Colors, Auras and other Neat stuff

So I started a podcast on colors and auras. I have blogged several times about this. The thing that amazes me the most about all of it, is that even though your aura is basically one color, your aura can still change from minute to minute. I said this before also; your favorite color is USUALLY your aura.( Like I said, your aura can change minute to minute). I know for myself, I can THINK about changing my aura and can watch it change, right on a screen.

The Amazing Everchanging Aura

I have a friend who has an “aura” machine. It’s basically Kirilean photography. If anyone of you don’t know, Kirilean photography is an artform of capturing you energy around your body. Thomas Edison studied this a lot.

He actually owns a Kirilean photography apparatus that is hooked up to computer. You hold a handle and it registers your aura, and snaps a photograph in colors around you.

One day, while I was doing readings at the same store, he let me ‘play with his machine. I would grab the handle and mentally think of a color and voila….the screen would turn that color. ( WOW! Proof that thoughts ARE really things and give off energy!)

I find it also interesting that since I was reading that day, my third eye Chakra was open. My aura appeared as a purply- magenta, which is the color of intuition. Hhhmmm…makes sense to me!

There was another time when I could change me color. I brought my favorite dog with. I touched the screen without my dog, and it was bluish purple. I touched my dog, and touched the handle and the screen turned completely turquoise(color of healing). Whoever said animals can heal knew their stuff!

What does all of this prove? Change your thinking, and change your life! It’s incredible to really think that we can change the energy that we give and receive. It’s awesome to think that all of this energy stuff is true.

I urge you to find a person who has one of these machines. You can find someone usually at a metaphysical store or faire.It’s not very expensive and well worth the money.



Good day, everyone! I hope you are well! I am starting a new way of doing my blogs and my podcast….from now on, my blog, will become the transcripts of my podcast……so now you can both see me AND read about what I was saying on my podcast…..

My most recent podcast made mention of cusps and their significance…here are the whys and what’s of those lucky people who are cuspers.


So what exactly a cusp birthday? A cusp birthday is when a person’s birthday falls into the change from one zodiac sign to another; let’s say, like me, my birthday is December 19th, the change from Sagittarius to Capricorn. {Most zodiac changes happen between the 18-24 of any given month.} Anyone born on these days(or within a few days before or after, like the 15th-27) will feel these energies and their personality qualities will resonate. I have a good friend whose birthday is the 27th, and I SWEAR I feel Scorpio energy on her, even though her zodiac sign is straight Sagittarius.

Now, with the zodiac in flux over the past three thousand years, the good news is that theses cusps can affect more people than previously thought. It can affect half of all birthdays!

With this said, there are people who don’t believe in cusps; they try to tell me that they don’t exist. However, I firmly believe that unless you are a cusp, you jut don’t get it. And another thing: how can I FEEL zodiac cusp energy and ask if they are cusps if this wasn’t real?

So cuspers ARE special. I compare cusp people to an angel/devil archetype. The two signs often oppose each other, but it makes who your are. Astrologers have even given these cusps special names and attributes. Are you one, or do you know someone who is a cusp? Let’s take a look.


So just like the name suggested, these cuspers are psychic, healers or just plain spiritual. These are the wise one of the zodiac, dependable but charismatic, born for success due to their ambition. They are true visionaries.


Like the cusp says, these people are definitely different. They are very creative art out their dreams. These people are out-of-the-box thinkers, capable of great innovation and actually hard enough working to see it through to completion. Working is essential for them, but yet quirky and fun.


These cuspers are extremely compassionate and creative. They often feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. They enjoy structure. They are the daydreamers that see things in an innovative way. They have a dire need to help humanity and are aghast all any cruelty.


This cusp refers to the dawning mankind. They are both intelligent and sensitive. They have both vigilance and caution and use their empathic abilities to be thoughtful and courageous. hey are usually direct and outspoken.hey know what they want, but take great care in not stepping on toes.


These people are extremely powerful in thought and action. They know what they want and are able to achieve it. They are ambitious but sensitive, confident but kind. They are creative, idealistic and have a need for material stability.


This cusp is powerful, talented and ambitious. Communicative, clever and sensual, these cuspers burn out easily is overwhelmed. They can be their own worst enemy.


These are the ‘fun ones’ of the zodiac. They are communicative and yet family oriented.They make great parents and stay mentally young. They can be moody and can’t handle pressure well.


