Do Crystals Really Work?

Hi everyone. I hope you’ve been happy and healthy. All is fine with me. I’ve been very, very busy, mostly doing tons of psychic readings and trying to concentrate on my job and my Art. ( Most know I can’t stay still very long.) I’m also pounding pavement, looking for a new publisher for a new novel.

So, traditionally, I’ve been skeptical of certain areas of metaphysics, particularly different crystals. Different stones, according to the powers that be, have different properties. Some heal, some correct energy and some help increase intuitive ability. I used to be a skeptic….but not any more.

I do admit that I thought about crystals for a long time. Crystals are used to conduct electricity in radios and computers, so why not for the human body? I still was not convinced.

I did have an episode that made me wonder, though. It happened a couple of years ago. I was reading at a store, and was wearing a magnet and Aqua Aura. I thought not nothing about it. The properties of Aqua Aura are to help raise your vibrations.  Two of my psychic friends asked what they had around my neck.  I thought nothing of it, and I answered.  They told me that there was so much energy being given off, that I was blinding them.  Now two different people who did not even know each other said this.  Hmmmmm.  Must be something to it.

As a reader, I have always worn crystals.  I also put crystals on my table in from of myself. I was taught that the negative energy from a person that I was reading for would go into the crystals. I also wear them around my neck, wrists, and hands. (I’m careful to not wear too many different ones, one stone can sometimes negate another, but that’s another blog!) I wasn’t sure, but did it anyways. I always doubted it, but I sort of believed it.  Above it actually my proof.

Above is my aura during a reading session.  Picture 1 is infused with green(that means healing), as well as a little white blue aura, which means spirituality, and angelic assistance.  This first picture is WITHOUT my aqua aura on; number two is WITH my aqua aura on.  On picture 2, nearly the whole entire photo is filled with blue-white energy.  Auqua auras are supposed to help with spirituality and increase psychic abilities.  There was my proof.  Yes, they do work!

So for all of you who read or do energy work, yes, the stones works.  There is actual proof. All stones are different;  just as we humans are.  I prefer Aqua Aura, Jet, Turquoise, Smokey Quartz, Shungite and Rose Quartz.  These seem to be my stones.  Your stones may be different.  There are many, many, stones out there.  Find which works for you! I will be blogging soon about stones and their properties.  Do you have an experience with stones?  Send me a message, I’d love to hear from you!

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