Synesthesia: Is this Actually a Label for Empath and Psychics in Psychology?

20170721_114721Synesthesia: The production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.

Good day fellow empaths, psychics and truth seekers, I’m going to write to you about a ‘disorder’ that we Empaths have, and to be honest, it’s not really a ‘disorder’ at all. Synesthesia, as stated in layman’s terms is basically having an extra sense, or a sense that comes with some ‘fringe’ benefits.

Synesthesia is basically seeing music, or tasting words.  It’s an extra sense that’s ‘added’ to our other five.  I find it interesting, that much of science does identify people with psychic ability as the 6th sense, so here is my question; Are these other abilities thought of as the seventh and eighth? And a better question, are these people who have this, are they also empaths and psychics?  After talking to many empaths and psychics, I believe this to be true.

Let me elaborate.  There are certain characteristics to people who have synesthesia.  One characteristic is that these people are 2x more often are left-handed females. And as we know, right-brained dominant people have a tendency to be more creative and more often psychic. In studies, psychic people were found to have an active right parahippocampal gyrus(NIMHN, 2009). SO, yes, the psychics are actually using an often unused part of the right hemisphere of the brain.  Also, more women happen to have psychic abilities.  Putting that together, I believe without jumping to conclusions, that we empaths and psychics are also synesthetics, and not even aware of it. I know I am.  I thought everyone could see and feel what I feel, and I thought it was no big deal.  I didn’t even know it had a name.

You see, I sometimes see auras, but I feel them and can tell you about yourself, based on this.  So I can ‘feel’ your favorite color, which is usually your aura(although not always.)  I used to  use this ‘gift’ as a party trick, and to impress my art students in my class.  I could go down the row of students, and ‘guess’ their favorite ‘ color.  I still am not sure how I do this.  I just can.  I make a mistake very once in awhile, but I am 90% or more accurate, just like when I do a psychic reading. People find it amazing, and I just laugh.  I just know that those people are ‘pink’, or they are ‘orange’. I can also tell them about their lives, etc., and do a reading for them. I am told, according to a test I took, that I am linking personalities to color, which is a type of this disorder, but I’d like to think I am a psychic with a job to complete by helping others.

What I think that bothers me about giving my ‘gift’ a name, is that they call it a ‘disorder.’  What an insult!!!!!  That makes me angry and frustrated.  People who don’t have these gifts don’t understand that we psychics are here to help, and yes, we don’t think like many others.  What I think is happening is that we are ‘overlapping our senses.  It’s part of our life, and we know no different. I think that this disorder, should include mediumship also, in it’s ‘types’.  Think about it; you mention as past family member, and you can suddenly  ‘see’ them.  Hhhhhmmmmm, food for thought, isn’t it? They have also proven in studies, that people who have synesthesia have better memories and are more intelligent than those who do not have it(UC, 2004). Maybe these people(like me) are using more of their brain, much like a psychic or medium does, and probably have these abilities. So you can see how things overlap.

Do you have one of these ‘extra’ gifts?  I will list a few here for you to identify, according to the studies done;  but you might have one that is not even on here.  I bet you are also an Empath, or Psychic. If so, email me.  I’d like to hear from you. You can also visit, and take a test.

  1. “Taste” words which roll off the tongue like eating.
  2. “See” music in colors and shapes.
  3. “Feel” sensations on their skin when they smell certain scents.
  4. Can ‘see’ abstract concepts. (I think this is psychic ability).
  5. “Hear’ pictures.
  6. ‘See’ personalities of people in color.( I do this.)
  7.  Mirror image of touch on your body when you touch another.

There are many other ‘extra’ types of this.  Maybe you have one and don’t even know what a true gift you have!  Blessings.



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