These cuspers are quite the combo. They are energetic, but sensitive homebodies. They are bold and also strong. Can be the strong silent type, or the life of the party. They are deeply devoted and very loyal.


These cuspers work hard and play harder. They are good at seeing both sides of a situation. These cuspers are either very introverted or very extroverted. They have the ability to comprehend what others are truly saying at a deep level.


These cuspers understand beauty, both seen and unseen. They need to be n a relationship. They pay attention to detail and aesthetics. The are often also physically attractive.


These people love dram in their lives, on and off the stage. They love being the center of attention. They can be overly critical and pessimistic. This cusp is also very attractive and has a lot of sex appeal.


These cuspers are full of energy and misunderstood a lot. This cusp has great humor and loves competition. They can be rebellious.

So, are you one of these? Does this describe you even though these dates don’t fit you? You might just be a cusper!

What’s Up With all This Empath Crap?

So I’m writing about empaths and have been for nearly 10 years or more.  It is easy for me to write about, because you see, I am one.
I’m not sure where some of these NewAge ‘gurus’ have gotten their information, but a lot of it is made up…especially key phrases and statistics. We need to set the record straight. I’m not saying that I am any better, smarter or anything of that nature. What I AM saying is this: there are many, many of us out there and many humans have ability.

Misconception 1: Only 1-2% of the population are empaths. This is totally false…where do people get off making garbage out of the clear blue? I’ve been reading and working with empaths for 25 years, and I have found the numbers to be more like 20-30%, which is about 1/3 of the population.

Misconception 2: Empaths are born not created. This is a total fallacy. While we are all born a certain say, empath MUST be nurtured, and much ability comes AFTER trauma. Yes, that’s right; a trauma often truly unleashes abilities people never really realized.

Misconception 3: Super Empaths can create their own reality, and can manifest their lives. DUH…..we are ALL a piece of God and can create our own reality. No super human powers needed, just being human and learning cause-and-effect, and positive and negative energy, and how to use it for your benefit.

Misconception 4: Super Empaths can exchange energy, and give and receive energy and healing. WRONG!!!! All humans can give and receive energy. ALL humans can help others heal. We as a species can empathize with others; the difference is literally absorbing the energy and internalizing it as to just understanding what they are going through.

So these are just a FEW of the misconceptions! Just remember there are many of us…probably just like you!

Does Bullying Create an Empath?

I’ve had several people take to me about empaths and bullying lately. I find it very amusing because there are two different theories out there. One is that an empath is born to be one and the other is that it is created. After careful thinking, I think that it’s a little of both.

Many people say that humans are born with empathy. As a teacher of more than 30 years in Middle School, I know they are not. Kindness is taught(or should I say, reminded); it is a skill just as empathy is. Children do not just innately know right from wrong; their immediate response is from their lower brains when it comes to survival. What is best for them is to get what they want. If that means getting what they want by being nice to someone else, then that is their motivation.

In our ever busy world, where children are raising themselves through the internet, we see how cruel children have become. It’s simply because no one has taught what kindness and love really mean. Many are relying on their survival skills as a their ‘barometer’ to goodness. And when I say this, I mean most people, but not all.

There are children out there who are innately kind, but these are the true empaths. They came to the planet to bring love. Empath is a combination of taught and innate love. An empath must be reminded to be kind, why they came, or they can veer off from their purpose, forgetting their true nature.

I am one of these people for example. I know that I am an empath. I have been one mt while life. Was I born this way, or did it evolve through my severe bullying throughout my life(which seems to be my life theme, learning to stand up for myself). I think it is a little of both.

Bullying has kept me humble, I know this for a fact. Even though I have the skills of an empath, I know that I could have easily let my ego get in the way if I were thinner, prettier, etc. The trauma of being bullied kept me humble, and even though my severe bullying has caused me severe post- traumatic stress at times, it is made me who I am. I think that while my mother taught me to be kind, I could’ve been a much more horrible person if I hadn’t been bullied throughout me life.

We come to this planet to learn and experience things. We are given gifts to use for the benefit of others, and learn at the same time. I guess although I have been targeted my whole life, I guess it was for the benefit of myself, and I guess that I need to put that into perspective.

