Keeping the Faith: Staying with your Beliefs Regardless of Criticism

20181021_162434I started going live recently on social media, to much success, to my surprise. I knew that I’d be ‘putting myself out there”, and it has taken all of my 52 years to learn how to keep my beliefs intact, and keep trudging on with my own truth.
The truth is and I am still mystified why, most people think they are right, and every one else is wrong when it comes to religion and spiritual beliefs. This is something that I know I’ve been working on; not pushing my beliefs on anyone. Yes. I blog and do readings, I give workshops and teach classes, nut here’s there real difference; I don’t PUSH my beliefs on anyone, and if you don’t believe like I do, that’s great. You don’t need to read what I write or watch my broadcasts.

Case in point, I did a live broadcast last week. I saw a nay-sayer get online to watch me. I knew he said nothing, and I knew he had made a few random negative comments to me before. He watched me for about a half an hour. He then sent me this long, drawn out message about me believing in what I do is stupid, and then saying no one has ever proven it, citing people who have offered a million dollars to prove psychic or mediumship ability. He then ranted about how I said that I have the ability to influence people, I have way too much power. In my broadcast, I mentioned that my daughter waited until my granddaughter was five for immunizations. I never said good or bad, but more independent research needs to be done. He ranted about that and how he has an autistic son.

I stayed very calm as I read this. My response:

Thank you SO much for your opinion. I’m glad that I made you feel comfortable enough to contact me. I’m, sorry that you child has autism; I have been teaching for many years and understand the frustration. As far as me proving my ability; you can ask some of my clients for verification to my abilities, however; I have nothing to prove. As far as having power over others, I am aware of the tremendous power I have to help, heal and listen to others. It is a great responsibility that I do not take lightly.
I charge little to nothing, often giving my help for free, so there really is no ulterior motive. This is my life’s purpose; and although you don’t ‘believe’ in what I do, I will not stop life’s my purpose. If you don’t like this, you can not watch or read what I write.

Thank you and God bless,


Well, he defriended me after that, which is ok for me. I could’ve defriended him first, but I did;t. I am here to help others. I try not think my way is right. I do truly believe that there are many pathways to God and i try to keep an open mind and learn something new. But with those who are closed, it’s not worth arguing. They have made up their minds, and nothing will change that. I can’t waste my time on that. I have people to help.

It is hard not being in the mainstream religious beliefs. But this is truth, and I am to willing to change. I feel that my ideals are right and right for me. Everyone is in a different place. I will not say that I am more ‘evolved’ that they are, but I do think about my religion daily, and it is my truth. Everyone believes what is right for them, however, forcing your beliefs on someone else because you believe you are right, is beyond wrong.

If you are reading this, obviously, you are probably open-minded and have broken off from mainstream religions, thoughts and ideals. Either, way, it’s ok, I will not judge, as long as I am able to practice my beliefs(something that seems to becoming a rarity in a free country) for some reason. Stay true to YOU, your soul knows the way. I have to go now. I have people to help.


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