. There are always exceptions to the rule, of course. But few. Very few.

So have you experienced trauma or a point where you really started to open up? I bet there was some type of traumatic event that increased your ability. Has your psychic ability increased? Think about this. I’m not saying to purposely put yourself in a traumatic situation or anything, but these are the times your soul really opens up. I bet I’m right!!! Tell me…I’d love to hear from you.