Empathy is earned and learned, and it’s a spiritual gift; and one has to learn also to forgive and thank the person that was a ‘pain in the butt.” Empathy is not only for others, but empathy for yourself. Just remember yourself and all many of us empaths have been through. There is a higher purpose, and we are who we are today becuase of our bullying. It has brought out our true talents.

Time Traveling 101

So, I’ve discovered something in the last few years as a prancing psychic, that I believe to be true. As a practitioner who’s probably done over 10,000 readings, I’ve come to realize something very important. I don’t think that I’m just guessing about people and things, but I’ve acquired a very valuable skill over the years.; I’m slightly time traveling when I read for you. Not only the past, the present, but the possible future.

Notice that I say POSSIBLE future. Since we have free will, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE as a intuitive reader can be 100% accurate because we can change our minds and often do, which affects our charts that we wrote when we came here.

If you do not know what I am talking about, I will elaborate. When we come to this totally negative dimension that we call Earth, we make a plan as to what we want to work on. It is very intricate and exists in the Akashic Records(More on that later.) The Akashic records are every. single. thought. word. or action. that you have ever done. It’s in a big book somehow in Heaven with God.(Not totally sure how that works, but I know it’s true, because I’ve been shown it and can access it.) Anyone can usually access it, but what is so wonderful about God is that he keeps us from looking at our own Akashic records(I think that is so we don’t see things coming, and avoid the lessons we came to learn, it’s like a protection).

Anyways, I’ve learned how to time travel and go into another dimension, just for a few moments. You know, E=mc2. (I guess I could prove that is what I’m doing scientifically, but spiritually in-tune people don’t need evidence, we have faith). I can see what is going to happen AT THAT TIME. Now can we change things? Of Course we CAN! It’s like being here in the present; it’s cause and effect. Change negative behaviors to produce a positive one.


So it’s not hard to do, but it IS hard to describe. When I get ready to read, I meditate, and pray that I am a messenger for all things good and kind. When we meditate, and do it often, we are actually going to another dimension, for a short time. With practice we get better and better. It’s that simple. I can also go to another dimension and ask politely to see the person’s Akashic records. Guides, and angels are usually my assistants, but sometimes it’s relatives also.

Also, concentrate on the task at hand. I concentrate on the person I’m reading for. For me, I pick up voice vibrations and use your energy that you are giving me through your voice to get on the same wave length as you. Then I start jumping around, looking at your past, present and future.

Everyone is different how they tune in to other people; some are visual, auditory, sensory, even smell. For me, it’s a little of them all. I use this in combination of your Akashic record history.

And the more you do these things, the quicker you get and the more accurate you get. This explains a lot to me. I know when I am reading, I cannot remember anything I told you. Sometimes, I don’t always respond immediately to you. That’s because for a split second, I’m somewhere else. And I will tell you; as we as a human race become more and more evolved, I am positive that time travel will be a common occurrence.

Like I said, I really don’t think it’s a talent, but a skill. It takes time to learn. Be patient, and start practicing on friends and others who are receptive.(It’s amoral to do this to someone who has not given you permission.). You CAN do this. Just practice…….

Universal Lessons Learned From Social Distancing By An Extroverted Empath

Hi all, it’s been a long time….I’ve been creating quite a few vlog on my youtube channel, Lana=The Comedian Medium….You can find me there….I’m still blogging though, and I have many things to say….

I’ve learned a lot about who I am, and I think that the Universe, for bad or for good has forced (we)us to really look at ourselves.I know am surprised by some of these these. I did not realize how extroverted I really am. I always considered myself to be a blend, because I love nature and like being by myself often. I didn’t realize this, but hoe extroverted I am really surprised me. I also have have a great time to ponder my goals and ambitions. I hope everyone is doing the same.

I feel that the Universe has smacked in the face, and for good reason. There are several things I think we are learning through this and I just want to reflect upon them. I feel that many of us have collectively created this mess, to learn about our lessons. I sad not saying people need to get sick and die; au contraire. I actually have a friend who lost a sister to all of this mess, and I grieved for them. Bit I think the Universe as well as the planet Earth is trying to get our attention. These are some of my reflections and thoughts. Maybe you have some thought, too. Just comment and take or leave what you need.

  1. Slow Down!

This seems like a no brainer, but I think we have been on collision course with this one. Our lives are run , run, run……no time for enjoyment, no time for breathing, no time to JUST BE….Why? Why are we doing this to ourselves? I thought a lot about this…….our modern world has created life where we are constantly, slightly or totally overwhelmed. We can never just ‘catch up’, and if we do, we are often told we are lazy, and to ‘work harder.” Just exactly for what though? No wonder everyone is depressed and have anxiety attacks. Is it for a bigger house, more money, stays, or even just to keep from starving? I think it’s all of it. We have forgotten our ancestor’s lessons on just providing and living day-to-day, which brings me to my next thought; we don’t live just for today.

2. Appreciate Today

In our modern society we have gotten away from what our Victorian ancestors experienced; death, disease and uncertainty. In our modern culture, people just don’t rarely die from a myriad of diseases, the effects of modern medicine have eradicated most diseases such as TB, Typhoid, Cholera, Malaria, Small Pox, Scarlett Fever, Mumps, and many more. They knew that their time could be up at any point. Most children didn’t reach 18. They lived for today, not tomorrow, not yesterday, but tried to appreciate what they had and were thankful for it. Money wasn’t as important, survival was, and most were self-sufficient.

3. Money isn’t Everything

We are so in a hurry to make that all mighty dollar, we don’t even appreicate what do have due to time constraints. Our families, our friends, our homes that we have created, are so much more important than any dollar bill. We will survive this bump in the road, and realize that slowing down to enjoy these things are so much more important.

“One hundred years from now, it will not matter what was in my bank account, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different, because I was important to the life a child.”

Boy Scouts of America

4. Learn to Occupy Yourself with Simplicity

This might sound trivial, but it’s far from that. People just need instant gratification, and be entertained, every.single.minute. No one knows how to just be content with being bored and how to solve it. I find this mostly in the younger generation, and the bulgiest offenders are ‘helicopter’ parents, who always have a child’s schedule packed full of activities, lessons, this, that and the other thing. So why not let your kids be bored? Let them find something to do and take away their Electronics for awhile? Kids will eventually learn patience and occupy themselves. I really feel this is social isolation is really going to change children for the better as they not only get to know themselves, but discover how to fix their boredom without soon else having to do it for them. There will also be a renewed respect for teachers in general. So let them be bored!

5. Appreciation for ALL people and Public Servants; Police, Teachers, Doctors, Mailcarriers, and Grocery Clerks

No one appreciated these people until there is a real crisis. These people are just as important as billionaires, Governors and Presidents. These people are putting their lives on the line to HELP others. Just remember them in your prayers. We ALL MATTER!!!!

6. We need physical Contact and we need Each Other

This social distancing is driving me crazy! As an very social hugging empath, touching is SOOOOOO important to me, like it is to most other people. It reminds me of the study of newborn babies who were institutionalized, given plenty of food, and warmth, but no physical contact. Many died. We NEED physical contacts from each other. That is one thing that I hope goes quickly back to normal. For me, I’m a hugger and a toucher. It’s not uncommon for me to gently put my hand on someone’s shoulder when I’m talking to them, or pat them on the back. I crave physical contact. I like to feel other people’s good energy ,and I know for a fact, that I help fix other people’s energy. It reminds when about getting a massage; ever go to one of those place that have mechanical rollers and gives you a massage? Then go to a massage therapist….don’t tell me me you like the mechanical one better. It’s because we as a species, are wired to connect to OTHERS.

7. Love is the New World Order to a Global Community

people are hurting right now; isolation sucks. In my isolated world, I am calling people I haven’t talked to in years to ask them if they are ok, if they need anything. I have given money to several friends who have small businesses because I know they need it. The world, the way it is now, with the greed, selfishness, lack of empathy, and complacency cannot go on anymore. We need to be reminded of our Humanity and need of each other, all across the globe, regardless of race, sex, nationality or religion. We now exist as a global community.We need to quit being so selfish as to think others; be it to help financially, psychically, emotionally or just self isolating ourselves out of respect for other people’s health.

8. The Earth is Our Home, we need it and we can fix Issues Together

In my isolation, I am lucky enough to get out into nature, breathe fresh air and take a long walk, or work on my farm, or groom my horses. Many of us cannot if we are on top of each other in crowded cities. People need to realize that we need the Earth, and the Earth need us. Take that walk, dig in the dirt, lay in the ground, hug that tree. We are part of the Earth, and will return too it someday.

With this virus going around, people haven’t been exuding carbon dioxide emissions. And you kownwhat, the water cleared up and so did the air in just a few weeks. The Earth is crying out; I AM OUT OF BALANCE AND WILL CREATE THIS TO BALANCE IT!

Here’s something I thought I’d propose but I am doubt if it would happen.

How about having one week where EVERYONE in the world stays home for 1 week per year? Millions of pounds of emissions are gone…would it slow global warming? Just a thought. I feel we really need to be shown that by the Universe.

So there are many lessons to be learned here. Will we get the message? I think ma y of us already have…….

Everything You Need to Know About Psychometry( art of reading objects)

Psychometry, lIke it says, is the art of reading objects. It’s picking up energy off of another object. Does it work? You bet, and we all use it every day. I’ll explain how, why and can teach it to you minutes!

Firstly, all object animate and inanimate have energy. They hold cell memory from when they were formed. This can be from thousands of years ago. They can also hold energy from things around them. That means, objects are empathy, just like we are, absorbing energy. Some objects absorb energy easier than others, but I have yet to find an object that does not have this ability.

Take something you wear, for example, like a necklace or a favorite sweater. Both absorb energy, but metal is a better conductor of electricity, and will give off more impressions. Jewelry is something that I use primarily when I read objects( I really don’t need to to this anymore, but this is a good way for a beginning reader to start).

Now don’t get me wrong. The sweater that rests on your body and hangs in a closet where you sleep is important also. In my experience, it is far easier and quicker to use a small piece of something someone owns that does conduct electricity to get a clearer feeling faster. In a pinch, either will do.

Now starting with that object, I open myself up by saying a prayer to my angel and guides for clear and helpful information. I also usually start by meditating for about 15 minutes. This aligns me to my talents.

1. Now for a beginner, I would start by finding a piece of jewelry of someone you know, but not super well.

2. Make sure you have paper and a pen .

3. Hold the item in your hand; what is the first thing that comes to your mind? How is it coming? Sight sound, touch, smell, feeling?

4. Write everything down, giving as many details as possible.

5. Try to write whatever you see, feel, taste or touch. I can guarantee if you are relaxed and receptive, you will get something from the item.

Everyone may get different information, because our psychic impressions are as different as we are. (That’s why you can get different info. from different psychics. but the reading will be similar.)

Some Ways to Practice

I have other people bring objects and we all practice. I’ve noticed that people get much, much better with practice.

That’s all there is to it. Seems easy doesn’t it? So get practicing!

Does Prayer Really Work?



Hi everyone, I hope you are well.I read an interesting blog recently which caught my attention. It was written by an ordained minister. He believed prayer didn’t heal, but let people collectively know they care as a community. He believed that God has a plan. There is nothing anyone can do but offer support. I thought about it, and I decided that as a spiritual person, I am disappointed in his negativity and lack of perspicacity. He missed the essence of prayer itself.

Now, I know that some things are part of destiny. Yes, people die, bad things happen. But I also believe we often have a choice. I have been told by many people who’ve crossed over, that you have several times that has been written in your chart for you to leave or to stay. I myself, can think of at least two times that I could’ve been killed. I could just let it happen, but I chose to stay. Maybe to write this article like I am right now.

That’s where prayer comes in. It’s positive energy being focused in on a person or thing. We are a piece of God, with the capability to create or destroy. Don’t tell me positive prayer doesn’t work; study after study shows it does. What I think happens in prayer is two-fold: 1. It’s positive energy helps heal and 2. It’s about knowing someone cares about you, and you are needed on the planet. Prayer gives you the will to fight adversity.

I know positive energy heals. As a avid gardener, I’ve seen the affects of mean and negative energy on plants. I even did a study where I watched a plant die by saying cruel things to it. There have been numerous studies done that support this also. We can help make things happen by aligning ourselves for the good or the bad. All that positive energy has to go somewhere, and it goes to the recipient, in the form of healing or the will to live.

Prayer also sends energy to the person who is thinking of opt out, and not wanting to be on Earth anymore. Just knowing people care and are giving positive energy to show they care has saved more than one person from giving up. I know this works, because it’s worked in my own life.

My granddaughter nearly died of pneumonia a few months ago. She was in the hospital for over a month. I had about 5 thousand people praying for her recovery. She not only recovered, but has no lasting affects, and hasn’t been sick since. Coincidence? I don’t know. Would she have gotten better without prayer? I don’t know that either. But there is one thing that i do know is that knowing that you have that many people care, there is no way that positive energy can’t be sent through thought. Thoughts ARE things. If someone is thinking of giving up, there is no way that they couldn’t be feeling that energy of love coming from those prayers. And love is what we crave, isn’t it? That’s why we long for home; to feel the love of God. That’s we some DO leave. But if we were to feel love right here on this Planet, it would make our decision to leave harder, and make it easier for us to stay.

I cannot ever express how important prayer is for everyone. I myself pray for people all the time, if they know it or not. I am just hoping they can benefit from my loving energy. When it’s all said and done, love is all that matters, isn’t it?

Is It Manifestation or Alignment?


Hi guys,  sorry that I haven’t blogged much, but my youtube channel has taken up a lot of my time as it grows and grows.(  Please visit Lana-The Comedian Medium).  But I’ve been thinking of writing some of these things for a while, and other things I’ve been thinking of have been spurred by other blogs.

If you are into New Age spirituality, you have to have heard about manifestation.  Seems like it’s the ‘hot’ word in every Self-Help book in the last 15 years.  The theory is; that we are small pieces of God, and this, we can create whatever we want, by thinking and doing things that allows us to complete our desires.  As if by magic, things seems to happen magically, almost like divine intervention.  We put our intentions towards our wishes, and it just kinda happens.  Well, I am here to tell yo, that I don’t agree with the theory of manifestation.  I believe that when things happen in our lives the way we want, it’s not manifestation, its alignment.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Yes, I believe we are miniature “Gods” in our own universe.  I believe we create our lives, and follow through with what we planned.  But things don’t just happen out of the clear blue, as if by magic.  We planned these things to happen before we came here.  We merely align ourselves with our life paths that we planned before we came.  No real magic here, but very Spiritual, yes.  We planned things to happen that we wanted in the way we wanted, and we align ourselves in a way so that they happen.

For example, I always wanted to be an author.  I wanted this from the age of 6.  Not only did I always say that I would be an author, but I did the things necessary to be in the right place at the right time.  Did it just so happen that submitted my book to a publisher who just so happened to be looking for my type of book at the exact time?  No, not at all. But did I do the necessary work over the years, such as found a job that allowed me to spend extra time writing, reading all I could about publishing, drew until I couldn’t anymore so my illustrations would be fantastic, put my book together and edit it 100 times?  You bet I did.  I manifested it out of the clear blue?  WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!!

A good friend has often told me that I shit rainbows.  “Things always seem to work out for you,”  she used to say.  But what was my reply?  “I make those rainbows happen.  It’s just not blatantly visible.”  And that is true.  No one has ever given me anything, but I appear lucky.  I lose a job, and a new one is waiting.  Just like magic, right?  No, not at all.  My soul has aligned to my chart, and is aligning  in the right way so things happen.  No magic, out-of-the-blue things happening there.

For those of you who do not understand, I believe that we write our chart when we come to this planet. A chart is a map of our life, what we want to learn and achieve in this lifetime. We come to this planet to learn certain things, and we create our chart, in agreement with God.  We plan it all, and have help from others, including those on a Special Counsel, meant to help us and who were appointed by God.  It’s by writing our chart, that we know what is going to happen.  While there is some free-will, most of it has been pre-ordained.(That’s what deja-vu is; it’s your life map and it’s markers telling you you’re on the right path.)

Now here is where you make things happen;  at a soul level you know what you need to be on the right path and where to get it; you planned it.  So instead of just creating it; the path has already been created by you for you.  Yes, it’s the same idea as manifestation, but here’s the difference; it’s not just being created out of the blue, but was always the soul’s intention in the first place.

Now I’m not saying that the end result may be different than manifestation, I’m saying that if you understand that you planned it, it frees you from the pressure to create something.  The theory of alignment actually creates a path of least resistance, freeing yourself from pressure, and wasting of energy.  It allows you to expand broader and use your energy in other places.  Alignment teaches you to trust YOU and the Universe.(Could this be where FAITH comes in?)  Hmmmm….just a thought to ponder……….

The Bullied Empath

20181119_072420-3.jpgHi guys, I hope you are well.  I haven’t been on here for quite awhile because I am now on Youtube, and it’s taking a lot of my time.  What I am doing now is writing a whole lot of articles, and then releasing them slowly so you can read them.  My psychic business has just exploded, and has kept me busier than a one-armed paper hanger!

So I though I’d write about something that is near and dear to my heart;  bullied empaths.  I know there are lots and lots of us out there, and I just wanted to maybe offer some suggestions, and to let you know you are not alone.

There are some people who do not know what an empath is;  if this is the case, please visit my youtube channel, Lana the Comedian Medium for some sign or characteristics that you may be one.  But for most of us, we already know.  I know that I am one.

Now there are some people that say that Empaths are made by experiences, and not created.  I feel this is partially true, but either way, empaths tend to be the bullied ones.  You know, the ones that people have a tendency to pick on because they(we) are easy targets.  Empaths are emotional, caring, worrisome, usually suffer from anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and almost always put everyone ahead of their own needs.  Yes, I feel that this can be created by circumstances, but I truly think that these people were born this way.  I would also care to say about 30%of the people in the world are also Empaths.

I know what bullying is all about.  I’ve been bullied my whole life; through childhood to adulthood.  I’ve tried not to let it bother me, but it does.  I think the worst is workplace bullying.  It’s probably the worst because you are an adult and yet, you feel like a helpless child.  I get it.  It never seemed like I could say the right words to make a dig back at them, and if I did, even though they were bullying me, I felt bad that I hurt them, even when they were torturing me. (Welcome to the world of the Empath!!!!)I’m in the process of healing, and these are some of the things that I’ve bending to help me heal.  I am currently writing a book about this, because I feel this is such a huge issue, with not a lot of help out there is regards to healing.

  1.  Try to get away from situations that are causing the bullying.  I know this is hard and at times, almost impossible.  It can be even harder if you family is creating the issues.  Do what you have to do to make changes that takes care of your spirit.  I left a job that I had for 25 years because of workplace bullying(I don’t care what anyone says, teachers can be the worst bullies out there!)  Yes, I am close to retirement, but even after creating a new job for myself, I can finally see my worth.  I am no longer feeling defeated, worthless and unappreciated.  If you can get away, do.  If not these things might help you deal with these painful situations.

A.  I pray for those who persecute me. Yes, it’s Biblical, and yes, it works.  It seems    like it releases my pent up anger.  I am realizing that they are bullying because either, 1. they have been bullied by someone else,  2. don’t like themselves much or are  3. just insecure and lack self-esteem.  I always remember what a good Native American friend told me once.”Just remember, when someone insults you are belittles you, it is a reflection on themselves and how they are actually feeling about themselves.  It has taken me many years to learn to pray and forgive, but, yes it works.

B.   Talk to others who have been bullied.  Find support from a group a friend or a relative.  Everyone needs to realize that many people have been bullied.  Bullies seen to like to try to isolate us;  bullying at its core is the non-acceptance and isolation from a group dynamic;  humans are social animals that need to belong to a group, traditionally for survival.  Being removed or alienated in the past meant death.  That is why bullying is so traumatic;  you may end up dying if not in a group.  That’s why we conform, that’s why we want acceptance.  That’s why bullying is no painful.  Form you own group!  I did this in High School and ended up with friends I still have 30 years later.

C.   Acceptance that these experiences are what have made you into the person you are today.  I know this can be hard, because of self-talk and lack of self-esteem, but they are crucial for healing.  I learned over the years to just laugh at myself and some of my silly circumstances.  This seems to help.  It has taken me 52 years to be able to say that I like who and what I’ve become.  I practice saying this in the mirror to myself every single day.  I have a mantra that I say each morning;  I am a good person, I am loved and valued, I am important.  I say it in a mirror. It’s a form of meditation that I practice.

d.  Try some Rapid-eye movement.  This is controversial, but it is a therapy that worked for me.  Please search for this and someone can help you with it.  It helps you forget the emotions associated with the episodes in your life.

I know you are probably in pain about your treatment.  I’ve talked to people who are in their 70’s who remember vivid bullying.  But learning acknowledge it, accept it and let go of it is the key.  It may take many years, but but by doing this(speaking for myself), it has lead to release and use of energy to explore other things with my spirit and mind, not anger.